Pros and cons of moving to Boyton Beach

Moving to Boyton Beach can be a great thing. Or, it can be a not so great thing. It depends on who you ask. Boyton Beach, like every city, is not suited for everyone. You need to find out as much as you can in order to if Boyton Beach is right for and if moving there is a smart idea. And if you are moving, remember to pick the best out of Boynton Beach moving companies to give you a hand. Here are some facts and guideline for you to know when weighing out the pros and cons fo moving to Boyton Beach.

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Florida can be truly beautiful.

Facts about Boyton Beach

In the Palm Beach County, Florida lies the proud city of Boyton Beach. It is the principal city of Miami metropolitan area that houses just under 74,000 residents as of 2017 estimate by the University of Florida, Bureau of Economics and Business research. 


Nathan Boyton came from Port Huron, Michigan in 1894 to today’s area of Boyton Beach and immediately fell in love. The beautiful landscape, the sunshine, the fertile land, everything was inviting and simply stunning. He soon built the Boyton Hotel where he spent winters with his family. After a while, he brought friends and countrymen from Michigan who also fell in love with the area and started settling it. On September 26, 1898, the paperwork for the Town of Boyton was officially filed, and the Boyton Beach was founded. The original Boyton Beach Oceanfront Park was founded near the Boyton Hotel site. Throughout the years, the people of Boyton Beach have renovated the park and it has even been voted for the best family beach park in Palm Beach County.

Today’s life

Today Boyton Beach is a clean and peaceful city to live in. It had problems with crime in its past, but recent reforms have made it much safer and more law abiding. But beside the safety, the culture is usually described as increasingly materialistic. Having a dominant materialistic culture has an impact on society that not many people are comfortable with. Weather is another thing in Boyton Beach that you will either love or hate. There is no in-between. It is warm. As it is in the whole of Florida. You need to get used to hot summers if you want to make Boyton Beach your new home.

Cost of life

There is one word that best sums up the cost of living in Boyton Beach. Average. It is 3% higher than the Florida average and 2% higher than the national average. To give you an exact number, the median income is $46,178 and average household value is $137,600. Florida can be inviting to business owners as it has no income tax.

Pros and cons of moving to Boyton Beach

Now that you have more facts it is a bit easier to figure out the pros and cons of moving to Boyton Beach. While we will give you our two cents, we strongly recommend that you weigh out things at your own accord. But, before you do that, you should visit Boyton Beach. Reading up online has its benefits, but it is no substitute for the first-hand experience. If you can, spend a least a week in Boyton Beach in order to get the feeling of the place and to better realize what you are potentially moving into. Talk with your long distance movers Florida to get a better idea of what Boyton Beach is like.


Considering the cost of living in Boyton Beach, the quality of life is quite good. There is a lot of diversity even though there is a strong presence of Latino culture. The cuisines you can try are numerous and the portions are quite generous. There is more are more people living in Boyton Beach making it a good place to start a business or find a job. Even though the summers can be hot, there are no freezing winters to suffer. And even during summer, you can cool yourself off by visiting a waterpark or by going to the beach. All in all, if you are a person who likes warm weather and affordable living, moving to Boyton Beach is the right move. Enjoy the outdoors and explore Florida as much as you can.

You can explore Florida in many ways.


Unfortunately, the high temperature isn’t the only thing affecting the weather in Boyton Beach. Florida, in general, suffers from heavy tropical rains, and with them come bugs and snails. It can get very humid. For some people, it can feel like being in a sauna 24/7.

While Boyton Beach is increasing in size, it is still nowhere near a large city like NYC. That has its benefits, like less noize and fewer traffic jams, but it also has its downsides. First off, there aren’t as many opportunities in Boyton Beach as there are in larger cities. It can, also, get a bit boring for a younger person. If you are a person who likes colder, drier weather, fast and exciting lifestyle, then Boyton Beach is definitely not for you.

What to keep in mind when weighing out the pros and cons

It is never easy to figure out if a certain place is right for you. If you rush into it, the chances that you will make a mistake are very high. Weighing out the pros and the cons and writing them down on a piece of paper will force you to slow down. Best thing to keep in mind, while doing so, is to try and know yourself and talk about yourself in the third person. If you are thinking for the I perspective it is easy that the current mood and emotions will lead you to a decision that is not very rational. Moving to do a different city is a commitment and you need to approach it with due care. Talking about yourself in the third person will give you the necessary distance to make a rational decision.

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Think carefully about moving to Boyton Beach.

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