Moving From Pompano Beach to Tampa

If moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa is on your radar, you should know that this is a big step, and we don’t want you to stress about it. There are many reasons for this change and we assure all of them are valid. We understand you from work, family, or just a change of scenery. Knowing what to expect and who can help makes all the difference. Best Movers in Florida is here to guide you through the important things you need to know about this move, from the economy to lifestyle, and everything in between. We will now get started on making your move a success with less stress and more excitement about your new home in Tampa!

Economy of Tampa

Tampa’s dynamic economy attracts businesses and professionals seeking growth and opportunity. The area hosts several leading corporations, including WellCare, Publix Super Markets, and Raymond James, which help power local employment and economic stability. This booming business understands you from work, family, or just a change of scenery environment is a key reason many decide to move their companies to Tampa. If you’re moving your business, choosing the right movers is very important. There are so many risks, so work with a reputable and transparent moving, so you can save and make the move successfully! Opt for experienced commercial movers in Pompano Beach to ensure your business relocation is successful. By working with top-notch professionals, you can pick up right where you left off with minimal downtime.

two people shaking hands
When moving to a city with a growing industry, there is a higher chance of getting a job quicker.

Job opportunities

Tampa is your city for professionals in finance, technology, healthcare, and so many more industries. We are telling you, this city is growing! In finance, you can score roles ranging from financial analyst positions to corporate finance in firms such as Raymond James and Citigroup. And we won’t forget to mention the technology in Tampa. It is also big and yet growing. With a bunch of opportunities for software developers, IT managers, and other supporting jobs. Healthcare, has a lot of jobs here too, with roles available for many medical professionals across numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities.

On the other hand, Pompano Beach primarily offers jobs in retail and manufacturing are available. Which is okay, but might not have the same growth potential as Tampa’s massive economy. If you’re moving to Tampa to tap into these richer career opportunities, it’s smart to choose experienced commercial movers from Tampa. They can help make your move efficient, allowing you to quickly settle in and start exploring your new job prospects.

Tampa’s average salary and the unemployment rate

When comparing wages and unemployment rates between Tampa and Pompano Beach, Tampa stands out with an average salary of around $61,000, much higher than Pompano Beach’s average of about $41,000. This significant wage difference makes Tampa a more attractive destination for those looking to enhance their earnings. Although the unemployment rates in both cities are close—Tampa at 3.6% and Pompano Beach at 3.3%. Which is in both cases below the national average of around 4%, so this is the city for you to work and grow!

Cost of Living in Tampa Vs Pompano Beach

Here’s a direct comparison of the cost of living between Tampa and Pompano Beach, highlighting some key reasons to move to Tampa, so check out:

  • Families in Tampa spend about $5,900 monthly, slightly less than the $6,000 needed in Pompano Beach.
  • A single person in Tampa will spend around $2,600 per month compared to $2,500 in Pompano Beach.
  • When it comes to food, both cities require the same budget for a family of four at $1,700 monthly.
  • In Tampa, families pay about $220 for utilities, whereas Pompano Beach has slightly cheaper utilities at $170.
  • Gas costs are similar in both cities at approximately $3.4 per gallon.
  • A doctor’s visit typically costs $100 in Tampa, cheaper than the $125 needed in Pompano Beach.
  • A monthly transport ticket is $68 in Tampa and $63 in Pompano Beach.

Overall, while the cost of living is comparable, the slightly lower family expenses and healthcare costs in Tampa, coupled with a high quality of life, make it a great choice. Add in school which we will mention later on, this city is a prime location to grow a family!

Housing cost in Tampa

When considering renting vs buying an apartment in Tampa, it’s useful to look at the numbers. The median house price in Tampa is about $460,000, which is higher than Pompano Beach’s median of $390,000. For rentals, a three-bedroom apartment in Tampa’s city center is typically $3,300 per month, surprisingly less than Pompano Beach’s $3,700. In more affordable neighborhoods, the same apartment in Tampa drops to around $2,300, while in Pompano Beach, it’s around $3,000. Smaller one-bedroom apartments in central Tampa go for about $1,700, just under Pompano Beach’s $1,800. Cheaper neighborhood options show Tampa at around $1,400 compared to Pompano Beach’s slightly lower $1,350. Deciding whether to rent or buy when moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa depends on your financial situation. As well as long-term plans, as each option offers its own benefits.

a modern house
Nice and modern houses with a reasonable price are available for purchase in Tampa.

Best Neighborhoods in Tampa

Looking for the best neighborhoods in Tampa? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide where to plant your roots and after that, you can find the best movers in Tampa, so you can move in quickly and easily!

  • Downtown Tampa, is ideal for those who love urban living, offering easy access to top dining, nightlife, and entertainment. Plus, living here means you’re close to major business centers. The median price for a house here is $1.2 million;
  • Hyde Park is perfect for families and professionals alike, the neighborhood has beautiful historic homes, really highly rated schools, and a cool local community with shops and cafes within walking distance. Prices for a median house here go for around $2.5 million;
  • South Tampa is known for its excellent location and quality of life, South Tampa offers everything from upscale restaurants to boutique shopping. It’s a great choice for those looking for a mix of suburban comfort and city convenience. The median price for a house here is around $330,000;
  • Westchase, this family-friendly area features modern amenities, parks, and recreational facilities, making it ideal for outdoor lovers and families. If you are wondering about the median price of a house here, it’s about $620,000;
  • Seminole Heights is for those seeking a quirky and artsy vibe, this neighborhood offers unique eateries, craft breweries, and local art studios. This is an interesting neighborhood with an interesting price, the median price for a house is around $510,000.

