Moving From Riverview to Hollywood

Moving is a difficult step, but a change towards a better life. Hollywood is filled with opportunities, but also a lot of challenges if you don’t prepare. The first step to a successful move is choosing some of the best movers in Florida, to ensure your belongings are in safe hands. Here, we will cover everything important for you, from comparing living expenses to tips when moving from Riverview to Hollywood. And also, help you make decisions, whether you’re moving for a new job, better schools, or a lively culture!

Hollywood Residents Earn More on Average

This city is one change that can help you shape a better life. Even though the change may seem scary and more expensive at first. Numbers are a big thing to consider, which we will go into, as these two cities do differ. People in Riverview earn around 60,000$ per year, while the estimated average in Hollywood rises close to $64,000, although some reports mention $68,000. But, those numbers don’t paint the whole picture, Hollywood City is much more.

calculator, pen and paper
Keep in mind that planning your budget can help you save a lot of money when moving from Riverview to Hollywood.

The unemployment rate

In the context of moving from Riverview to Hollywood, it’s important to consider the employment scenarios in both cities. Riverview has an unemployment rate of 4.8%, higher than Hollywood’s 2.8%. This difference indicates a better job market in Hollywood. For those planning this move, a lower unemployment rate in Hollywood suggests more varied job opportunities, which can be a significant factor in decision-making. To make this move, finding the best Hollywood movers is the most important part, experienced movers will make this an easy trip to a city with a potentially more promising employment landscape.

Job opportunities

In Riverview, the job market is centered around sectors like healthcare, education, and retail. In Riverview, the job market is pretty much anchored by stable opportunities in healthcare, education, and retail, and while those might be fitting to some, others might be looking for more diverse job opportunities. When you move from Riverview to Hollywood, Florida, the possibilities are much more open due to the city’s nature.

A woman working after moving from Riverview to Hollywood.
Hollywood provides great opportunities for people who are moving to the city!

Hollywood, is known for its tourism, hospitality, and retail sectors, driven by its beautiful beaches and attractive climate. There are opportunities in healthcare and education, similar to Riverview but within a more urban context. The city also has a growing business sector. Small to medium-sized enterprises contribute to the local economy greatly as there are big opportunities with visitors coming to the city every single day. In case you’re moving your business, seek assistance from Riverview commercial moving companies. They can help manage the logistics of this move, allowing you to focus on adapting to the job market and lifestyle in Hollywood.

What Do Statistics Say When It Comes to the Expenses?

Hollywood compared to Riverview is a different financial environment. But let’s get more into the numbers. Living in Hollywood is about 6.9% more expensive than in Riverview. The most significant difference is in housing, which is roughly 14% higher. Upon taking a closer look, we get these numbers:

  • The median house price: In Hollywood, it is around $518,000, compared to the $455,000 in Riverview;
  • The median rent: In Hollywood, the median rent comes at around $1,600, while in Riverview it stands at around $1,400;
  • The energy bill: It is around $188 in Hollywood compared to $172 in Riverview;
  • Gas: around $3.5 per gallon in both cities;
  • Groceries: 8% higher in Hollywood.

It is important to consider these costs when moving from Riverview to Hollywood. Healthcare in Hollywood is more affordable than the rest of the country, being about 5% lower than the national average. These figures paint a clearer picture of what your financial planning should account for in this new chapter.

Smart budgeting is a key to your Hollywood move

Get to know the costs. As you understand expenses a little bit closer, you will learn to allocate your funds wisely and avoid excess spending. Start by setting a realistic budget that accounts for a better living environment. Don’t make a mistake and overlook the smaller expenses. They do add up over time. After all, it’s not just about managing the bigger bills; it’s about being smart about your day-to-day spending too. For first-time movers, it’s smart to get the right help and consider your best options.

Moving on your own is stressful and it can lead to more unaccounted expenses, such as a higher chance of damaging your items if you don’t have the experience. You don’t want that so ask for help from the Riverview best movers. They can ease your move, and make it a positive moving experience. Budgeting and smart decisions will make everything cheaper. Moving from Riverview to Hollywood won’t just be about facing new expenses, but about starting your life in a new city easily.

Neighborhoods in Hollywood

Get ready to introduce yourself to a variety of neighborhoods, each with very unique characteristics. East Hollywood, with its beachfront properties, is there for those who love the ocean and sand. It’s a perfect spot if you are into a relaxed coastal lifestyle. Downtown Hollywood, on the other hand, pulses with energy. It’s the heart of the city’s arts and entertainment scene, featuring the ArtsPark at Young Circle, really good food, and trendy cafes. And if you love the nightlife, in Hollywood you will not be disappointed. As you plan this exciting move, consider hiring residential movers in FL to help you move to your chosen neighborhood, whether it’s the beachside of East Hollywood or the energetic Downtown.

a neighborhood in the most popular moving destinations in Florida
Consider the right neighborhood in your new city.

