Moving From Lakeland to Tampa

Moving from Lakeland to Tampa might seem a bit daunting at first. It’s more than just changing where you live. It’s about new experiences and opportunities that await you in your new place. If you’re wondering how to not just move, but get into the swing of things in Tampa, Best Movers Florida is here to help you! We’ll guide you through the moving process and help you find the right movers for your relocation!

What Can You Experience in Tampa?

Tampa, located on Florida’s west coast, is a lively city known for its mix of cultures, urban energy, and beach vibes. The city is welcoming and known for its friendly atmosphere, offering a variety of cultural attractions like the Tampa Museum of Art and the Glazer Children’s Museum. Tampa’s food scene takes you around the world, with everything from fresh seafood in the historic Ybor City to new dining spots in Seminole Heights. Plus, Tampa’s warm weather all year means there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy.

a big building in Tampa near the water
Tampa is a very diverse area with a lot of interesting buildings to see!

Cost of Living Differences Between Lakeland and Tampa

Comparing the cost of living between Tampa and Lakeland reveals some differences, but moving to Tampa offers unique benefits that make it a positive choice despite potentially higher costs. As of 2024, living in Lakeland is 12.1% more affordable than in Tampa. Housing costs in Lakeland are 27.9% less expensive. While health-related expenses are slightly higher in Lakeland by 0.6%, overall, Lakeland offers a more budget-friendly lifestyle compared to Tampa. When it comes to housing costs, the median home cost in Tampa comes at around $381,000 while in Lakeland it is about $282,500. Utilities are 2% cheaper in Tampa, with an average utility bill of around $202.

But don’t be fooled by the numbers. The elevated costs reflect the enhanced quality of life, better job opportunities, and an abundance of recreational options that Tampa has to offer. Despite the potential initial investment, moving from Lakeland to Tampa is an investment in a more fulfilling lifestyle. To ensure a worry-free relocation, consider enlisting the help of Lakeland movers. These movers can assist in making the relocation process efficient!

Tampa’s Neighborhoods

Tampa provides many different neighborhoods.

  • Westshore: A growing commercial hub, that offers modern living with chic shops.
  • Seminole Heights: Rich in local charm, offers unique eateries and a lively community feel.
  • Ybor City: A historic gem, that offers both residential and business spaces.
  • Brandon: A family-friendly suburb, that contrasts with Hyde Park’s artistic ambiance and the serene South Tampa.
  • Harbour Island: Located along the waterfront, exudes elegance.
  • Davis Islands or Avila: Ideal for those looking for a touch of luxury.
  • Downtown and Westshore: These neighborhoods serve as business hubs.

Trust movers in Tampa to move your stuff to any of these neighborhoods. A city this big can make a move a mess, so make sure to use the help that they provide!

Downtown Tampa during the night, explore it as you are moving from Lakeland to Tampa
Choosing the right neighborhood in Tampa is one of the most important aspects of relocating to the city.

Adapting to the Lifestyle of a Bigger City

As we explore the considerations for lifestyle adjustments in Tampa, it’s important to recognize the city’s accessible nature. Tampa is around three times the size of Lakeland. Despite that, it presents a dynamic urban landscape without sacrificing the ease of moving around. Despite its size, Tampa’s well-connected infrastructure ensures a good commute between its diverse neighborhoods, allowing for efficient exploration and integration into the city’s fabric. Don’t worry about the shift, book some of the best packing services Florida. It can be very unsettling seeing your stuff broken or damaged. So you can enjoy the vast potential that this thriving city offers for a brighter future.

Healthcare in Tampa

Tampa’s healthcare scene stands out for its excellence and innovation. The city is home to some of the top hospitals in the country, including Tampa General Hospital, recognized for its leading treatments and research. This facility, alongside others like Moffitt Cancer Center, specializes in comprehensive cancer care and is a beacon of hope for patients.

Furthermore, the University of South Florida (USF) Health plays a crucial role in the medical community, offering cutting-edge research and education. Tampa’s healthcare services cover a wide range, from emergency care to specialized treatments, ensuring residents have access to quality care. The city also focuses on preventive healthcare, with numerous wellness programs and community health initiatives. This commitment to healthcare makes Tampa not just a great place to live but also a center for medical excellence. Whether you need routine medical care or specialized treatment, Tampa’s healthcare system is equipped to provide top-notch services. This robust healthcare infrastructure supports Tampa’s growing population, ensuring a healthy community.

Education Opportunities

Tampa provides great opportunities for students at all levels. Well-known high schools, including Plant High School and Sickles High School, are celebrated for their strong academics and variety of activities. For younger students, schools like Gorrie Elementary School and Williams Middle Magnet School offer a supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere.

People graduating after moving from Lakeland to Tampa
Explore educational opportunities after moving from Lakeland to Tampa

Tampa stands out for its unique educational offerings, like Tampa Preparatory School, where learning is dynamic and tailored to each student. The mix of excellent public and private schools cements Tampa’s reputation as a great place for education. Families moving from Lakeland to Tampa looking for a rewarding academic experience for their kids will see Tampa not just as hopeful, but as a place that actively prepares students for future success.