If you’re moving to one of these neighborhoods, choosing reliable residential movers from Pompano Beach can ensure your belongings arrive safely and your move is without any issues.

The Cost of Moving From Pompano Beach to Tampa

If you are interested to know about the cost associated with moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa, here’s what you need to know. For a studio apartment, moving charges range from $600 to $740. Those with one-bedroom apartments should expect to pay between $850 and $1100. For two-bedroom homes, it’s between $1100 and $1400. If you have a three-bedroom, the price goes from $1400 to $1850. A four-bedroom move will cost you between $1800 and $2300, and for homes with five or more bedrooms, the range is $2200 to $2800. These estimates help you manage your finances and choose a service that meets your needs as you set up your new home in Tampa.

movers moving boxes when moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa
Movers might look like an extra expense, but having them as your help is one of the best decisions when moving.

Set a Budget for the Move and Pay Attention to It!

When moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa, planning your budget with attention to detail can make a big difference. Hiring professional movers is the most important when trying to save up; it might seem like an extra cost upfront, but it can save you money in the long run. More importantly, they relieve you of the physical and logistical headaches that come with moving. Begin by comparing rates from various companies to ensure you get the best deal. Also, set aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenses like packing supplies or service adjustments on a moving day. Keeping a detailed record of all expenses helps you stay in control of your finances and eases the part when moving your stuff into your new Tampa home.

a calculator and some receipts when moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa
Keep track of your budget!

Education in Tampa

From preschool through high school, the city provides quality education to meet all kinds of needs. For the youngest learners, Creative World School in South Tampa is known for its engaging and innovative curriculum. Elementary students have excellent options like Gorrie Elementary, praised for its strong academic program and community involvement. Middle schoolers can grow at Coleman Middle School, which is recognized for its robust STEM focus and supportive learning environment. High school students often attend Plant High School, renowned for its high academic standards and extensive extracurricular programs, preparing students well for college and beyond. These schools represent just a glimpse of what Tampa has to offer, making it a smart choice for families prioritizing education.

Higher education in Tampa

Tampa is widely recognized as a significant center for higher education in the United States. Home to several top-rated institutions, it offers a wealth of opportunities for students and professionals alike. The University of South Florida (USF), for instance, stands out with its wide range of programs and research initiatives, attracting students globally. Meanwhile, the University of Tampa provides a more intimate campus experience with strong programs in business and the arts. Hillsborough Community College offers accessible education options that pave the way for career development or further study. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive research opportunities, dynamic campus life, or flexible learning options, Tampa’s educational landscape has something to offer you.

graduate holding their diploma, after moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa
Tampa is your place to study!

Lifestyle of Tampa

Living in Tampa offers a lifestyle full of cool experiences that will excite you. This city is a great place for those who enjoy going outside and having fun. To add to that nice weather and really nice beaches make for some great time in the water. If you love museums or theaters, maybe even open theaters? Tampa’s got you covered. Here you will have all of that, every day.

For sports fans, this city has it all, the Buccaneers of the NFL, Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL, and Tampa Bay Rays of MLB. Which make this city amazing to watch sports. Family-friendly activities are plentiful too, including parks, zoos, and aquariums, ensuring that everyone finds something to enjoy. Whether you’re a young professional, part of a growing family, or looking to enjoy your retirement, Tampa has a lot to offer to you!

children playing outside after moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa
You will be amazed with how much you can do after moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa!

Moving Tips

When planning a move, certain factors are essential to consider to ensure an easy process:

  • Determine your moving budget early to manage expenses effectively.
  • Create a timeline for key tasks, such as packing and utility setups.
  • Invest in quality packing materials to protect your belongings.
  • Choose a reliable moving company with good reviews and fair rates.
  • Arrange the transfer or setup of utilities well before moving day.
  • Update your address with banks, employers, and service providers.
  • Pack an essentials box for immediate needs upon arrival in your new home.

Another tip for you is to find the residential movers in Tampa to ensure you are safe with your move. Ultimately if you follow our guide and our tips your move from Pompano Beach to Tampa will be an easy and quick change.

Moving From Pompano Beach to Tampa Is a Big Step, But One for a Better Future for You and Your Loved Ones

Moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa offers a range of benefits, including access to excellent job opportunities, a variety of educational institutions, and a lifestyle that suits any preference. As you plan your move. Don’t forget to set a clear budget, select reliable movers, and keep track of all the details that will make your move easier. Managing the logistics carefully, from sorting out housing costs to choosing the best neighborhoods, will help you adapt quickly. Tampa holds the promise of a fulfilling life with its rich cultural scene and economic potential. Get ready to make the most of what Tampa has to offer and start your new chapter with confidence!


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