If you are moving in with your family, Emerald Hills, and Hollywood Hills are great options for you. These areas will give you a more suburban feel, they are more family-oriented, with bigger homes, good schools, and a lot of nature. Hollywood Lakes stands out with its historic homes and scenic waterways, offering a joyful living environment. Each neighborhood will give you a unique living experience, so there are options for different lifestyles and preferences. As you plan your relocation, choosing experienced Riverview residential movers will be a key step in making your move to one of these beautiful areas as easy as possible.

Efficient Transit in Hollywood

In Riverview, public transportation options are somewhat limited, primarily consisting of bus services that connect key areas of the town. This system suits the needs of a suburban community but might not offer the frequency and coverage found in larger cities. On the other hand, Hollywood has more options and is very efficient with its public transportation network.

The city is pretty well-connected through a combination of bus routes, the Tri-Rail train system, and the trolley service. Hollywood’s transportation system is made to meet all kinds of needs. For workers, tourists, and residents moving around the city, key areas like the beach, downtown, and other popular spots are easily accessible. Broward Country Transit offers a lot of freedom when it comes to moving around the city with nine routes. And there are also 95 express work commutes. The availability and diversity of public transit in Hollywood provide residents with multiple choices for their daily commute, reflecting the city’s commitment to connectivity and accessibility.

Education in Hollywood

In Hollywood, families will discover dynamic educational options, rich in both academic and creative learning. Public schools like Hollywood Hills High School, located in the heart of Hollywood, are recognized for their strong academic programs. Similarly, schools such as McArthur High School, located near the Orangebrook Golf & Country Club area, each offer different educational experiences. Private institutions, including Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory with its rigorous academic environment, cater to families seeking specialized education.

For younger students, Beachside Montessori Village stands out for its unique approach to learning traditional Montessori methods with a modern curriculum. These schools reflect Hollywood’s commitment to nurturing both the mind and creative spirit of its students.

Higher education in Hollywood and nearby

South Florida is a great choice if you are thinking about going to college. It has some of the best universities in the country. Endless choice of fields, just for you! The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, very close by is renowned for its programs in design, media arts, and culinary arts. If you are looking to study arts, human development, business, or health, Barry College, located in the city center is also a great choice to expand your knowledge.

Graduation after moving from Riverview to Hollywood.
University will be a great memory of yours, let us be a part of it!

The University of Miami is only about 50 minutes away using public transport. It stands out for its famous academic programs and research opportunities in fields like marine science, engineering, and business. This proximity to these important institutions allows students in Hollywood to access a lot of educational opportunities, that will suit a specter of academic interests and career goals. If you’re moving from Riverview to Hollywood, booking packing services FL is a smart decision!

Hollywood Lifestyle

As you settle in after moving from Riverview to Hollywood, you’ll find yourself in a world rich with exciting activities and cultural attractions, unique to this Florida city. Hollywood’s beautiful long beach offers a perfect place for you to enjoy. For relaxation or water sports, the famous Hollywood Beach Boardwalk will recharge you if you ever get exhausted from work.

beach in one of the best cities for singles in Florida
Some of the nicest beaches in Florida are located in Hollywood.

The city’s culinary scene is one you have to try if you love new flavors, offering everything from seafood to a variety of international cuisines. Cultural enthusiasts will appreciate the ArtsPark at Young Circle, a place for arts, performances, and community events. By using efficient moving services Florida, you can quickly explore these unique Hollywood experiences. This city is more than just a new home; it’s a place where every day brings a new adventure and a chance to be part of a dynamic, engaging community.

More about the events

In Hollywood, you’ll find a great amount of community events, recreational activities, and green spaces that will suit all ages and interests. The city’s social scene is dynamic and diverse, hosting a lot of events and cultural festivals during the year. Hollywood’s famous beachside promenade, the Broadwalk, is an important place for social gatherings, offering concerts, farmers’ markets, and cultural festivals, which bring people from all over the world.

People partying after moving from Riverview to Hollywood
After you make the move visit beautiful Hollywood beaches!

For recreational pursuits, the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk stands as a prime destination for jogging, biking, or enjoying scenic ocean views. If you love nature you will have to go to the Anne Kolb Nature Center and visit its walking trails. The city also includes various parks like ArtsPark at Young Circle, a cultural and green space, and Topeekeegee Yugnee Park, which is ideal for sports and family picnics. There are a lot of social and recreational offerings that make Hollywood a lively and enriching place to live.

Moving to the City of Hollywood Is a Significant Decision, But One Worth Considering!

If you are moving from Riverview to Hollywood and looking for new opportunities, you should know that you’re beginning a chapter filled with exciting possibilities and new experiences. Hollywood, with its various neighborhoods, booming job market, and great social life, contrasts with Riverview. Drawn by the nightlife, or maybe the more family-friendly Emerald Hills, or the amazing beachside in East Hollywood? Living in this city will be an unforgettable experience. The lower unemployment rate and more job opportunities in Hollywood are a signal of a promising economic environment, accompanied by recreational activities and green spaces. As you plan this significant move, keep in mind that selecting the best Hollywood movers is the most important step! Look forward to the new opportunities and adventures that await in your new Hollywood home!


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