Senior moving – the ultimate guide

Moving process to us may be easy enough. But to our parents and grandparents can be very difficult. Senior moving requires careful planning. There are a lot of factors that influence the wellbeing of our elderly. We will not talk about all the factors you must have in mind about them. Especially when you plan a long distance move with them.

What’s the perfect time for senior moving?

There are literally a lot of reasons why seniors plan their move. Starting from retirement, trying a new lifestyle, a better climate, health or just curiosity. Now, depending on the situation they sometimes move closer to us. Perhaps we got small kids and they want to keep in touch more often. Or, we just need another extra pair of helping hands. Before you even consider a long distance relocation for them, reconsider every factor involved. Make sure you talk with them and present them how moving will benefit them. Most of the time they are not interested in moving. That is because they are probably used to the life they have. Once they agree with your idea, find a suitable interstate movers Florida and organize a senior moving. Always tell your moving company that there are elders moving so they will be extra careful with them.

Cartoon depiction of a man talking to an elderly about senior moving
Before you engage into senior moving talk with your elders about it

Preparing them for the move

Perhaps years of taking care of your parents take too much time. It gets painfully hard with all the obligation you already have to travel back and forth to them. Now it is time to talk about some options you have in mind. All for the benefits of their wellbeing. When the time comes, we will meet these challenges as well. It is very difficult to make such changes in life for the elderly. But, you will have to present them with facts. You probably have your own family to take care off. Now, sometimes this isn’t a hard choice, it all falls down on the person itself. But take a lot of time and get ready to talk with them a lot. If you have kids, then mention they will be much closer to their grandchildren this way. Senior moving preparation will take time. So, have in mind that when you are hiring your local moving companies. This way you can all plan your relocation well, seniors, you and the moving company. Once you decided what movers Sunny Isles Beach, to hire, start planning your relocation immediately.

Hands showing care towards the elderly
It takes time to prepare the elderly for relocation

When is the perfect time for „the talk“

Sooner or later you will have to talk to them about the relocation. Due to their age, it is possible they can’t maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle. And their home will suffer from it as well. The collecting factors that will influence their life are mold, pests, bad wiring, broken pipes etc. Fixing them will take more time and money. Not to mention an issue, are they capable of living on their own, both mentally and physically. Famous researchers formed activities of daily living concept. Nad goes something like this, if you complete these 6 tasks daily, you can live alone:

  • Get out of bed
  • Bath
  • Eat
  • Using the bathroom
  • Get dressed
  • Going to the bathroom when you want

Scoring of these tasks is 0 or 1 per task. 0 means that you can’t do it, and 1 means you can. More score you have, more you can live on your own. In order to maintain that healthy lifestyle, they need to be active. And a good way to stay healthy is having a proper and healthy food at the table. This is especially important for the elderly. Having a healthy eating before moving is a good way to make sure everything will go fine.

A scale showing a happy face
High scores on daily activities scale mean they can live alone

Agreeing on a suitable place for living

Now, after you are done talking it is time to find a good new home. You all agree that moving is a good option for them. So now it is important to locate a great spot for them. There are several factors that influence how good is a new place for them. Some of them are:

  • Are they living in a building? For a good senior moving, it is important to find a spot in the low floors. Especially if there is no elevator.
  • How close are they to the store? This is an important thing since they can’t travel that far.
  • Are there any medical buildings nearby? Elderly often get sick, whether, from season change or something else, their immunity is not the same as ours.
  • The proximity to public transport
  • Elderly prefer that there are not that many hills around them.

These factors heavily influence the choice of perfect home for your elders. What is the best solution? To find them a home that is near yours.

A grandmother smiling in her home
Find a home they will be happy to live in

Moving day preparations

When the moving day arrives, make sure you and your movers do all the work. Leave nothing for your elders. They are not in a position to help you, and they do risk getting injured. Injuries in their age are very bad and can result in months of recovery. So have that in mind when you are preparing for their relocation. Also, you should know how not to get injured when moving as well. Although you are more than ready to help, some mistakes happen. And those mistakes can lead to serious injuries you do not need.

Staying healthy

Maybe this part doesn’t describe a moving process itself but is important for their life. Having a good and healthy lifestyle will help older people to adapt faster. Especially before the moving begins. They need physical activities as much as they can. So make sure to find proper exercises for seniors and teach them. They will be more than thankful for your help. Besides, they will stay more active that way! And they will appreciate that when they spend their time with your children.


Senior moving can be a very hard process to complete. It all depends on how physically active the person is. That is why it is important to follow these footsteps and prepare them well. Many times people make mistakes that only make things worse. But, when you know these tips you will not make those mistakes. Share with us your experiences from moving with elders! Type your thoughts on it down below!

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