Moving from Florida to New York 101

Sometimes it’s time for changes. And moving to a new area will be a big change. For that reason, we want to give you some advice that can be very helpful and make the whole process easier to do. When moving from Florida to New York you’ll need to prepare for a lot of changes. However, when you choose among the Best Movers Florida the task of relocating will look easy and simple. But there’s more to know than just that. Here’s some information that can help you complete this move successfully.

Moving from Florida to New York is easier when you have valid reasons for doing so

Every move needs the right motivation. And this long-distance and overall big move on the east coast will be a big challenge to approach. For that reason, before you start planning and doing all the work, make sure to ask yourself the right questions. And especially if you want to use the help of residential movers Florida to get the job done for you. Before you get to moving make sure that you really want to do it and know what are your main necessities. Are you moving because of financial reasons? Do you want to change your environment? Is starting over something you want out of this move? Answer all these questions and more and the relocation will be much easier to do.

A couple looking at their items list
Always know the answers to crucial questions

Visit and find out as much information about the best cities in New York for you to move to

Before you make a big move you want to get to know your new area. That’s why it’s best if you take a weekend or whole week to make a trip to New York. By doing this you can get to know some of the areas in the state of New York. You won’t have to use the help of long-distance movers Florida to get this little trip done. But it can greatly help you out and help you get accustomed to your new area. It will take some time and resources, but it will be very helpful and assist you in picking where you want to be in New York.

Do some research before deciding to go for the move especially if you’re relocating with a family

As we said, checking out a new area is always the best way to get to know your area. However, when moving from Florida to New York and not being able to visit it, there are alternative ways to get some crucial information. For example, when companies are moving they will do it all from calling commercial movers Florida to getting information about the business climate in parts of New York. That’s why it’s also important for you to use alternative methods to get as much information as you can in advance.

Budgeting will be an important part of any moving process

For any move, finances will be one of the most important details. Especially a relocation that will require you to go across state lines and is on top of that a very usual move for many. When it comes to preparing for it, you need to get a lot of details in check. From knowing how much interstate movers Florida will cost you to the changes in salary, there will be a lot of financial decisions you need to keep in mind. For example, moving from Florida to New York can cost you from $1,000 to $6,000 and more depending on your needs. The more things you know in advance, the easier it will be to budget. Here are some main factors you want to keep in mind when budgeting.

A persong budgeting for moving from Florida to New York
Moving from Florida to New York will require budgeting

How much will the cost of living change after moving from Florida to New York?

In order to give you a full picture when it comes to the cost of living, you want to compare some important factors. First will be the fact that your salary and median income will change with this relocation. For that reason, before calling the packing services Florida it’s good to know that your income will increase by 25% on average for the same work. That sounds great, and it surely is. But you also need to know that the cost of living index in Florida is around 100, while in New York around 140. It’s a big difference, so make sure to acknowledge it before moving.

How much will the housing cost after you relocate to New York?

As both states are very popular destinations for people moving, you can expect both of them to be expensive. However, the difference itself between the two states won’t be as big. For that reason, there’s not too big of a difference between the housing options in both states. After you call up the long distance movers Cape Coral FL it’s best to know that there will be some kind of change. An average cost will be 8% more expensive, while rent will usually be 10% more expensive on average.

Don’t forget about the change in taxes after moving from Florida to New York

Another seemingly small, but very important detail when it comes to budgeting will be taxes you need to keep in mind. Here you will be able to feel a huge difference. Especially as there’s a big change when it comes to the taxes you’ll have to pay in New York in comparison to Florida. After the long distance movers Hallandale Beach help you get to your new location in New York, you will be able to see that the sales tax has been bumped from 7.08% to 8.52%. And the even tougher change will be the fact that you’ll have a state income tax that will be 10.9%. Something you didn’t have to worry about in Florida.

