Reasons to move to Jacksonville

Have you ever wondered what are the reasons to move to Jacksonville? Well, before we dive into them, we have to say something about the process of the relocation itself. It should be like a new chapter in your life. A chance for a fresh start where you are able to get your priorities right. Also, there will be a lot of opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. Not to mention that moving should be thrilling, fun, and exciting. However, if you don’t do it properly, it can turn out to be hectic, exhausting, and time-consuming. It’s considered to be one of the most stressful things in the world for an individual. Therefore, with the help of good organization and plan as well as good reasons for the move, you will have a smooth move and a great time there!

Let’s say a few words about Jacksonville itself

Before we start talking about reasons why you should move here, we have to say a few words about the city itself. Jacksonville is located in Florida and it has around 890,000 citizens. It’s located in Duval County and it’s undoubtedly one of the best places for life in this state. Once you move here, the first thing you will notice is the suburban feel. Also, there is something for everyone. From cafes and restaurants over parks to bars and nightclubs. We are sure that you will have a great time here! Once you decide to move here, make sure to search for reliable and trustworthy professional movers who are going to make the job look easy!

strong economy is one of the major reasons to move to Jacksonville
Jacksonville has an amazing economy.

One of the reasons to move to Jacksonville is a strong economy

When we are talking about reasons to move to Jacksonville, the first one we have to talk about is the economy. This city is home to some of the major employers in the entire state such as Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic, and Aetna. Also, the IT sector is growing at an enormous rate. The job growth over the next 10 years in this place is predicted to be over 40% which is stunning. This is almost 10 points over the national average. Earlier this year, Jacksonville had an unemployment rate of just 3.7% which is much below the national average. When you decide to move here, make sure to check moving companies Jacksonville FL for the best possible deals.

How to find a job?

It’s really important to find a job as soon as you move to a new place. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Finding a job is a lengthy process and for some people, it can take not days and weeks, but months. We have to mention searching for a job with the help of social networks. One of the best ways is to make an account on LinkedIn. You can set the location to Jacksonville and see all the companies that are offering jobs. Also, you will be able to see employers as well as reviews and comments about certain companies. Also, you can check your movers that way as well. For example, if you search up residential movers in Jacksonville you might see many different options and you can narrow down your options in order to pick the best one.

Costs of living

If you are wondering about the best places for young professionals in Florida, we have to mention Jacksonville. This place offers an absolutely great life with reasonable costs of living which is especially important for young people. Picture this, you have just finished college and now you are searching for a job. You don’t have that much money and you can really have a luxurious life. This place is the perfect option for you. We have to mention that this place is less expensive about 11% than Orlando and, believe it or not, almost 35% less expensive than Miami!

people on the beach
This place offers great weather conditions that you are going to love for sure!

Jacksonville’s great location and weather

Another major reason to move to Jacksonville is its location. It’s located in Northern Florida, just below Georgia’s border. Because of this, it offers easy access to some of the major hubs such as Savannah, Orlando, Atlanta, Charleston, or Hilton Head with only a few hour’s drive. Also, another important thing is that because the city is not that near the coast, it doesn’t suffer from hurricanes. Residents here can relax without thinking too much about the bad weather events. Since we are talking about the weather, we have to mention that Jacksonville offers amazing weather conditions. Summers are warm and humid but there is that ocean breeze that makes it amazing. The rest of the year is very mild, especially in winters.

Top-rated schools and low rate of crime

Since we are talking about reasons to move to Jacksonville, this is extremely important for people with families. Once you move here, you won’t really have to think too much about which schools are good and which are not. This place offers a very dense concentration of top-rated schools in Florida. You can choose from dozen of options where every school is performing great. Most of them are above the national average. Also, the crime rate here is very low so you and your spouse will have peace of mind. This is very important since parents can be very worried sometimes.

back to school sign
There are dozen of great schools in Jacksonville.

Affordable houses

Another important topic that we need to talk about is affordable housing options that you can find here. You will be able to find various affordable housing options in Jacksonville and you will be amazed how nice those places actually are. For example, you can find luxury gated townhomes, homes close to the downtown core, single-family homes, or some houses in suburbs. Not to mention that the cost of the homes are below the national average which is actually great news for you.

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