Moving From Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie

Embarking on a new chapter in life can be exhilarating. Especially when it involves a move with the best movers in Florida to a vibrant city like Port St. Lucie. With its charming neighborhoods, picturesque landscapes, and a host of exciting opportunities, this coastal gem beckons those seeking a fresh start. As you prepare for moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie, it’s paramount to understand the parallels and contrasts between these two dynamic cities. If you’re looking to do your research before the move, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to embrace the exciting new horizons that await you in Port St. Lucie.

Let’s Start By Exploring Your New Home

As you settle into your new life in Port St. Lucie after your relocation with Port St. Lucie movers, you’ll quickly discover a city that exudes charm and promises endless possibilities. One of the city’s standout features is its stunning natural beauty. With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Lucie River, Port St. Lucie offers residents an array of water-centric activities. And if you prefer to stay on land, the city boasts numerous parks, nature preserves, and beautifully landscaped neighborhoods, providing ample opportunities for leisurely strolls, picnics, and recreational activities.

Boats sailing on a sunny day
Port St. Lucie is a family-friendly Floridian waterfront gem.

What sets Port St. Lucie apart is not only its physical attributes but also its warm and welcoming community. The city prides itself on its friendly atmosphere and a strong sense of community spirit. Residents often come together for local events, festivals, and gatherings, fostering a close-knit environment where newcomers are embraced with open arms. Additionally, Port St. Lucie is a family-friendly city with excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and a range of recreational amenities.

Where to live after moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie

Finding the right neighborhood is crucial when moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie. Thankfully, Port St. Lucie offers a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and amenities. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Port St. Lucie:

  • Tradition: This popular neighborhood offers a mix of single-family homes and townhouses. Tradition also boasts excellent schools, numerous parks, and a vibrant town center with shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
  • St. Lucie West: A bustling and vibrant neighborhood, St. Lucie West appeals to those seeking a thriving commercial center. It has an array of shopping malls, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Therefore, it’s a great fit for individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle and convenient amenities.
  • Southbend: Nestled along the St. Lucie River, Southbend offers a tranquil waterfront setting. Residents here can enjoy boating, fishing, and stunning views. The neighborhood features spacious homes, many with direct river access, making it ideal for water enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  • Port St. Lucie Downtown: Located in the heart of the city, Port St. Lucie Downtown is a vibrant and evolving neighborhood that combines a rich history with modern amenities. The downtown area is undergoing revitalization efforts, offering a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment spaces.

Comparing the Cost of Living: Pembroke Pines vs. Port St. Lucie

Comparing the living expenses before moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie with residential movers in Pembroke Pines is essential. First of all, the housing costs are higher in Pembroke Pines. The median home value is $324, 300 in Pembroke Pines, while it is $245, 900 in Port St. Lucie. Secondly, rental rates are also lower in Port St. Lucie, so you can expect the median rent to be around $1,600. And finally, Port St. Lucie’s affordable housing options cater to diverse preferences, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

A woman putting up a for sale sign in front of a house for people considering moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie
Moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie presents an array of housing options.

While housing in St. Lucie may be more affordable, utilities aren’t. The average monthly cost of basic utilities is 33% lower in Pembroke Pines. The price of groceries can vary depending on where you choose to shop, but overall there aren’t any significant differences. When it comes to transportation bus tickets and taxis are similarly priced, while the cost of gasoline is the same.

Exploring the Employment Landscape

The job market in Port St. Lucie is thriving, with several sectors driving its economy. Healthcare, education, and manufacturing play significant roles in the city’s professional landscape. Additionally, other sectors like retail, hospitality, construction, and professional services contribute to the city’s economic growth. The job market in Port St. Lucie is dynamic and diverse, with continued growth and prospects across various industries.

Due to numerous job opportunities, Port St. Lucie has an unemployment rate of only 3.10%. This means that after your move with long distance movers Pembroke Pines, finding a job should be a breeze. Additionally, the average salary in the city is around $48,800, slightly below the national average. On the other hand, Pembroke Pines has an even lower unemployment rate of 2.40%, however, it did drop by a couple of percentage points. When it comes to average salaries in Pembroke Pines, they are slightly lower at $43,700, but Pembroke Pines is more expensive in terms of housing, so the average income after taxes and housing evens out in these two cities.

Port St. Lucie: A Hub for Small Businesses

Port St. Lucie has cultivated a business-friendly climate, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners. The city offers a range of resources and initiatives to support their growth and success. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides expert guidance, training, and consulting services, assisting with business planning, marketing strategies, and access to capital. Networking opportunities through local business associations and the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce encourage collaboration and partnerships. Port St. Lucie’s dedication to economic development and fostering entrepreneurship makes it an attractive destination for aspiring entrepreneurs.

A woman using her laptop in a street cafe
Port St. Lucie offers opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Your Move Towards Academic Excellence in Port St. Lucie

After hiring movers in Pembroke Pines and settling in Port St. Lucie you’ll discover that the city presents a wide array of educational opportunities for residents at all stages of life. The city boasts excellent public and private schools, providing quality education from early childhood through high school. Indian River State College offers associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and vocational training programs to cater to higher education needs. The college also provides continuing education and professional development courses for adult learners. Partnerships between educational institutions and local businesses foster workforce development, offering internships and practical training.

Immersing yourself in the cultural fabric of Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie offers a wealth of entertainment options that cater to diverse interests and engage the local community. The city boasts an array of cultural attractions, museums, and theaters that showcase the vibrant arts scene. The Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens and the Children’s Museum provide enriching experiences for visitors of all ages. Additionally, the city hosts a variety of local events, festivals, and community activities throughout the year, creating opportunities for residents to come together and celebrate. Whether it’s enjoying live performances at the Lyric Theatre, exploring art exhibitions, or participating in community events, Port St. Lucie ensures there’s always something exciting and engaging happening for everyone to enjoy.

Discover the Benefits of Moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie

Moving to Port St. Lucie presents a remarkable opportunity to embrace new horizons and create a fulfilling life in a city filled with advantages and opportunities. Moving from Pembroke Pines to Port St. Lucie you will encounter a welcoming environment for individuals and families alike. As you embark on this new adventure, embrace the spirit of exploration, connect with the community, and make the most of everything Port St. Lucie has to offer. Discover the hidden gems, engage in local events, and forge meaningful connections. Your journey in Port St. Lucie awaits, ready to be filled with memorable experiences and personal growth.

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