The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Miami in 2022

If you plan to relocate soon to Miami, you will have to decide what is the right neighborhood for you. We are here to help you with some tips on the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022. But before we jump into the subject, we would love to remind you that you should think of hiring the best movers in Miami you can find. Have in mind that moving is such a complex event. Many people feel overwhelmed, due to the great number of tasks that you will have to accomplish in order to relocate. So finding an experienced professional will add some ease to your relocation.

How to find experienced movers?

Whether you will need long distance movers in Miami or local ones, try to choose the best you can. If you have a friend who recently hired an experienced company, ask for a recommendation. But this won’t be the case for everyone. You will maybe have to take some time for research. Take it easy. Don’t rush into signing the deal with the moving company. It would be really smart to check their website and read all you can find about them. Look for how long they are on the moving market and how much experience they have. Search for the certificates their team has and if they possess the equipment that you will need.

moving company man
Find a reliable moving company to help you relocate.

This can seem like an expensive step, but it doesn’t have to be. Set your moving budget. Go to the initial interview with the company and explain your situation and your needs. Since every move is quite unique, let them give you offers. Commercial movers in Miami will probably have a kind of offer that your budget can fit in. You are the one who will decide if you need different services they can include. You will prefer to finish some things on your own and also to release some of them to your movers. That will dictate the price. Getting an estimate is free, so don’t settle before you get at least three different ones.

What are the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022?

Even if you already live in the area, you maybe don’t have all the information. And you most definitely should have all the information before you decide where to place your home next. That’s why we made our list of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022. When you have the exact location, getting local movers in Miami will be much easier. So let’s see which areas could be interesting for you to take into consideration.

South Beach is a place for party people

Even many people who already live in the Miami area would prefer to call residential movers in Miami and ask them to help them to relocate to South Beach. This area is popularly known as SoBe. It is a densely populated neighborhood and for a reason. Rich urban culture is places there as well as miles of wonderful beaches. In the combination with well-known Florida sunshine, it is understandable why young fit people who enjoy the outdoors tend to move there. The atmosphere there is just perfect for active people who will enjoy all advantages of this area.

Party people will have blast living in South Beach.

When in SoBe, you will also enjoy the most beautiful Art Deco architecture. People who know to appreciate this impressive style will adore the vibe there. For all those reasons, South Beach is often really crowded. It can be fun to watch how people move and pass each other. But it isn’t that comfortable to feel all those elbows on the passway. You will experience the same feeling in parking and driving. So renting a storage unit for your car could be an option if you don’t feel like having a bicycle is well enough for you.

Miami Beach – close enough to Miami, yet a place of its own

If this busy traffic is just not your jam, you should think of relocating to Miami Beach. This little place is an island that is long seven miles and wide only one mile. So it is a walkable area and the perfect option for people who enjoys a calmer lifestyle. But don’t be fooled, this beautiful place is a magnet for tourists all year long. Gorgeous scenery is guilty of that, and residents will enjoy it, too.  There are more reasons why people decide to move there. Miami Beach offers all those advantages of diverse culture, but also great cultural life. Just like some other Florida areas, Miami Beach counts a significant number of seasonal residents. So, the market there is adjusted for them.

Key Biscayne is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022

Just a little bit south of Miami Beach, you’ll be able to find a place that carries a reputation for its beauty. The natural scenery is well combined with the abundance of opulent homes in Key Biscayne. This is a paradise for retirees and anyone else who chooses this neighborhood to call it home. You’ll find plenty of bike paths and luxurious resorts as well as quietude that Miami can’t brag about. So it is no wonder that Key Biscayne is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022.

Key Biscayne is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022
With its opulent homes, Key Biscayne is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022.

If you love to enjoy a luxury lifestyle, you’ll be able to find easily a neighborhood like that in Key Biscayne. But this is just not the only option and you will have an opportunity to choose. Learn more about Miami’s living costs and then decide if your budget allows you to afford one of those stunning homes there. Since this island offers many highly-ranked schools, you can be sure that this is just the right place for families.