Taxes written on a board with moeny underneath
Your taxes will change by a lot with this move

Get to know your job opportunities when taking on such a big task

Of course, every state will offer its own opportunities. And when it comes to jobs different cities can get you a job market that will come with its own details and intrigues. Overall, you can say that in Florida there are more seasonal jobs available, but this greatly depends on many factors. But when long distance movers Lakeland help you get to your new location in New York, the fact that the unemployment rate will change from 2.5% to around 3.2% will be a certainty.  This might not seem as much of a difference but is important to have in mind. Overall, we’re sure that you can find a quality job in both states, so there won’t be a lack of opportunities.

You’ll need some warm clothes to not get surprised by the New York weather

Moving interstate will need to be planned out perfectly. For that reason, don’t forget about some of the basics. One of them is the change of weather. And moving from Florida to New York will surely require you to get some warmer clothes from your storage space in Florida as you surely will need them. Especially when you consider that there are about 105 days a year of precipitation. And snow will be a completely new thing to face for you. Overall, it will be important to prepare for such big changes in the weather.

Commutes will take a longer time to complete in New York

Getting from one place to another will be an important part of your lifestyle. And on top of that, it will take a lot of time and you need to know how to organize. Especially as it will depend a lot on the fact how you go to school, your job, or anywhere else you need to be. From using your own vehicle to using public transport, there will be important differences. On average a commute in Florida will take around 28 minutes, while in New York the average is closer to 34 minutes. However, the number of people having a commute longer than 1 hour is almost 20% in New York, while in Florida it’s about 8%. Keep this detail in mind when moving from Florida to New York.

Moving from Florida to New York will greatly change your commute
You will need more time to get around in NYC

What are the best places for you to live in the state of New York?

Above all, there are many benefits of moving from Florida to New York. However, it will also depend a lot on the fact where you end up moving to in New York. There are many amazing cities and towns that can offer you a plethora of benefits. From the biggest and most important places to the small and family-friendly areas New York can offer it all for you. Let’s take a look at some of the places that people move to the most when it comes to the state of New York.

New York City is one of the cities that people moving from Florida to New York choose

As one of the biggest cities in the US, NYC will be a great pick for you. Especially when you move from some of the bigger cities in Florida in mind and the similarity to NYC. By being one of the cities with the most opportunities, it shouldn’t surprise you that most people that are moving out of Florida are choosing New York City as their new destination. However, keep in mind the fact that it’s also one of the most expensive cities in the US. Overall, it will take some time to adjust to it, but it’s a place where a lot of people and families from Florida move to.

Rochester is a great option for people that are relocating from Florida

Rochester is a city that attracts a lot of people as it’s very affordable when you compare it to the rest of New York. However, there will be many other great things about the city. One of the first differences between any city in Florida and Rochester will be the weather. Make sure that you take your winter stuff with you as it will be a completely different climate. Job opportunities are also a big plus for Rochester, and entertainment will be widely available in the city. Rochester is the right place if you don’t like the crowded NYC.

A view of the city
Rochester will come with a lot of benefits

Do you plan to move to New York? Albany is the right place for you

Albany is one of the cities that will offer you a greater number of benefits than just the area has. It’s well connected to NYC, but also the surrounding states or even Canada if it’s something you need. It’s the capital city of the state of New York and that itself comes with a lot of positives. When you look at the city in more detail, you can see that there are some great schools available. But besides that, you can find stable employment and great housing options.

Hire a reputable moving company to assist you with moving from Florida to New York

Moving from Florida to New York requires much work. For that reason, it’s not something we recommend doing on your own. That’s why having a great moving company to tackle this task for you can be very beneficial. When you move to the state of New York you want to feel good about it and start getting to know the area as quickly as possible. And with the help of movers, you will be able to do just that. As an interstate move, you can be sure that using a moving company to assist you will never be a mistake for such relocations.

A mover unloading a van
Always have the help of quality movers assisting you with your relocation

Every move is a challenge on its own. However, the more information you have and the more you prepare the easier it will be. That’s why when moving from Florida to New York our advice can help you from start to finish. From picking the right area in the state for you to choosing the best movers, everything can be helpful. Overall, we’re sure that there will be some differences you need to get accustomed to. But, we’re certain you’ll love New York and everything that comes with it.


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