What is the cost to move in Tampa?

Tampa is the third-largest city in the Sunshine State aka Florida. Tampa is known for its tourist attractions, wonderful beaches, and pleasant weather. So it’s no surprise people want to settle in Tampa. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, moving homes can be quite expensive. It’s important to know in advance how much it will cost, so you can plan out your budget. Continue reading and find out what is the cost to move in Tampa. Before you look into the cost of moving, check out the best movers in Florida, to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

How to choose the right Tampa moving company?

Sadly, there are a lot of fraudulent companies in the moving industry so you have to be careful when booking one. Do your research and see what are the best moving companies Tampa. Here is how you can find the right Tampa moving company for you:

  • Check if they have insurance and license numbers.
  • See if they have an online presence.
  • Check if they have a business address.
  • Check if they offer the bill of lading.
  • Make sure the company offers valuation coverage.
  • Find out how long they have been working.
  • Read online reviews.
Man looking what is the cost to move in Tampa
Do your research to find the best moving company for you and your family.

What are the factors that affect the cost to move in Tampa?

To calculate the cost of a local move, you must multiply the number of hours estimated for the move by the hourly rate charged by the moving company. There may also be additional charges for things like traveling time, packing time, and tips for movers. Of course, there are a couple of factors that contribute to the cost of a local move in Tampa.

First, you must consider the size of your move. Larger moves are more expensive. So if you have a lot of furniture and kitchen appliances your relocation will be pricey. Also, your move will cost more if you have any items that are special, like antique furniture or a piano. Movers have to be extra careful with special items, so that’s why it will increase the cost of your move. And of course, you must take into consideration the distance of your move. The price will change depending on the distance.

Don’t forget about packing. Of course, you can save money if you pack by yourself, but it’s better to leave packing to the professionals. Packing can take a lot of time and energy. It will just add stress to your move. So let’s avoid that and see what packing services suit your needs. When professional movers pack your belonging they know exactly what to do so your items stay protected throughout the move. They will take every necessary step to wrap each item carefully and place them in the packing box in the safest way.

Finally, you must consider the accessibility to your new and old home. For example, if there are stairs it will take your movers extra time to move everything. Likewise, if they have to park the moving truck further, it will take more time, and thus it will cost more.

What are the average moving costs?

A move doesn’t have to be a stress-induced, chaotic experience! You just need to find the right company. It’s especially important if you are moving long-distance. That’s why you need to hire reliable and experienced long distance movers in Tampa. Like we mentioned in the paragraph above, the cost of a move depends on a couple of different factors. And distance is one of them, so it’s obvious that a long-distance move will cost you more than a local move.

Person holding dollar bills
There are a couple of different factors that affect the cost to move in Tampa.

What size moving crew you’ll need, depends on how many items you are moving. Sure a bigger moving crew will cost more money, but on the other side, the entire process will be a lot faster. Moving rates depend on the size of your apartment/house, how many movers you want to hire and how many belongings you are moving to your new home. The size of a moving crew increases with the number of bedrooms you need to move. So, a one-bedroom studio needs 2 movers and 4 hours to complete, and a three-bedroom house needs 4 movers and around 9 hours to complete.

Why you should avoid booking the cheapest moving company?

Sure moving to a new home can be expensive, but booking the cheapest moving company isn’t the right solution. And here’s why:

  • Hidden costs – A moving company that offers an incredibly low moving quote, probably has some hidden costs waiting for you as a surprise.
  • Possible scam – Some fraudulent moving companies attract their customers with low prices and steal money through additional fees.
  • Stolen and lost items – There is a chance some of your items will end up stolen or lost if you book the cheapest moving company you can find.
  • Inexperienced movers – Companies that offer low moving fees, often have inexperienced movers, that lack professional training. Booking a company like this puts your items at risk.

Seriously, the best thing you can do for yourself and your belonging is to dodge the cheapest options. Doing so will help you avoid running into more expensive and difficult problems. So do yourself a favor and book a reliable and experienced moving company.

A man covering his face
Booking the cheapest moving company might end up more expensive.

Should you tip your Tampa movers?

If you are content with the move, you should definitely tip your movers. In general, you should tip $4-5 for each hour. So, if you were thrilled with their service, you can tip somewhere between $16-20. Of course, you don’t have to tip your movers, but it’s a nice way to show your gratitude. Usually, movers don’t expect a tip, but they will be grateful and they will highly appreciate your tips.

Now you know what is the cost to move in Tampa. Contact us for additional questions and information. We are here to help!



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