File a Moving Fraud Complaint: How to do it?

Making a decision about the moving company is one of the most important things you need to have in mind. It is all because you could end up in a lot of problems if you are not careful enough. Fraudulent movers can scam you and that can become a big problem. But, there are some things you can do in case this happens. You can file a moving fraud complaint. Many people think that this is not that important but the fact is that your case could be solved pretty soon. Of course, it is always better to avoid this by going with the best movers in Florida but not all people have this luck. If you feel that fraudulent movers have done their job, make sure to stay until the end and learn how to battle them!

Try to gather all the evidence for your claim

Before you do anything or call anyone, you need to sit down and try to be rational. It is quite easy to go berserk but you will not accomplish anything by doing this. You should find all the evidence that you can. That includes:

  • contracts
  • receipts
  • names of the people
  • text messages
  • phone calls
  • emails etc

    a man using a laptop - File a Moving Fraud Complaint
    Get everything that you can to support your claim

It can be quite hard to handle all of this after the fraud happens. Our advice is to get all of this as the moving process progresses. If something happens, you have all you need. If not, you are free to continue with your new life.

Try to resolve the problem with movers before you go further

Now that you have everything that you need, you can go and file a moving complaint to one of many movers’ associations. But, you do not have to go immediately there. Many people feel like they were scammed but that is not the truth. What we mean is that bad things happen when moving. It is usually the case with residential movers since residential moves are the most common. It is a problem but it does not mean that you were scammed. You should try and resolve first with the movers that have handled your relocation. The crucial thing here is not to rage! If you do this, you will lower the chances of resolving this in a peaceful way. Keep your cool and try to be as rational as possible.

File a moving fraud complaint through regulative bodies

This is the real deal. You want to go through an independent regulative body that will handle your complaint with care. One thing though. This is a process and it will not be resolved in a short period of time. You may have to wait. If you are impatient, it may be a good thing to drop the complaint if the damage is not too big. If you want to go until the end, then this is the right address. There are many regulative bodies that you can turn to like:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • American Trucking Associations

No matter which one you turn to, you will get all the help that you need. They exist to oversee the work of all the business subjects under their control.

a laptop on the table
You can handle everything online!

How to actually file a moving complaint?

Now that you have all the right addresses, you can file a complaint. It may sound complicated and many people avoid doing it due to this reason. But, in reality, the process is quite simple. You just have to follow the instructions. Also, it should not take a lot of your time. Just be sure that you have enough time to communicate with them until the whole process is finished.

For how long do you have to wait?

This is not the same for all the bodies. One thing is for sure. Your movers have to acknowledge the claim in the first 30 days. On the other hand, the whole process can last for another 3-4 months. That means that you will have to be patient if you want it to resolve in the best way possible. Of course, it can be even shorter but all the companies will try to dispute your claim so they almost always wait until the last possible moment.

Try to avoid fraudulent movers by being thorough

Even though you can always file a complaint about your movers to the authorities, it does not have to come to this. Also, not all complaints go to your cause to make sure to have this in mind too. The best way to avoid all of this and have a smooth move is to learn to recognize and avoid fraudulent movers. When you know all the obstacles where you can trip, it becomes much easier.

You want movers that have a good record. Reputation is crucial in a competitive business and all reliable companies will try to be only better. They will not try to do little and ask for a lot. Also, if a moving company asks for a deposit, no matter how big it is, you should be aware that they may want to scam you. Payment is the last thing that happens in the moving process so have this on your mind.

black and yellow lines
Be cautious and avoid fraudulent movers

Do not commit until you have to

People overcommit at the start. This can lead to you having to deal with fraudulent movers by having to file a moving fraud complaint. When you wait, you can consider all available facts. You should ask for free moving estimates from the companies you are interested in. Many people think that these estimates bind you to hire a particular company. No, it does not! Get all the information about the company before hiring. It can save you a lot of trouble!

It is vital that you know that you always have enough options. It is quite easy to feel trapped if something bad happens during the move. There are many regulative bodies where you can file a moving fraud complaint. They will do everything in their power to resolve in the best way possible. So, if you currently have a problem, this article should be your guide!

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