Who regulates moving companies in Florida?

The moving market is growing. There are so many new companies that want to stay competitive and offer the best they can. But also, there are those who are not professional and trustworthy. And if you decided to move and want to hire some of the best movers in Florida we are here to help you. You really should know who regulates moving companies in Florida. The more information you have, it would be easier for you to make a choice you won’t regret.

How to choose your movers

When you are about to pick one moving company that you’ll partner up with, don’t rush. Take time for some research. Always go to their website and read all you can find about the company. That way you will make a picture of how long they are on the market and how much experience they have. You will be able to see if your best interest is important for them. If that is a situation, they will talk openly about many things, such as what are the hidden costs of moving and how to avoid them.

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Take time for research before you choose the moving company for you.

Always take time to read some reviews. Other people’s experience is going to be valuable for you. And you will know better what kind of company you have in front of you. You should be able to go to their office and have an open conversation. Since every move is unique, they will offer you a few options, so that you can choose. But have in mind that some services will be charged extra. One of them is packing services, so make sure to have clear communication on what you want and need from them.

But who regulates moving companies in Florida?

You have every right to know who regulates moving companies in Florida. If they want to do business inside the state of Florida, all companies must be registered. So you will be able to find a local moving company that fulfills all those requests and will keep your things safe during the transitional period.

Who regulates moving companies in Florida?

Every moving company that wants to work with interstate moving has to be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). So you can check their website and find out about the company that you are interested in. Because the information on who regulates moving companies in Florida should be transparent. This is the way for clients to avoid skimps and to partner up only with trustworthy ones.

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Do you know who regulates moving companies in Florida?

What else you should know before you decide on the company?

There are some things that will be your arrows toward the right company for yourself. The situation with a big moving market is that there is a variety of companies. And you should look at it as a good thing. You will surely find the right for you, just take some time and patience. If you invest time in this part of a moving process, you will never regret it, because that will lead you to the right match.

Ask for written estimates

When you narrow your choice, ask companies for a written estimate. Do this with at least three companies. The price will depend on the weight of your load as well as the moving distance. Local movers work a bit differently, and they base their quotes on hourly charges. Having multiple estimates will give you a chance to compare prices across different companies and to realize the approximate price of your move. So if you get an estimate that is far lower than the other ones, you should know that this is probably a scam.

The estimate can be either binding or non-binding. They are binding if the mover guarantee that the price will remain the same. And the non-binding if the price is known just after they weigh your load or in some cases after the load comes to your new location. As a customer, you will be more fond of a binding estimate, because there won’t be surprises at the end. Many movers will ask for a little ‘good faith’ deposit after signing the contract. But beware of companies that ask for a large upfront deposit or even worse: full payment beforehand.

Don’t forget to ask for insurance coverage

Do not forget to ask about the type and extent of liability coverage that your movers have. Their workers must have adequate coverage because it could be a risk for the consumer. If the company didn’t provide it for them, they could ask for coverage from a client. So be stubborn and ask to look at the written proof of insurance coverage. You can’t be just too careful in a situation like this.

Ask about insurance coverage before signing the deal with your movers.

You should also ask for some extra insurance for your things. They could even offer you some extra insurance that would cover expenses if you possess some very valuable things. But also call your insurance agent and check with them if your homeowner’s policy covers even your moving. Don’t take these things lightly, because, in the case of damage, you won’t be happy that you skipped this part.

Did you find out who regulates moving companies in Florida?

We really wanted to answer the question of who regulates moving companies in Florida for you. Even more, we wanted to bring your attention to all those things that you should take care of before the move. And even before you choose the company that will help you with your relocation. But we also don’t want you to stay in fear. Just go through this list, ask the right questions, listen carefully and you will make the right choice. If you have a friend who recently moved, and has a recommendation, that will save a lot of your time. But since this is often not the case, we made this article for you to help you decide. And to feel comfortable doing so. Just go one thing at a time and cross those things you already competed.

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