Moving From Riverview to Miami

Relocating to a different city is one of the biggest decisions a person can make in their life. It requires a lot of preparation and research in order to figure out how to execute it perfectly and make a seamless transition. Luckily, Riverview and Miami are both Floridian cities which makes the relocation that much easier. However, Miami is a lot larger city, both in size and population that offers a different way of living. Thus, the key elements of successfully moving from Riverview to Miami are being properly prepared and hiring some of the best movers in Florida to assist you.

What to expect after moving from Riverview to Miami

Any kind of move is much easier when you prepare for it. So, join us as we discuss the upsides and downsides of relocating from Riverview to Miami. Let’s see what you can expect.

Larger population and many tourists

Moving from Riverview, home to around 90,000 residents, to Miami, which 440,000 people call home, can be a big transition. However, it is not just that Miami has many more residents, but it is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the state. Over 20 million people visit Miami yearly, which can sometimes be difficult for residents to get used to. You can expect larger crowds, especially during summer and spring break. Additionally, a lot of people from northern countries visit during the winter months to escape to cold. The bright side is that it helps the economy. If you’re a business owner, you can significantly benefit from this trend. If living in a busy city, crawling with tourists sounds like something you would enjoy, long distance movers in Riverview can move you to Miami effortlessly!

A woman taking a photo in a crowded area after moving from Riverview to Miami
Miami is one of the most popular cities for tourists.

The cost of living and housing

The cost of living is going to increase after moving from Riverview to Miami. Miami is a big city, and higher living expenses are to be expected. Luckily, Miami is still relatively affordable in comparison to other large cities such as Washington DC, NYC, or Chicago. The cost of living is 14% above the national average, however, Florida has no income taxes. This allows residents to purchase goods for more responsible prices. Additionally, a lot of locals save money by buying groceries in local stores and food markets. On the other, it is important to keep in mind that during the hot summer months utility bills can be over $300 per month because of the AC usage.

Housing in Miami is more expensive on average than in Riverview, even though there has been a 4,5% increase in home costs in Riverview in the past few years. Still, the median home price in Riverview is $247,300 which is just above the national average. In order to purchase a median home in Miami, you would need $369,100. However, if you plan on renting, it is a different situation. The median monthly rent is $1,361 which is more affordable than the median monthly rent of $1,617 in Riverview. Therefore, it is not a surprise that 70% of residents in Miami rent their homes instead of owning them. If you’re looking to relocate the city, hiring reliable movers in Miami is the safest and most affordable way of doing it.

A woman holding a
More Miami residents rent than own their homes.

The job market

If you’re looking to move to Miami, before hiring residential movers in Riverview, you should consider how the job market in Miami compares to the one in Riverview. First and foremost, Riverview currently has an unemployment rate of 4,3%, which is lower than the national average of 6%, and almost twice as low as Miami’s 8,3%. Thus, finding a job in Miami is more difficult than in Riverview. Also, the job market in Riverview saw an increase of 2,3% over last year, while the job growth in Miami was only 0,8%. Additionally, you should be prepared for the lower average income per year in Miami. The average income of a Riverview resident per year is $26,529, while it is $21,724 in Miami. If you’re moving from Riverview to Miami, keep in mind that most Miami residents work in include:

  • construction,
  • healthcare,
  • educational services,
  • accommodation and,
  • food services.

Heavy traffic

Miami is notorious for its congested freeways and heavy traffic. Not only are most locals commuting to work and school, but millions of tourists make the route even busier. If you work in a more distant part of Miami or somewhere in the neighboring towns you may experience a longer commute than average. And while the average one-way commute in Miami is not short at all, at 28 minutes it is slightly shorter than Riverview’s average one-way commute of 31 minutes. Additionally, if you’re moving from Riverview to Miami you are going to need a car. Although public transportation is available, it isn’t really efficient and it doesn’t cover all of the city’s neighborhoods.

Traffic jam on a highway
After moving from Riverview to Miami you can expect almost the same average one-way commute time.

Extreme weather

Miami can have some pretty extreme weather conditions during the summer months. It can be really hot and humid, so living without an air conditioner is next to impossible. However, if you’ve been living in Riverview this won’t be anything new that needs getting used to. For anyone who loves summer and high temperatures year-round, Miami is the place to be. The temperature rarely drops below 77°F. Unfortunately, humidity isn’t the only issue with tropical climates. Miami, as well as Riverview, experiences the hurricane season from June to November. Additionally, since a lot of rainfall occurs during this time it can lead to flooding. It is important to consider this before choosing a house and hiring movers in Riverview to relocate to Miami.

Is Miami the right choice for you?

Miami is a unique location known mostly for its great beaches, rich nightlife, and great entertainment. Since it is a hot spot for tourists, it offers a different lifestyle to its residents in comparison to Riverview.  If you’re able to overcome some of the obstacles of moving from Riverview to Miami, and the City of Miami sounds like a place you would like to call home, you’re in for a treat. Overall, it is a beautiful city filled with great life opportunities decorated by picturesque scenery, that can be a suitable choice for anyone who feels like it is their cup of tea.

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