South Miami can be just the place for you

The municipality of South Miami is actually one of the oldest in Florida. It is established in 1927 and the town swore in its first mayor.  Since that day it continues to grow one decade after another and today is actually one of the best places for living in Florida. You’ll find there many schools and businesses. Families and highly educated people will find their place there for sure. Even if you have to commute to the city of Miami for work, it wouldn’t be a problem because it is not too far. South Miami is three miles away from the southern border of Miami. So if you are tired of the city fuzz, you can think of relocating there. Be aware that you could face some challenges of moving locally in Miami and get well informed in advance.

If green and serene attracts you, Coral Gables can be for you

A wonderful mixture of businesses and residential areas is what you’ll find in Coral Gables. Many apartments and detached homes, as well as townhouses, are there. So every kind of lifestyle is easily available. If you are into boats, you’ll know to appreciate the opportunities that this place provides. This area has wide canals and even 40 miles of waterfront property. It makes it relatively easy for you to find the right place to leave your prize vessel.  Also, many indoor storage options are available there. Boat owners can please themselves with ease. You can even ask your movers to tell you about different storage services that you can choose from.

If greenery attracts you, Coral Gables is just the place for you.

For people with children, this is an awesome place to settle since there are many public and private schools. Traffic circles in this area make it all extra safe. Something about 30 percent of the neighborhood is green space. And that will make your eyes and heart so much calmer and more enjoyable. Even students enjoy living in Coral Gables. The University of Miami is just in the area. Downtown Coral Gables offer great entertainment to youth. Add to that free trolley downtown that will help you navigate all your retail and business needs. As you see, you don’t need to possess a personal vehicle to get things done there. These are all really great advantages to choosing this place for your home.

Relaxes place by the bay is Coconut Grove

A little bit on the east of Coral Gables, you will find the neighborhood of Coconut Grove. This place has historic importance, but also breathtaking scenery. It is well known for its laid-back atmosphere and really easy access to Biscayne Bay. So many cute cafes will make it hard to decide where to have your favorite drink. Nightlife is thriving there and many beautiful boutiques make it welcome for young people. Among the best attractions of Coconut Grove, you will find Kampong Tropical Garden and the Barnacle Historic State Park.

Biscane Bay will offer you a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of cute cafes to enjoy.

Corral Terrace is a beautiful, yet crowded place

Northwest of Coral Gables, you’ll come across Corral Terrace. This is just the right place for young professionals families and the working class. Businesses are everywhere, so you’ll be able to finish all important daily stuff without going too far. Even students can find it appealing. Only a few miles away from the University of Miami, they will be able to find an apartment and even roommates without much hardship. Since Coral Terrace is close to the Air Force base, this place can be interesting even for people who are pursuing a career in the military.

Welty families can settle in Pinecrest

On the south of Coral Gables, you’ll be able to find a lovely neighborhood of Pinecrest. Comfortable location is combined with a pretty stable housing market and also high income per capita. Schools are rated high and on average, people commute to work in less than half an hour. The village has selective free Wi-Fi spots in key locations. This is pretty attractive for young people, but also for business people on the go.

Manhattan of South Miami

A little bit on the south of downtown Miami is located so-called “Manhattan” of this area. The urban vibe and tall buildings are the reason for the nickname of Brickell. You will find really high concentration of international banks there. They are the reason that finance graduates gladly pursue careers in this area. All those banks and plenty of street lights make it safe to walk, even during the nighttime. You can conclude that the residence options are on the pricey side. Still, if you take time for some search, you’ll be able to find a place for yourself with reasonable monthly rent.

Are you content with our list of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022?

Relocation really is quite an exciting yet challenging period. You will have to make some decisions that will have a strong impact on the next phase of your life. We don’t want to scare you, just to point out that you should take some time when it comes to deciding. Having the right information will change everything for you. So don’t hesitate to call someone who lives in an area that seems interesting to you. Moving really is a period when you should let yourself get any and every help possible. So listen carefully to that person who is resident in the area you are thinking about.

Having the right information in time will make your decision so much easier.

Also, spend some time finding information about different places. There is a great variety of nice areas that could be just right, and you maybe didn’t think of them. So take time for research. And we certainly do hope that our list of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami in 2022 was helpful to you. Make your own list of interesting places and write all the pros and cons. Once you finish with it, it will be pretty obvious where you feel like you belong. And after you realize that, call movers and start magic happening.

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