Should you check if your boxes are ready for transportation?

The day of the move has come and you are overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to finish. You have done everything you could in advance, but there are still some important parts of the process. If you were smart enough, you have hired movers Florida to handle every single part of your move. They will pack, transport, and unpack everything. But, is that enough? Are there some other things you can do to help them? Of course, there are. You can pack your personal items, take your kids and pets out of the way, clean after the movers. But, should you check if your boxes are ready for transportation? Keep reading and find out.

Who was packing your moving boxes?

Let’s start from the beginning. Who was in charge of getting moving boxes Florida for your relocation? Was it you, some of your friends, or professionals? Whoever it was, we are sure they have done a good job and chose the boxes of the highest quality. But, every box is useful up to some point and situation. You need to make sure that everything is packed safely and ready for a move.

Couple packing boxes
If you check if your boxes are ready for transportation, you can prevent possible accidents

What can go wrong?

When packing for a move, it is extremely important to avoid the most common packing mistakes:

1. Packing without preliminary sorting

Don’t forget the importance of sorting things. If you fill box after box with no organization, it will take twice as long to unpack because the contents of one room will be in various random boxes. However, if you sort the boxes by destination, you know exactly where you put what. So check every box, see what they contain and if they have proper labels.

2. Packing the prohibited materials

Moving companies do not allow hazardous items to be transported on their trucks. Aerosols, batteries, and nail polish are highly flammable and therefore dangerous. Perishable foods like unopened or refrigerated foods, groceries, and even houseplants are limited. Check your boxes for hazmats to avoid trouble on a moving day.

3. Incorrect packing

During your move, the chances are very high that your boxes will be tossed. If you don’t pack your things correctly, they can break when you get to your new home. It is worth investing the extra time and effort to securely protect all of your belongings, especially delicate dishes, and china. We recommend using the bubble pack, newspapers, and old towels or socks for protection.

4. Putting everything you need together with everything else

Pack extra clothes, medicines, and important documents separately. Packing an essentials box allows you to quickly access your most important items until you find time to unpack and settle in a new location. You don’t want to go through all your boxes to look for toiletries on the first morning after moving.

Toothbrush with toothpaste
The basic hygiene products should always be at hand

5. Packing without labeling

You will never remember what exactly is in each box and where it ends up. If you don’t take the time to tag each individual box, they are bound to be jumbled up and out of order. Always label straight away. If you close the box before sticking the label on it, you may be distracted and forget what was in it in the first place. Before you load your boxes on a moving truck, check if they are all properly labeled.

So, should you check if your boxes are ready for transportation?

Absolutely! We believe that you or your movers have done a wonderful job, but you can never be too cautious. So, before you load everything on a truck and go on your long-distance move, make sure you check if your boxes are ready for transportation. Better safe than sorry!


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