Florida attractions you should definitely explore

Florida is full of attractions, what with it being a tropical heaven for its inhabitants. But the best things about Florida attractions is that they’re plentiful, they’re easy to find, and they are truly breathtaking. It doesn’t matter if they are natural or created by human intervention. Here’s a list of Florida attractions you should definitely explore when if you’re moving to Tampa – or, indeed, anywhere else in Florida. So here we go:

Some of the greatest Florida attractions are actually historical landmarks

Now, it is true that when someone mentions Florida attractions, people usually think of theme parks. We’re starting this on a different note, however, and we’re going to have a brief talk about historical landmarks, of which there are plenty in Florida. Some of them are breathtaking in size, while others carry with them a venerable air off historical grandeur. For example:

Fort Jefferson

This is one big historical landmark, which it’s builders have not managed to finish – even though the construction began in the early 19th century. Even though the greatest military actions during the Civil War were conducted on land, Fort Jefferson has seen it’s fair share of military activity. The fort itself has an outline of six sides, with a double curtain wall, which used to man heavy Confederate artillery. You can still see how the battle took place just by looking at the damage to the outer rim of the wall. Florida attractions such as these are bound to wake your inner history buff up.

Enjoy the grand view from the outer wall of Fort Jefferson.
Fort Jefferson is one of the oldest Florida attractions that you should visit.

Ford and Edison estates

These manors are museums today, and their purpose is to reflect the American attitude towards entrepreneurship and ingenuity. After all, you have guessed by the name that two extremely influential Americans used to live there. One is Thomas Edison – perhaps the most prolific inventors in American history. His inventions are so many, in fact, that it would be insanely impractical to name them all. The other influential American is Henry Ford – the granddaddy of the assembly line and, well, chances are that you’re driving one of his inventions. These two American greats have indeed lived right next to each other. It is due to this fortunate circumstance that the world enjoys the benefits of mass production.

The overseas railroad

Of all the  Florida attractions, this one may be the biggest and most imposing. Now, that is not to denigrate the others. The Overseas railroad is an extension of the East Coast railway, and it is almost 130 miles long. Its purpose is to connect Key West. Key West is the southernmost city of the continental United States. It took almost 20 years to construct, plan and engineer. However, it sustained damage during the Labor Day hurricane in 1937.

One of the main historical Florida attractions is the Key West railroad bridge, which spans through the forest as displayed on the picture.
The Overseas railroad is one of the largest and most imposing Florida attractions.
Villa Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

If you’re a fan of antique European architecture and grandeur, then look no further than Villa Vizcaya. It used to belong to the businessman John Deering, whose company built household appliances before it eventually merged with J. P. Morgan in late 1902. The estate is 180 acres big, and the gardens exude splendor reminiscent of nobles’ estates of the late 16th century Italy. The entire landscape reminds the viewer of late Renaissance, and Deering made sure to collect as many antiquities as he could. By the end of his life, the estate and the manor were full of antiquities. Today, it’s open to the public,

Now, Florida attractions also contain some non-historical landmarks too

Now, Florida is full of history, which is pretty obvious in and by itself. However, it also contains some pretty neat sites whose construction was finished long before man set foot in North America. If you’re moving to Tampa, you should probably take some time off after you’re done moving to visit these and relax. Without further ado:

Florida Caverns State Park

In the northwestern area of Florida, called the Florida Panhandle, you can find some peaceful, quiet towns which are heaven to live in, but you can also find the Florida Caverns, State Park. It is, in fact, the only Florida park with air-filled caves, which are available and open to the public eye. In there, you can find an impressive, natural formation made of karst, dolomite, gypsum, and limestone. Of course, the entire ecosystem has adapted to these conditions. If you wish to relax than it would be the ideal place for you to visit! This also applies if you’re a Botanics or geology nerd.

Florida is full of caves to explore, such as this one.
Exploring caves has always been breathtaking – and this one is no exception.

Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

If you drive a few miles west of the Copeland county, you will certainly run across Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park. If you wish to improve your knowledge of various tropical species, that is. This state park contains a vast number of different species of both flora and fauna. It’s essentially a natural zoo if you catch my drift. For this reason, it one of the biggest Florida attractions out there. Floral wildlife includes:

  • Royal Palms;
  • Bromeliads;
  • Bald Cypresses;
  • Ferns;
  • Orchids.

Now, there is also the fauna, which is also various and diverse. For example:

  • Alligators;
  • Owls;
  • Ospreys;
  • Bald eagles.
State parks have always been one of the most popular Florida attractions.
State parks have always been one of the most popular Florida attractions.

“Any other Florida attractions that I should see?”

Oh, yes, absolutely! You see, there are countless other Florida attractions out there that aren’t a part of this list. The thing is, they are numerous and it would be extremely hard to name them all in a single list. So why don’t you do some exploration yourself when you’re done moving to Florida? Here are some of the thing that we haven’t mentioned:

  • The Devil’s Millhopper;
  • Emeralda Marsh;
  • Manatee Springs;
  • And many more!

Florida attractions, as we said, are quite numerous and there’s a lot of stuff for you to do once you arrive there. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t give them a visit once you’re done moving with best Florida movers!


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