How to protect your floors when moving


So, the moving day has arrived! And with it, a lot of problems and issues you need to address. There are a lot of tasks you need to finish, that you simply do not know where to start. Prepare an essential moving box, pack items for relocation, load them into the truck etc. In that process you can easily damage your items, let alone home you are living in. This can lower the price of your home if you are selling it. Here you will learn how to protect your floors when moving! No matter if your home is in a hot climate like Deerfield Beach, Florida, or in a cold and wet like NYC, for example. Following these tips will help you not end up with scratched and damaged floors ever!

Protect your floors when moving by starting with doormats

As with everything, this starts with clean shoes. Not only will you protect your floors when moving, but you won’t slip on something during the move.  Who knows what you can be carrying on your shoes, so it’s a good idea to wipe them clean before entering. Stray leaves, wet floors or something worse might be on your shoes. This might look like some sort of a small thing to do, but actually, it is a big step! A big step in preventing some incidents from happening. You really do not need to fall down or damage the floor just because you didn’t do this simple step. Also, you will make it a lot easier for the moving company to move your items. After all, they need to work in a safe environment.  Try to clean out the place before you search for moving companies Deerfield Beach FL. They will surely be thankful for working in a clean and safe place.

A doormat you can use to protect your floors when moving
To protect your floors when moving, wipe your shoes on the doormat

Get proper packing supplies

You might think this is not something important, but trust us, it is. When you get faulty or old packing supplies you can easily damage your property. How? Well, if they are worn out or beyond their expiration date, they can easily break apart. This is especially an issue with old packing boxes. While it is profitable to use old ones, and save some money, on the other hand, it isn’t. Because, while you are carrying them, they can break and the items would fall down on the floor. Not, not only will your items break, but they will fall down and damage your floor. Not to mention if you are lucky enough to avoid any injuries! They can easily break those fragile foot bones, and you will end up with more problems than you can handle! To protect yourself, your items and your floor, look around for quality moving boxes Florida. Make sure you get almost unused boxes! This will make it almost impossible to break while carrying!

Cover the floor with proper material

One of the easiest ways to protect your floors when moving is to cover it with a covering material. Usually, that materials is a large piece of nylon you can easily spread on the floor. But, if you do not have that then there are other things you can use as well. One of those items are:

  • Large old sheets, blankets or towels. You can use them as floor pads if you are carrying some heavy items such as furniture or big boxes
  • Old newspapers. Same principle as when you are painting your rooms. They are almost free, and you have them in a bundle!
  • Rip out old packing boxes. The cardboard boxes are thick and though! They will easily withstand any possible pressure made to them by heavy items
A red and white rag on the wooden floor
You can use any old fabric to cover the floors while moving

These are just some of the things you can use to prevent any possible damages to your wooden floor! These tips are especially handy when you are searching for ways to pack your kitchen for transport! Why? Because you will leave more empty space and room to navigate those big kitchen appliances!

Wrap heavy items

This is also one of the ways you can protect your floors when moving. In the end, it might be even better! Use good wrapping materials, and wrap them around your heavy items such as furniture, appliances etc. You can use blankets and sheets. Even ripped cardboard boxes will do the trick. Once you wrap them around your items, use ropes or duct tapes to further tighten them. This way you will make sure they do not fall down from the items, and that they will stay protected during the move at all time.

bunch of papers
Any paper material is good for wrapping furniture

Never drag items 

No matter how well you protect your floors when moving, if you drag your furniture, you will surely damage it. So, to avoid any possible damages always lift and carry your items! A proper way is to lift with your legs, not your back! And you should do this at all times. Not only will you avoid any damages to your floors, but also any possible back injuries! This technique is very important because you will carry a lot of big items. That’s the case with bedroom packing! Once you learned how to carry big items, you can look for ways to pack your bedroom quickly! So you can focus on other tasks as well!

a big wardrobe
Never drag heavy objects


Protecting your home during the moving process is very important! You will avoid any damages to your home and won’t have to pay any additional repair costs! We hope this guide on how to protect your floors when moving helped you with your moving day preparation! Give us your feedback on how it all went down in the end! We are eager to hear from you!


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