Moving From Miramar to Orlando

When moving from Miramar to Orlando, you’re not just going from point A to point B. Even if both cities are in Florida, there will be some changes that you will have to face. When it comes to moving, you can explore the Best Movers Florida and find the right fit for moving companies and assistance. However, what awaits you after the relocation is complete? Let’s go over some basics that we’re sure can help you. We’re sure you’ll be ready for this move with the help and information we’ll provide you with.

Cost of Living Differences Between Miramar and Orlando

Before you explore the residential movers Miramar, you want to know what financial impact the relocation will have. Even if the two cities aren’t far from each other, you can feel the difference in your finances. Do you plan to buy a home or rent it? Is the price of utilities and other important costs? Even the smallest of price changes can have a huge impact on your life. Let’s go over some of the basics when it comes to the economy.

A couple budgeting before moving from Miramar to Orlando
Know about the cost of living differences between the two cities

Housing and renting costs

Before you move with the help of movers Orlando, it’s necessary to check out the housing and rental costs. They are a very important factor in the whole process. Between Miramar and Orlando, there will be differences that will be easy to notice. In Miramar, the cost per 10 square feet is from $3865 in the suburbs to $5,081 in the city center. The average rent price is around $1,800, which is important to know when you compare it with Orlando.

The cost of living in Orlando is slightly lower, with the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment at $1,372 and a two-bedroom apartment at $1,618. The average home price in Orlando is slightly lower than $400,000. With all of that in mind, Orlando can offer somewhat more affordable housing options.

Other costs that will change after moving from Miramar to Orlando

Besides housing, there are also other costs that you want to take into consideration. For example, utilities are something not to overlook. For one person, the monthly bill for one person is on average around $169. The internet services are around $74 per month. The monthly pass for transportation in Orlando is $50, which is much lower than Miramar’s $81. Also, eating out in an inexpensive restaurant can cost you from $13 to $24 in Orlando.

The Opportunities That Come With This Relocation

Of course, you want to enjoy the opportunities that come with relocation truly. After the movers Miramar assist you with the move, there will be some great opportunities when it comes to jobs. From some great industries to salaries, there’s a lot to look at. Let’s get into the basic information, such as:

  • Major industries in Orlando
  • Job security and unemployment rate
  • Average salary 
Two people shaking hands
Explore the job options in Orlando

Industries that stand out in Orlando

Plenty of industries operate in Orlando. That makes it much easier to find a job after the residential movers Orlando complete your relocation. It features sectors like advanced manufacturing, aerospace & defense, innovative technologies, and life sciences & healthcare. Key players in advanced manufacturing include Amcor, AMD, FARO Technologies, and Siemens Energy, which are showcasing the sector’s growth. Orlando hosts major companies’ headquarters, such as AAA, Darden Restaurants, and Lockheed Martin, underscoring its business-friendly environment. Overall, if you’re moving to Orlando for work, it definitely will have some big companies to look for.

Job security and unemployment rate

Orlando’s unemployment rate is around 2.8%. This number shows just how strong the market is in the city. When you take into account that historically, the unemployment rate was around 5.4%, it shows that there’s a constant improvement in Orlando. All of these suggest promising job security for individuals contemplating moving to the city. This positive trend in employment statistics reflects the dynamic economic environment in Orlando, potentially offering a stable foundation for those looking to relocate for work opportunities.

The average salary in Orlando

The city offers so many different job positions. When it comes to the average salary, Orlando’s stands at around $54,000 per month. Entry-level positions and jobs in customer service tend to have lower salaries, while professions in law, engineering, and management are among the higher-paid. Lower-level positions in manufacturing and labor will be as low as $28,000, while some higher positions in sports and recreation can even go up to $200,000. Of course, different industries will have different average salaries. If you’re looking to be on the higher end of the salary curve, then pick jobs in aviation, shipping, real estate, and similar industries.

A person counting money
Know just how much you can earn in Orlando

Education and Schools to Explore After Moving From Miramar to Orlando

After moving from Miramar to Orlando, you can explore educational opportunities at prominent institutions like the University of Central Florida, Valencia College, and Full Sail University. There, you can explore a variety of programs, including sought-after degrees in computer engineering, with options ranging from associate to doctoral levels. Each school has a unique student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring personalized attention and a conducive learning environment.

For families moving to Orlando with the help of long distance movers Orlando, there are plenty of options, from public and private schools to high academic standards. Elementary options like Waterford and Moss Park Elementary, alongside Pinecrest Preparatory Charter, offer great curriculums. Private institutions like The Christ School and The First Academy cater to various learning styles. For older students, Lyman High School, New Dimensions High, and Winter Springs High provide excellent preparation for college with a broad range of AP classes and electives.

Healthcare Services in Orlando

Healthcare is something to consider when moving from Miramar to Orlando. Thankfully, there are some top-notch institutions available at your new location that will make taking care of your health much easier to deal with. One of them is Orlando Health, which is recognized for its high-performing hospitals in various medical specialties such as heart and vascular care, cancer treatment, neurosciences, orthopedics, and more. There are over 1,400 physicians and 400 advanced practice providers across more than 200 locations, ensuring accessible care in numerous specialties.

