Best Florida cities to Start Your Post-College Life

First of all, congratulations on finishing college! You have probably been wondering what to do now? You had a great time, without any worries apart from studying. Now, the time to live a bit different life has come. You have to start thinking like a grown-up person. Apart from deciding what and where to work, you need to choose a place to live. Especially if you want to live in Florida, where you have an endless number of options. Well, we can assure you that the first step is always the most difficult one. Once you’ve chosen the place, you can contact some of the best movers Florida and they will help you relocate. There are many places in Florida you can live after you finish your studies. However, we will help you to see what are the best Florida cities to start your post-college life.

Why is living in Florida after college a good idea?

Living in Florida after college is always a good idea. It is actually one of the best decisions you can make. Why is that so, you may wonder? Well, first of all, as we have already mentioned, Florida offers you endless possibilities. Whatever you want to do in your life, career-wise, or with any other aspect of your life, you can do it in Florida. You shouldn’t be worried if you love in another state at the moment. All you have to do is make a decision, choose a city and call some of the reliable long distance movers Florida and start the process of packing. Living in Florida has many advantages for everyone, not to mention for people who are about to start their post-college life.

A woman in front of Florida sign
There are many Florida cities to start your post-college life

Some of the perks of living there include:

  • no taxes,
  • affordability,
  • excellent weather,
  • great beaches,
  • and countless job opportunities.

These are the pros that everyone would like to use, not just young people who have just finished college. But, for you, it is even more important. You want to start well. You probably want to find a good job. If you don’t have to pay income taxes, it makes the case much easier. Also, even though Florida isn’t the cheapest place in the world, it is affordable. There are a lot of places that are more expensive, but they don’t offer what Florida can give to you.

Florida weather

As a young person who is about to (most likely) get their first job, you probably don’t want just to work, work, and work. It is normal that you want to have some fun and enjoy life. What is better for that, than living in a state where it feels like you have an endless summer? You will have a lot of chances to travel all around the state. But, wherever you go, the sunshine and wonderful beaches will follow you. There is even an opportunity to switch homes over time. Of course, local movers Florida will be there to help you. It may not be easy for you to find a beach house right away, especially if you are still looking for a job. However, in Florida, a lot of things can happen over time, and everything is possible.

A beach in Florida
There are a lot of beaches in Florida, with many activities

Job opportunities in Florida

Florida is one of the best places to start your post-college life and find a job. There are many different job opportunities. It is even possible to start looking for a job now, and you may get it before you even decide where you want to live. That would definitely make your decision a lot easier. However, even if you don’t find a job before moving to one of the best Florida cities to start your post-college life. You can count on residential movers in Florida at any moment. Whether you find a job before moving or starting looking for it just then, your relocation will go as smoothly as possible.

Florida is actually one of the best countries in the world when it comes to employment. It is most definitely the number one in the USA. The unemployment rate in Florida is just 3.9 %, which is pretty low. The national average is 4.1 %. That means that Florida has even better chances for people to get employed than the country in general. So, don’t wait any longer. Find a city you want to live in, find a reliable moving company, and start the process of your relocation. Once you get into the chosen city, you will have plenty of time to start your career.

Activities in Florida

When you choose a Florida city to start your post-college life, you will do mostly based on the job you get. However, we have already mentioned that there are many things to do in Florida, apart from working. As said previously, you will never get bored with so many amazing beaches and summer activities. But, that is not everything you can do in Florida. There are so many cultural activities in this state, that it takes years to visit and attend all of them at least once. All of these events, fairs, and festivals happen every year. You can find some of your favorites and visit them all over again. Or, you can attend a different one each time. The choice is completely up to you.

A handshake between a man and a woman
You cam find a job after college in many Florida cities

You can find a festival to attend every month. Nevertheless, January, February, and March are the busiest months. You would literally have to be at more than one place a once to manage to see them all. So, as you can see, for a young person who has just finished college, Florida has a lot of possibilities you can take advantage of. Some of the best festivals to visit are Hemingway Days, Pensacola Sea Food Festival, Oktoberfest, Miami Book Fair, and so on.

