Moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall

Kendall is a Miami suburb, less than an hour’s drive from Pompano Beach. Yet, when you move, near or far doesn’t really matter. In both cases, you’ll need to ensure you have appropriate assistance. This ensures you carry out your relocation stress-free and successfully. The best movers in Pompano Beach will not only help you through the moving process, but they are here to share useful tips with you too. If you are set for moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall, you’ll find all you need to know in this text.  

What to expect when moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall? 

While you’re at planning your relocation further down the south, you may want to consider packing services to ease your moving job. Once you solve the burning question of how to handle your belongings, you’ll have time to research your new neighborhood. When it comes to moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall, you can expect some slight differences. You might be used to the vibrant city atmosphere of Pompano Beach. Kendall, on the other hand, is a more tight-knit community. It offers you a more peaceful environment on daily basis. However, due to its proximity to Miami, and Pompano Beach too, you can easily mix in the big city vibes, whenever you feel like it. Here is an overview of things you’ll enjoy when moving to Kendall from Pompano Beach: 

  • Affordable housing  
  • Family-friendly community 
  • Local activities 
  • The secret to avoiding traffic in Kendall  
Miami - moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall
Kendall is a suburb, 14 miles away from Miami Beach

 Welcome to Kendall 

Chances are before you’re actually moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall, you’ve paid this place a visit. It’s an assumption, but since the two places are close to each other, there’s a chance. Anyway, we’ll share some good-to-know info, to properly introduce it. Have a good company to help your residential moving and you’ll love your new place since day one. Kendall is a melting pot of cultures, and everyone here lives in harmony with their neighbors. There are many young professionals among the population. A fun fact about Kendall is that is neither a city nor an actual neighborhood. No one really knows where its actual borders are, although the U.S. Census has defined them. This can tell you a lot about the relaxed nature of its residents. At the very least, it will be easy to make new friends when moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall.

Miami neighborhood
Kendall is a melting pot of cultures, and it’s a place where friendliness and diversity blend perfectly to create a harmonious tight-knit community

Affordable Housing is one of the Pros when Moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall 

In Pompano Beach the cost of living is higher than the national average by 4%. In Kendall, you can expect that your daily spending will be less. This is one of the benefits when relocating from Pompano Beach to Kendall. Although the housing prices in Kendall are somewhat competitive, it’s still a more affordable option to purchase real estate, than in other parts of Florida. Pro movers Kendal will help you move and settle in your new home with ease. The type of real estate on the market is diverse. You can find anything from condos to upscale mansions. This is a big plus if you aspire to own a house and grow a family. Affordable housing and lower costs of living are great recipes for optimal quality of life. Besides, let’s see what other perks you may enjoy when moving to Kendall from Pompano Beach. 

The cost of living in Kendall is lower than in Pompano Beach, and buying a house could be a more affordable option

 A Family-Friendly Community  

As we said before, Kendall is a close-knit community. Locals are friendly, and they collectively care for the town. Residents and local movers share great experiences from this suburban area. So, when relocating to Kendall from Pompano Beach, you and your family will enjoy a safe environment. The crime rates in Kendall are among the lowest in the nation. It’s safe to walk around at any time of the day. And the place is super clean, too. The quality of air is fantastic, and there are a lot of green spaces for family outdoor activities. It’s easy to see why it’s rated as one of the best places to live and raise a family in Florida. Kendall public schools are highly rated as well. Moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall is a good choice, as this change of address has many benefits for you and your children.  

A park - Moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall
Moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall is an excellent choice for family-oriented people, as there are plenty of green spaces and activities to enjoy, besides being one of the safest communities in Florida

Local Activities 

If you’re worried that moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall will disrupt your life, there is no need to. After all, your old place is nearby, and it’s relatively easy to pop up anytime you want. Besides, Kendall has many fun activities to offer you. Did you know that the Miami ZOO is located in Kendall? There are plenty of good restaurants, cafes and the nightlife is exciting. Miami is just a 20-minute ride if you feel like hitting the big city for some upscale shopping or just enjoy the fast-paced urban vibe. Kendall is famous for affordable golf courses too. In addition, here is a selection of venues offering you fun activities to enjoy when you relocate to Kendall from Pompano Beach: 

  • Kendall Ice Arena  
  • Super Wheels Skating Center  
  • Miami Equestrian Club 
A woman teaches a young girl to skate in an ice arena
Kendall Ice Arena is a popular attraction among many Miami residents – head there with your family if you need a break from Florida’s hot weather

Kendall’s Traffic and the Secret to Escape it 

Generally, almost everything you’ll hear about Kendall will be positive. Because, in reality, this suburb of Miami has mainly good things to offer you. Conveniently located in the proximity of big centers, calm and safe environment, great food – what’s not to like? When moving from Pompano Beach to Kendall you’ve probably made your research. And the only negative thing you’ve probably learned about Kendall is its traffic. Everyone here seems to like driving their car. As the place is small, of course, the traffic will be a thing. But our savvy movers have a great pro tip for you. Did you know that taking the Snapper Creek Expressway will help you avoid Kendall’s traffic? Now you do. Consider this when moving to Kendall from Pompano Beach, and you’ll efficiently cut your commute time. Take note of our tips above, and enjoy your relaxed, hassle-free life in Kendall. 


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