Higher education in Tampa

Continue and explore the possibilities when it comes to studies. Tampa’s higher education landscape beckons with notable universities and many different academic offerings, making the journey from Lakeland very worthwhile. The University of South Florida provides a wide range of programs spanning various disciplines to set the stage for academic excellence. Environments like the University of South Florida, provide vital programs that can shape your academic journey or that of your children:

  • Health Sciences: USF has one of the best health-related programs and on many lists comes as a first suggestion when diving into Healthcare;
  • Engineering: The College of Engineering at USF offers programs in various engineering disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical, civil, and computer engineering;
  • Business Administration: The Muma College of Business provides a range of business programs, and is one of the best in the country;
  • Criminology: The College of Behavioral and Community Sciences offers a criminology program for those interested in a career in law enforcement;
  • Environmental Science and Policy: USF’s programs in environmental science and policy cater to those interested in sustainability and the environment;
  • Psychology: The Department of Psychology offers undergraduate and graduate programs for students interested in the study of human behavior and mental processes;

Tampa’s Economy

Tampa’s economy is growing, offering great job opportunities in areas like healthcare, IT, and engineering. These sectors don’t just offer job stability; they also promise the chance for higher earnings. For example, in healthcare, places like Tampa General Hospital provide rewarding careers. Tampa’s tech scene is booming, inviting you to join in on the innovation. Plus, the finance industry lays a strong base for economic success in the city. The unemployment rate in this city is 3,4%.

So, as you are moving from Lakeland to Tampa, make sure to slide into the new environment. Move your whole office so you don’t have to worry about the new setting with the help of commercial movers in Lakeland to prevent your equipment from damaging!

Average salary

In Tampa, Florida, the average salary as of March 2024 stands at $29.08 an hour, translating to about $60,489 per year. Meanwhile, in Lakeland, the average annual salary is a bit lower at $43,929. For those considering a move between these two cities, hiring some of the best long distance movers in Lakeland could ease the relocation process. Understanding these salary averages can help in planning your next career move or relocation.

If You Are Moving From Lakeland to Tampa, There Is So Much to Explore

Tampa’s diversity shines through its many attractions. Start with Ybor City, where history is alive in every street. Check out the Tampa Theatre too. It’s a beautiful building that hosts a variety of exciting events, mixing old charm with a contemporary feel.

a sign that says Tampa
Tampa is one of the best places to explore in Florida, it is vibrant!

Keep going to the Riverwalk, a beautiful trail with parks by the water and great places to eat. If you love nature, Hillsborough River State Park is perfect for hiking and kayaking. Imagine making Tampa your new home, where life blends with these special experiences to create lasting memories. Also, be sure to visit the Tampa Museum of Art. It’s a stunning building with a variety of displays. There are many things to explore after moving with the help of residential movers in Lakeland, who are among the best in this area.


people at the festival after moving from Lakeland to Tampa
Tampa has many interesting festivals to visit!

Sport is also very popular here

Tampa is big on sports. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring the excitement of NFL football. The Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL shows off their incredible talent and speed on the ice. Baseball fans can watch the Tampa Bay Rays hit home runs in the MLB. And there’s more – during spring, six MLB teams come here for preseason training. Moving from Lakeland to Tampa means you’ll be close to all this action. You’ll join a community passionate about their sports teams. With the help of residential movers Tampa, your move will be easy. Get ready to support your new favorite teams!

Tips for Settling in

Settling into a new place can be easier with a few practical tips. Start by unpacking essentials first, creating a comfortable living space quickly. Get to know your neighborhood by exploring local shops, parks, and restaurants. This helps you feel more at home and may even lead to new friendships. Introduce yourself to neighbors and join community groups or social networks specific to your area. These connections can offer support and local insights. Don’t forget to update your address with services and subscriptions to avoid any disruptions. Give yourself time to adjust. Moving can be a big change, but with patience and openness to new experiences, you’ll soon find your rhythm in your new home!

Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones After Moving From Lakeland to Tampa!

Keeping in touch with your loved ones in Lakeland after moving to Tampa is easier than you might think. The distance between the two cities is manageable, making weekend visits a convenient option for face-to-face time. With today’s technology, video calls and social media make daily communication easier. You can share moments and updates in real time, keeping the bond strong despite the physical distance. Also, Tampa’s well-connected transport system, including bus and train services, offers affordable travel options for when you want to return to Lakeland for a visit. Planning regular meet-ups, whether in Tampa or Lakeland, ensures that you stay connected with friends and family, which is very important!

person driving a car
Visit your friends in Lakeland after moving!

Welcoming Tampa as Your Next Chapter

Tampa is a city where there’s always something new to discover. It combines cultural diversity, strong job markets, and a love for sports. Whether you’re starting a new school phase at the University of South Florida or diving into Tampa’s rich culture, the city is ready to welcome you. If you’re moving from Lakeland to Tampa, you can count on professional movers to make the move straightforward. There’s a lot to enjoy here, from sports games and historic sites to the lively art scene. Tampa isn’t just a place to live; it’s an opportunity to join a community full of exciting experiences. We’re here to help turn your move from Lakeland to Tampa into an adventure full of great possibilities!


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