Best places for young professionals in Florida

One of the most important things for young professionals is the place where they will make their dreams come true. But, making this decision is not that easy since there are so many places that you can pick. Florida is certainly a great place. But, not all places will be good for you. We want to give you a list of the best places for young professionals in Florida so that you could make a valid decision. After you do, you just need the best movers in Florida to help you relocate and that is it. But, before you get to planning your move, let’s see what is the best place for you in Florida!

miami skyline - Best Places for Young Professionals in Florida
Miami offers a lot for people that want to be the best!

Is Florida a good place for young professionals?

When we mention Florida, most people think about Miami. Even though Miami is a major city in Florida, it is not the only place where you should consider relocating. There are many others that should be on your list. They may not be known for parties and beaches but that is not all. You want to start your professional life easier. All the other things are not that important at the moment and you should look at them this way. But, before you decide, you will have to think about some things. You need to think about:

  • how much are you going to earn?
  • what is the main thing that you want to accomplish?
  • is it good for investing in real estate?
  • is there perspective for a longer period of time?

Even though answers to these questions can be short, it does not mean that you will easily come to a realization. You may need time for all of this so make sure that you invest time in making crucial decisions like these!

Miami and Miami Beach

As we have mentioned, Miami is one of the greatest places in Florida where you can accomplish anything. There is a wide specter of companies and jobs that you can take and start your new life. One of the downsides to Miami is that real estate is not that affordable. That means that you will not be able to purchase a place just yet. It will most likely be years before you are able to do this. But, renting is always an option. Moving to Miami should not be too hard with the help of the right movers. Some of the best movers in Miami are the best movers in Florida so you can be sure that you get the best service!

orlando skyline
Orlando offers a similar vibe as Miami

On the other hand, Miami Beach is much more relaxed. What we mean is that you will lead a much more relaxed lifestyle. You will have the chance to visit all the great bars, beaches in this region. The best thing is that these places are close so you will not have any problems balancing.

Winter Springs

This place is located near Orlando. This means you can work in Orlando as well and live in Winter Springs. And this place definitely deserves its place on the list of the best places for young professionals in Florida. The average salary is just over $42,000.  There are about 30,000 residents so it is not huge. You can rest here in many restaurants. The lake is beautiful so you will surely like it here. Crime is not a problem in this place. Make sure you hire the movers Sunny Isles Beach for a stress-free move.


Not too many people think of Tampa when thinking of the best places in Florida for young professionals. And we get it. It is often in the shadow of much more known places. But, you should not think that this place has nothing to offer you. It is graded A for young people that want to become successful. Naturally, this place is not ideal. Even though you will have the chance to become successful, crime is not the best aspect of Tampa. Thefts are the most common type of crime here. But, that should not discourage you from trying your luck. Make sure you protect yourself and get the best movers in Tampa to help you start in the best way possible. You want moving help because the transition to this great place will be much smoother!

Cutler Bay

As we have mentioned, not all places on this list will be that popular. But, we have to include Cutler Bay when talking about the best places for young professionals in Florida. It is all because this is a much quieter place than the rest on the list. It is not less worth it just because you will lead a much more relaxed lifestyle. One of the best things about Culter Bay is that the real estate is quite affordable. You should not have too many problems getting your own place without having to rent. It is certainly a great reason to include this place among the best Florida places for young adults and professionals!

tampa skyline
Consider Tampa as your future home

Coral Gables

This place certainly deserves a spot on the list of the best places for young professionals in Florida. Crime rates are low, the average salary is around $52,000. It has just over 51,000 citizens. It has shopping districts that you will love, lots of restaurants and the beaches are great if you like to relax in a quiet pub or beach bar. When you start moving, make sure you take care of the environment as well, since all young people should do so.


Parkland has the highest average salary on this list of best places for young professionals. It is just over $56,000. This means you will be happy with the choice if you move here. Public schools are above average and there are a lot of parks for young families to enjoy. The crime rate is low, and that is really important when you are choosing a place to live in. This city gives you the feeling of living in the suburbs and it has a lot of coffee places, restaurants and shops as well. If you like living peacefully, this might be a place for you.

Is this the complete list of best places for young professionals in Florida?

Of course not. Florida is a big place where there are a ton of great places where you can try your luck. Naturally, some are better than others and that is a fact. But, not everything about good places is about jobs. When you work, you also want to relax and have some fun. All places in this list offer this and you should not be disappointed with any of them. Just be sure to pick the place that you think will suit you best and move safely!

Not everyone will agree about the best places for young professionals in Florida. As we have said, this is a very big land with lots of great places. We wanted to include every single aspect that is important for young adults. It is not all about the job and we have that in mind. We hope that you are not still confused about where you want to move to so make your decisions and start your new life strong!

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