There are so many hospitals, like the Orlando Regional Medical Center and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, that can provide you assistance in a plethora of situations. Overall, you can be sure that the infrastructure in Orlando and the medical experts working in it will be there and provide you with just what you need to feel healthy.

Safety and Security

Orlando has rigorous safety measures, thanks to the efforts between local authorities and the tourism community. This collaboration focuses on maintaining a secure environment for both residents and visitors. Regular intelligence briefings, crime alert technology, visible law enforcement presence, and tourist-oriented policing are some of the initiatives ensuring safety in the area

Orlando’s crime rate is considerably higher than both the Florida and national averages, with a significant portion of crimes occurring in certain areas, particularly where nightlife is more active. However, it’s noted that the crime rates are on a downward trend, with efforts being made to reduce both violent and property crimes. The city implements various safety measures and policing strategies to ensure resident and visitor safety​.

A police officer and a child high-fiving each other
You will have a safe community after moving from Miramar to Orlando

Commuting and Transportation

Orlando is a big city that represents a big center in both Florida and on the national level. Both residents and visitors will find it easy to navigate both the city and its surroundings. The Orlando International Airport will be a major place for those arriving as tourists. However, it can serve you well as a point to connect you to places around the US and even internationally. SunRail provides commuter rail service across Central Florida. This option helps with connecting several counties and offers a great option for commuters. The Lynx bus service covers the Orlando area and beyond.  Overall, all these options can greatly simplify your life and ensure much easier getting around the area.

Lifestyle and Culture of Orlando

Both culture and beauty are something that Orlando will offer. And we’re sure you’ll experience it right after the residential movers Florida has to offer to help you arrive. The city is celebrated for its world-famous attractions and theme parks, such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. They provide entertainment for weeks and months as there’s always something fun and entertaining to do.

Orlando has some amazing venues when it comes to art. Among them is the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts Broadway shows and concerts. Galleries such as the CityArts Factory display works from local and international artists. The House of Blues and The Social are prime spots for live music enthusiasts. Orlando’s multiculturalism is celebrated in festivals like the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival, the Florida Film Festival, and numerous food and music festivals reflecting its diverse community, from the Latin American Festival to the Orlando Japan Festival, showcasing the city’s global cultural influences.

What to Do for Fun and Entertainment in Orlando?

There’s nothing better than to enjoy the fun after the long distance movers Miramar ensure you’ve moved to Orlando stress-free. Thankfully, the city is known for its options when it comes to fun. Here are just some of them that we’ll talk about, including:

  • Nature and outdoor areas
  • Recreational options
  • Fun activities and attractions
A castle in an amusement park
You will have a lot of fun after moving from Miramar to Orlando

Nature and outdoor areas to explore

When it comes to outdoor activities, there’s also plenty to enjoy. From guided meditation sessions in serene settings to exhilarating lake fishing experiences, you can enjoy a lot of benefits from the beautiful outdoors. You can also enjoy sunset views while paddle boarding on Lake Conway, tackle various watersports, or get up close with manatees in their natural habitat. For adrenaline seekers, jet skiing on Lake Bryan or enjoying a tree trek challenge offers an exciting day out. Additionally, nightglow paddles and kayaks provide a magical nighttime adventure, and paddleboard yoga introduces a unique twist to traditional yoga practices.

Recreational options in the city

Orlando offers several beautiful parks beyond its famous theme parks. Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando is a popular spot for picnics, renting swan-shaped paddle boats, and enjoying the scenic view. Kelly Park, another gem, features natural springs where visitors can swim or tube in clear, refreshing waters. For nature enthusiasts, Blue Spring State Park provides a habitat for manatees and offers opportunities for kayaking and snorkeling. These parks showcase Orlando’s natural beauty and provide peaceful alternatives to the city’s bustling theme park scene.

Fun activities and attractions

There are so many fun things to do in Orlando besides visiting the amusement parks. For example, you can truly enjoy a great and beautiful area to explore and enjoy the fun of the outdoors. For those interested in arts and culture, the Orlando Museum of Art offers a great collection that will surely satisfy your needs. Are you more of a thrill-seeker? Thrill-seekers can embark on airboat tours of the Everglades, providing a unique way to experience Florida’s wild side. Overall, Orlando will truly ensure that you have a fun life.

a person in a Pluto costume saluting
Explore all the fun activities in Orlando

How to Organize Your Relocation From Miramar to Orlando?

Organizing your relocation from Miramar to Orlando involves careful planning. Start by creating a detailed checklist of tasks, such as hiring reliable long distance movers Florida, updating your address, and arranging utilities in your new home. Packing can be simplified by categorizing items and labeling boxes. Consider the timing of your move to avoid peak traffic hours or weather challenges. Researching your new neighborhood in Orlando for amenities, schools, and recreational activities will also help ensure a smooth transition to your new environment.

Take Advantage of This Move!

Taking on this new chapter won’t be too difficult with all the information we’ve shared with you. After all, moving from Miramar to Orlando will bring with it plenty of changes and benefits to your lifestyle and ensure that you feel right at home. From the financial impact to all the fun things that you can do, Orlando truly stands out from the rest of Florida. For that reason, don’t hesitate to explore it and find out what the city can offer you!

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