Things to do in Largo

Moving to another city is a challenging and interesting thing. Especially if you move to Largo. There are many things to do in Largo since it is one of Florida’s most beautiful cities. With a lot of interesting sights, and rich history. If you choose this city as your new life destination, the best movers in Largo that the residence recommends will help you relocate with ease. And do everything for you. Your new home has the state’s most beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. It was an agricultural area for most of its existence. But now due to development, it is no longer the case.

Things to do in Largo after the move

After your relocation, you will need some time to settle down. To unpack your belongings, get to know your neighborhood and city. And the best way for you to get new friends is to greet your new neighbors before Best Movers in Florida relocate you safely and unpack your belongings. It is an excellent opportunity for you to befriend locals who can help you adjust to a living area and become familiar with all important neighborhood events.

Person standing in the kitchen
Organize a dinner party and invite your new neighbors to get to know each other.

If you want to find out where are the nearest grocery shops, pleasant eateries and cafeterias, and much more, you should invite your first neighbors to your place. You’ll be surprised how much a pleasant afternoon chat with a cup of tea or coffee can change your view. In case you are looking for storage services your new neighbors can help you with that as well. They can also help you find a good school or kindergarten for your kids. You can also go to the National Center for Education Statistics website and find the necessary information. And details about potential schools. The same goes for good kindergarten or preschool institutions.

Largo is the third-largest city in Florida’s Pinellas County. You should also know that it is a popular tourist destination. And it draws thousands of visitors from all around the world. It is famous for its various beauties and activities that you can do within and outside the city. You will find spectacular white sandy beaches, beautifully preserved historic structures dating back to the 19th century, inspiring botanical gardens, and world-class championship golf courses. In the downtown area, you will find great shops, quaint cafés, buzzing bars, and top restaurants. But if you want to add some activity to your day you’ll still find plenty of things.

Activities and sights to see

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of things to do and see in Largo. Among the parks, cultural facilities, dining, and local antique shops, it also offers multiple indoor activities to visitors during the rainy months.

man and boy walking in the woods
Enjoy hiking with your friends and family within John S. Taylor Park.

Here are some top things to do and visit in Largo:

  • Largo Central Park – it is located in the heart of Largo with a size of 70-acre (28.3-hectare). It features a community center, playgrounds, and a military court of honor. You can plan a day out with family in this park, where you can enjoy a small picnic or just relax amid nature. You should take your kids on a scenic miniature-train ride.
  •  Heritage Village and Heritage Museum –  it is hosting a number of preserved buildings from the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. It is located in Largo’s Pinewood Cultural Park. You can have a look at the 30 surviving structures, including a church, railroad station, schools, the coachman’s log cabin. And also learn about the local history by browsing through the books in the library.
  • Florida Botanical Garden is one of the best things to do in Largo – it is popularly known as Largo’s urban oasis. You should know that this garden features children’s playgrounds, interpretive trails, and a variety of natural habitats. It is home to unusual exotics and garden plants.
  • 360 Fishing Charters – You should go for a fishing spree with your kids in the Tampa Bay area in Largo. It offers a diverse range of fishing options. Such as fishing charters, deep-sea fishing charters, bay fishing charters, and many more.
  • John S. Taylor Park – With its extensive trail which is 156.5-acre (63.3-hectare) land you can enjoy hiking with your friends and family. And other activities. Since it also has a 53-acre (21.4-hectare) freshwater lake. Just relax and enjoy.

Beaches that you can enjoy every day

Among parks and beautiful gardens, it is also well known for its beaches. Among them are Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Park which are all in one. Part park, part beach, and part wildlife preserve.

sunset on the beach
Clearwater Beach is on the cleanest beaches within the state. The sunsets are just amazing.

Sandy Key Beach is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family and friends. Or by yourself after hard day work. Just imagine fantastic scenery while soaking up the sun, sand, and surf. The park’s amenities include public beach access, small cabanas, and bathrooms with showers. And that will help you wash away the salt and sand after a long day. It is an important nesting area for sea turtles that flock here to lay their eggs at certain times of the year. Just be sure to know that it’s illegal to interact or interfere with the turtles.

Clearwater Beach just north of Largo is one of the stunning beaches along the west-central Florida coast on The Gulf of Mexico. The beach is known for its gorgeous sunsets. You should also know that it is named for one of the state’s best beaches. Because of its cleanliness, convenience, plentiful shopping and dining options, and stunning natural beauty.

There are still many things to do in Largo. But we will leave that up to you to explore and enjoy. Every relocation is tough. New place, new people. Just take your time settling down. And get to know your new city and neighborhood.


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