Best Florida Cities for Young Adults

Florida is a state known for its sunny days, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous cities. So, it’s no wonder many young adults look for the best movers in Florida, with the end goal of moving there. But where do they move exactly? There are many cities to choose from. Every one of them has a different charm and qualities. But one thing they have in common is their popularity. So what are some of the best Florida cities for young adults? Let’s take a look!

Sunshine State has some of the most iconic locations in the US

This beautiful state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It has many cities worth considering when looking for the best Florida cities for young adults. Of course, there are some things all of them have in common. And that’s the beautiful sunny weather. Florida is the state that is blessed with the most sun during the year. Some even say that the relaxed lifestyle people here have is heavily influenced by it. Of course, there is so much more. Florida is the third most populated area in the nation, as well as second in population growth. Millions of people moved here alone or with the help of interstate or long distance movers. So among the many cities, Florida offers which one is the best for you?

A Florida costline city
Florida has an astonishing coastline.


Let’s start with the most obvious choice. Miami is the most famous city in the state of Florida. It offers a big art scene, beautiful beaches, Latin culture, and so much more. Making it one of the world’s best destinations. As such there are also many tourists coming here all year round. Further developing the city economy, housing, bars, cafes, restaurants, and so on. Of course, this does influence the costs of living as well. With a large number of people coming here and settling with the help of the best movers in Miami, the demand for housing increases at a steady pace. But there is no need to worry. There are many job opportunities, and the pay is not lacking.

This means that many young adults can find a job here. As well as using their spare time they will have to go to the local beaches, nightclubs, and other types of attractions the city provides. The big city doesn’t just offer work and fun, but also many academic options for young adults with more ambitions. But do keep in mind that due to the big number of tourists, there will be crowds and long lines in shops or some destinations.

Second, in line out of the best Florida cities for young adults, is Orlando

Orlando is the second place we must mention. Although this city is landlocked and located in the heart of the state it still has a lot to offer. This unique place is home to some of Florida’s best attractions. Places such as Universal Studios, WonderWorks, SeaWorld, and Sea Life Aquarium are only the tip of the iceberg! Of course, due to this, there are many tourists in the city. But that’s not all. The city offers its residents a large number of beautiful areas to choose from. Among these many are good picks for young adults looking to start a family or job carriers.

Orland theame parks make it one of the best Florida cities for young adults
Among the best Florida cities for young adults, Orlando has the most theme parks and family attractions.

Of course, when young people look for homes, they have to look at the job market. Thankfully Orlando has a lot of different jobs it offers. That means that young adults will be able to find different types of jobs and grow as well as advance their careers. At the same time, the party is quite good, evening out the high living costs. If you like the idea of living here, contact best movers in Orlando, and schedule a move. And, even if you decide that this is not a city for you, at least make sure to visit it at least once, as it is definitely a place worth seeing.


Before you find the perfect moving company and look into free estimates, you first need to find where you want to move. And among the many places Florida offers, Tampa tends to be one of the people’s top picks. But why is that? This place is a little different than the two cities we already mentioned. Tampa is a place that is more family oriented. And it offers quiet and calm areas, as well as good schools and job opportunities. Here you will lead a calmer lifestyle. Among the many benefits such as year-long outdoor activities, people here enjoy more affordable costs of living as well. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people are calling best movers in Tampa and asking them for assistance to relocate here.


Is there something better than a sunny state and a city on the coastline? Of course not! So many young adults come to the City of Sarasota to enjoy those days on the beach, while surfing, swimming, diving, or sunbathing. But that’s far from all. On top of its easy access to quality healthcare, many beautiful dining options, and plenty of job opportunities, it also offers affordable costs of living and housing costs. This may not sound much to older people, but for young adults that are still fighting to make something, it is a huge benefit.

Small coastline city
Not all Florida cities have to be large! Some are small and cozy, perfect for a relaxed lifestyle.

Explore the state and find other best Florida cities for young adults

No matter what cities we mention, we are sure you will also find many others we didn’t. Florida is simply that great! So we made sure to mention only our top picks and the cities where most people tend to move to. But of course, that doesn’t make other Florida cities any worse, or less important. Best Florida cities for young adults can be any cities that fit your criteria. So exploring a little will only show you how much this state actually has to offer.

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