Reasons why millennials move to Hialeah

You might have noticed that lately a lot of millennials are gravitating towards Hialeah. But, now we want to see why that is. Hialeah is a fast-growing town and community that is appealing to millennials exactly for that reason. We all know millennials enjoy everything that’s new and progressive. Well, did you know that Hialeah is often called the City of Progress? Not only that, but it’s part of Miami-Date County, so everything is in close proximity. Also, Hialeah has a lot of Spanish-speaking natives living there, so brushing up on your Spanish is not a bad idea! We at Best Movers Florida would like to talk about the reasons why millennials move to Hialeah. Let’s get into it.

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Proximity to various cities

First off, we’d like to talk about the ideal location of Hialeah. You just need to take a 30-minute drive and you’re in Miami! Not only that, but Hialeah is so perfectly located, that wherever you want to go in Florida it is relatively close. Hialeah is the 6th largest city in Florida, which means that there tends to be quite a bit of traffic. But, it’s nothing like in the big cities, so don’t worry! If you’d enjoy living in a town that has a similar vibe to Miami, Hialeah is the place to be. If going by car poses a problem for you, you’ll be happy to know that Metrorail is incredibly fast and operates efficiently. Does Hialeah sound appealing to you? It’s best you start searching for the best movers in Hialeah today. Why wait for even a second longer?

People who enjoy the fast life and like traveling around will find Hialeah the perfect location. It’s incredibly close to the Miami airport. Now, you might get a better picture of why young people are moving to Hialeah. Obviously, it’s perfect for a faster-paced life, as well as for those who suffer from wanderlust. If this kind of life is the one you would like to live, go and move to Hialeah and change your life from the roots! Residential movers in Hialeah are patiently awaiting your call.


Affordability is one of the main reasons millennials move to Hialeah. First off, rent prices tend to be extremely lower than in Miami and the neighboring cities. This automatically gives your wallet some space to breathe. Also, you can spend this extra money on whatever you wish, traveling for example. The cost of living though tends to be the same, maybe a bit lower than in Miami. But, rent is the thing that really sells Hialeah to newcomers. Just imagine having a lower rent than you expect and living your life comfortably! Long-distance movers in Hialeah are just a call away, don’t forget.

Basically, if you choose to live in Hialeah, you can get the feeling of a smaller city without the noise, as well as more money to spend however you please. Most young people move here due to the amazing affordability of the city and the vibe of a quiet town. We all enjoy partying and living in the midst of it all. But, just imagine having a nice, quiet neighborhood, and still being close enough to go to neighboring cities and have some fun parties.


Another of the reasons millennials move to Hialeah is the diversity. This city is the perfect mix of many different people and cultures. You’ll never feel bored in the city of Hialeah. The best part of living in a diverse community is the fact that people tend to be more welcoming and kind. When a lot of different people live in one place, they tend to have more understanding for each other as well as other different people. Obviously, this is a huge selling point for millennials who just want to live life as their authentic selves.

Women of different ethnicities
Diversity is huge in Hialeah. If you feel like you don’t belong, you belong in Hialeah!

Good business opportunities

Hialeah has been developing and is still on track. Each year there are so many new things happening and many changes in the town. For young entrepreneurs, there is no better place to start a business. As you may know, it’s pretty hard to start a new business in an established community such as a large city. In smaller cities, it’s easier, cheaper, and there is a bigger chance of success. Especially if you’re imaginative and have creative new ideas. In big cities, the huge competition might discourage you, but in Hialeah, you might just create the work-life you’ve always dreamed of. Just ask the local movers in Hialeah how booming their businesses are.


One of the biggest concerns of millennials starting their families is the safety of the town they live in. Hialeah is a pretty laid-back, chill community. And as such, it has a pretty low crime rate. Additionally, there’s a good number of amazing schools to choose from when enrolling your children. There are many parks and family-safe spots for the entire family. If you’re planning to move your family business alongside your family, we’ve got good news for you. Hialeah is one of those towns that enjoy small businesses and especially family-run businesses. And, some of the best commercial movers in Hialeah are just a call away.

A family in a park
Hialeah is family-friendly and very safe for your children!

So, what are the reasons why millennials move to Hialeah?

Due to the multicultural background of the city, it can be considered as diverse and cool as Miami. There’s a huge Latin community, so you will get to enjoy a lot of amazing Latin cuisine. Also, you can enjoy the many fiestas that are held often! You’ll see for yourself, but the city is truly laid-back. You’ll never see people hurrying down the streets or stressing.

  • Affordable
  • Laid-back
  • Close to all the biggest cities where all the happenings are
  • Multicultural

These are the reasons why millennials move to Hialeah, and Hialeah is waiting to welcome you to the club!

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