Moving to Jacksonville: Things you need to know

You decided to move again and this time you are moving to Jacksonville. And as you already know, behind each relocation there is a plan, packing process, and a search for the best movers in Jacksonville. So, if you do not have time or the idea of how to organize, do not worry. We will help you with a detailed plan on how to do it right. Let us prepare you for this journey.

Moving to Jacksonville with a carefully assembled relocation plan

The very first thing you must do is to figure out how hard it will be to organize everything. More importantly, can you conduct a safe and affordable move? So, start by inspecting the whole area. Cover each room in your home including the attic, basement, garage, and yard. Check out all belongings and furniture you intend to relocate and note everything down on your inventory list. Then, wrap everything up on the moving checklist, along with all the responsibilities, errands, chores, and tasks you must complete. Once you have all the info you can contact your movers and check out if your moving date is available. Provide the info you gathered and start assembling your moving plan. Movers will help you greatly with this part.

A woman noting belongings on the checklist
Assemble your moving plan upfront and follow it until the end.

Find professional moving service

If you want to find the Best Movers in Florida you must search online. Yes, in a matter of minutes you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of possible choices. But do not panic but simply narrow your choices down guided by your preset requisites. And of course, you must compare feedbacks, services, and costs. If you follow the criteria, you will find your moving team in less than an hour. Once you do, give them a quick call and ask the following question:

  • Are they licensed?
  • Do they have all the tools for the job?
  • Do they offer onsite estimates?
  • Is your moving date free?

When you obtain all the answers, then you can figure out if this is a moving company for you. But before you do, we will explain how to inspect your moving company and ensure they are legit.

Moving to Jacksonville with a capable moving company by your side

Ok, as you already know, there are scamming companies all over the place. And moving industry is no different. So, to avoid unpleasant situations, you must cover the following steps to ensure you enlisted a reliable and trustworthy moving crew. First, check their website. There should be a company logo, contact info, and address. All nicely displayed and transparent. Then, you should read moving reviews, both external and internal. Find out how your movers treat their customers. Finally, you should check if they are registered online on one of the moving-related websites. Check FMCSA, US Movers Association, Better Business Bureau, or Yellow Pages. Your movers should be somewhere out there.

Also, after you have done your research, you should give them a call and fire away. Ask all the questions you need to answer. As we said before, this is a moment to ask them if they possess permits, licenses, sizeable moving vehicle, enough knowledgeable and experienced manpower, all the tools required, etc. Ask about their business model, safety standards, rules and regulations, services, and anything else you can think of or you think is relevant. Obtain all the answers and ensure your investment is safe. The last thing you need when moving to Jacksonville is to stumble upon a fraudulent business.

Free onsite estimates

After you confirmed your moving company is up to the task, you should utilize one of the best among the moving services Florida. A free onsite estimate. Movers will come over and inspect the entire thing. Starting from the environment to make sure they can park their vehicle safely and carry boxes around in the same fashion. Then, they will inspect all the stairs, doors, floors, hallways, windows, etc. And of course, they will inspect your furniture and your boxes. In case if you already packed that is. When they weigh your cargo and inspect everything, they will be able to calculate the precise moving quote. As you know movers charge by the hour and a headcount.

A moving lady is inspecting cargo
Let your movers provide a precise moving quote. Utilize moving estimates.

So, after evaluating the situation, they will know how many workers you need, how many hours to invest, and if there is a need for a certain special service. Some people move extremely valuable items or heavy and hard-to-handle furniture. Such items require special handling. Therefore, let your movers inspect everything and help you forge a great moving plan. More importantly, they will make it all safe and worthwhile.

Packing and decluttering

Before you can start moving to Jacksonville, you must go through the boring packing process. Yes, everyone must go through this one, unless you want to purchase a complete packing service from your moving company. But let’s say you decide to do it yourself. If that is the case, you must obtain packing materials first. Check at your nearest store, or order everything online. But be sure to obtain enough cardboard boxes to support your moving project. Also, you will need packing tape, labels, and blister packs. Pack gradually covering room by room and you will be done in a few days. Pay special attention to your valuable and fragile items and pack them separately. Those boxes you should label adequately to make sure movers know about them.

One more thing, this is a perfect moment to declutter and downsize. You should start fresh in your new place. Especially if your new home is smaller than the previous one. You do not want to clutter the space with old, broken, and unused items. Hence, donate, recycle, sell online, or simply throw it away. Although, if you have no time for this or you are unsure if you want to get rid of it or to keep it all, there is a solution. You can visit one of the storage facilities Florida and find yourself a nice storage unit to keep everything there. It can be a short-term solution until you figure this situation out.

Welcome to Jacksonville!

You reached the final stage. If you are packed and you have your moving company ready, it is time to get to know the environment. In case you are moving for business or conducting a last-minute move, it is understandable if you haven’t had any time to learn more about Jacksonville. But do not worry, we will summarize it for you. Firstly, it is a city with the highest population in Florida which means it is pretty much alive and active all the time.

A guy sitting on a boat
Check out your Jacksonville neighborhoods and relocate to the one you like the most.

But at the same time, it is a nice and healthy environment to raise your family in. Infrastructure is impeccable, economy booming, architecture amazing. There are plenty of schooling as well as job opportunities. And you will enjoy all the restaurants, shopping opportunities, coffee shops, and most importantly, the nature surrounding it. You will find here more parks, playgrounds, and green areas than you need. We are glad you chose this place to move to because it excels on all levels. You will see for yourself once you relocate and settle in.

Ok, now you are ready for moving to Jacksonville. Remember to check all your documents, IDs, credit cards, medical records, etc. And to transfer your cellphone, and internet services on time. Also, you must set up a PO box as soon as possible and reroute your subscriptions and mail adequately. Hopefully, after reading this guide you will have a much clearer picture and for a great moving plan. Good luck and stay safe.


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