Moving From Tampa to Coral Springs

Moving from Tampa to Coral Springs is like starting a new life. Coral Springs is a friendly place with a lot to offer. The move isn’t just about changing where you live; it’s a chance to really get to know and love Coral Springs—a city that’s ready for you to explore and make your own. With the help from Best movers in Florida you’ll decide if this is the right move, You will also know what you can expect in Coral Springs.

Cost of Living Comparison

Before you consider moving, it’s important to look at how much it costs to live in Coral Springs. Luckily, it is cheaper than in Tampa. The cost of homes is about 15% less, which means you can find more affordable places to live. And, things like electricity and getting around are a bit cheaper too, making life overall about 10% less expensive.

A room with white furniture
Thinking about moving from Tampa to Coral Springs? Luckily, living in Coral Springs is cheaper than in Tampa.

This means you can save money and use it for other things you enjoy. So, moving to Coral Springs makes a lot of sense if you want to be smart with your money. For example in Tampa for a family of four estimated monthly costs are 4,616.8$ without rent, and for a single person, they are 1,295$ without rent. Also, grocery prices in Tampa, FL are 18.4% higher than in Coral Springs, FL.

Housing Market Comparison

When thinking about moving with Coral Springs movers, you should know about houses and how much they cost. In Coral Springs, the median house price is around $532,00, which is more expensive than in Tampa where it stands at around $400,000. If you’re thinking about renting, it’s also a bit more expensive in Coral Springs. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Tampa is around  $1610, while in Coral Springs it is $1,750. Nevertheless, whether you want to buy a house or rent, Coral Springs has good options that fit different budgets. It’s a nice place to consider if you’re looking for a new home.

Job Market Comparison

Let’s talk about jobs in Tampa and Coral Springs. In Coral Springs, there are good opportunities for jobs and the unemployment rate is a bit lower than in Tampa. People here make a decent amount of money, and it matches the living costs. The average annual salary in Tampa is around $72,000. On the other hand, the average income in Coral Springs stands at  $65,000. 

a man drinking coffee
In Coral Springs, there are good opportunities for jobs, people here make a decent amount of money.

There are different kinds of jobs in areas like healthcare, technology, and retail. So, if you’re thinking about moving, Coral Springs is a good place to find work and build your career, and it’s a friendly place too.


It’s about 250 miles, but don’t worry—it’s easy to get there. You can drive or take public transportation. Even though it seems like a long way, the roads are good, and it’s not hard to get around. The best part is that it’s cheaper to get around in Coral Springs. Gas is less expensive, and the buses and trains are efficient. So, whether you’re driving or taking public transport, getting around in Coral Springs is easy and won’t cost you as much as in Tampa.

Education Opportunities After Moving From Tampa to Sarasota

Coral Springs is a great place for learning, no matter your age. They have good schools for kids from the beginning to high school, and they care about teaching well. For example, great schools are Coral Springs Middle School, Coral Springs Charter School, and Coral Springs Elementary School.

A child doing her homework after moving from Tampa to Coral Springs
Coral Springs is a great place for learning, no matter your age.

If you’re thinking about going to college, there are good ones in Coral Springs too, with different classes and programs. They’ve put a lot of effort into making sure schools have everything students need to do well. So, whether you’re a parent thinking about your kids’ education or someone wanting to learn more, Coral Springs is a good place for learning new things.

The Most Popular Neighborhoods in Coral Springs

  1. Heron Bay: Heron Bay is a fancy place with nice houses and a friendly community. The schools here are really good, and there are cool parks to enjoy.
  2. Eagle Trace: Best movers in Tampa can relocate you to this gated community that is renowned for its golf course and spacious, elegant homes.
  3. Wyndham Lakes: Attracts residents with its well-designed homes and proximity to schools, parks, and shopping centers.
  4. Cypress Glen: Offering a range of housing options, Cypress Glen is known for its tree-lined streets and proximity to Coral Springs’ amenities, making it an ideal choice for families.
  5. The Isles: With a focus on waterfront living, The Isles is a beautiful place with nice views and lots of fun stuff to do, like parks, trails for walking, and events for the community.

Safety and security

Coral Springs is one of the safest cities in South Florida and best long distance movers Tampa can help you easily relocate there. At Coral Springs they care about making sure people feel safe every day. The police are always around, and they work with the community to keep everyone safe. People in the neighborhoods also watch out for each other, making sure everything is okay. The city uses new technology and good lighting to make sure everything is secure. Because of all these efforts, there’s not a lot of crime in Coral Springs. It’s a place where families and individuals can feel good about living, with well-lit streets and programs that keep everyone safe and happy.

Settling in Coral Springs

  1. Explore Your Neighborhood: Take walks or drives around your new neighborhood after moving from Tampa to Sarasota to familiarize yourself with local parks, shops, and community spaces.
  2. Connect with Neighbors: Introduce yourself to neighbors, attend community events, or join local social groups to build connections and create a sense of community while residential moving companies in Tampa will help you with the difficult tasks of the moving process.
  3. Discover Local Services: Identify essential services like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and schools to establish a routine and make daily life more convenient.
  4. Attend City Events: Coral Springs often hosts community events. Attend these gatherings to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet fellow residents.
  5. Get Involved: Consider volunteering or participating in local activities to not only contribute to the community but also meet new people with shared interests.

Building Memories in Your New Home in Coral Springs

Moving from Tampa to Coral Springs isn’t just about changing where you live—it’s the start of a new adventure. Coral Springs is a friendly place with affordable living, different neighborhoods to explore, and a focus on keeping everyone safe. Whether you’re checking out cool neighborhoods or getting into the local vibe, Coral Springs has a lot to offer for an easy move. It’s more than just a new place; it’s where you can create memories, be part of a lively community, and enjoy a great life. Coral Springs is waiting with open arms to be more than just a home—it’s where your journey becomes a happy and fulfilling part of life.

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