Miami is one of the best Florida cities to start your post-college life

Of course that Miami is number one of the cities, you should live in Florida. It is not just the case with post-college students, but also with anyone who wants to find a diverse place with many opportunities. First of all, it is easy to relocate to Miami. You just need to contact some of the best movers in Miami and your move will be over before you even know it. Then, something that is probably the most important criteria for a person who has just finished college, there are a lot of different jobs. We have already written about the unemployment rate in Florida. Well, this rate in Miami is 3.00 %. That is lower than Florida’s average and considerably lower than the USA’s average. So, if you want to be certain that you are going to find a job fairly easily, Miami is the place to be.

Miami at night
Miami offers a lot of job opportunities

Miami offers a wide variety of entertainment opportunities. There are several theaters, galleries, museums, and performing arts institutes in the city, which has a thriving and impressive art scene. If you want to hurry up and not miss out on anything, you can hire packing services Florida to relocate more quickly. Miami has many green parks that are ideal for exercising outside or playing some sports. Also, Miami’s nightlife is special. The city has a wide variety of beachside clubs, live music venues, and dance clubs. You will always have a wonderful time, wherever you go. In addition to all this, the food in Miami is great. Whatever type of cuisine you like, you will find it in Miami, mostly thanks to its diversity of cultures.

Jacksonville is also great for people who have just finished college

Jacksonville is a charming city with beaches, excellent weather, and an affordable $980 average rent per month. The median price of a property is around $157,800, making housing prices equally reasonable. The shift from academic life to the college-town charm that this relaxed city is so proud of is seamless. Additionally, it is the most populous city in the state, making it simple to make new friends. However, even though it has a lot of residents, this city gives off a small-town vibe. Many people who relocate to Florida believe that they are exchanging better weather for greater living expenses. However, it’s possible that you won’t experience any pressure from the city’s higher prices if you go to Jacksonville. The wonderful weather will still benefit you, and the costs won’t break the bank.

Jacksonville has several areas that appeal to young professionals, and the employment market is rising. Of course, finding a job in this city is not as easy as in bigger cities (aforementioned Miami, for example). If you compare Jacksonville’s unemployment statistics to those of Florida’s other major cities, they are higher. In the city, there aren’t many IT businesses, for instance. So, you have to be careful. Depending on your area of expertise, you can choose to live there and call the best movers Jacksonville to help you. However, once you manage to find a job, you will lead a great life, mostly thanks to the lower living costs.

Post-college life in Tampa

We have already said that living in Florida means you can visit a lot of festivals. Well, Tampa is the city that will make it possible more than any other. One of the most famous festivals in Tampa is Sunset Music Festival. If you are a fan of these activities, find some of the best Tampa movers and get ready. This makes Tampa one of the best Florida cities to start post-college life.

People at a festival throwing pins
There are a lot of festivals in Tampa

Tampa’s median house value is $216,100, while the average rent is $1,067 per month. Tampa and its surrounding communities are located on the west coast close to the Gulf of Mexico, and their market is expanding quickly. Tourism, professional sports, national defense, shipping, insurance, healthcare, retail, and banking are some of the primary economic drivers in the region. So, if your job has something to do with any of these areas, moving to Tampa to start a post-college life is a great idea.

Living in Orlando is also a good choice

It’s practically hard to discuss central Florida without mentioning Orlando. It is a distinctive and vibrant city tucked away in the center of the state. There is a lot more to learn about Orlando than just Disney World and Universal Studios, although it may be best known for its amusement parks. Living in Orlando provides the ideal combination of entertainment, convenience, and natural beauty, from its vibrant nightlife to its stunning lakes. So, the best movers in Orlando are ready and they are waiting for you to call them.

But like elsewhere, there will be certain difficulties that are particular to living in Florida’s fourth-largest city. The life cost is low, but it does not come without a penalty, though. Orlando’s minimum wage is $8.56 per hour, which is slightly less than the minimum wage in many other significant American cities. On the other hand, the low cost of living in Orlando is one of the city’s main benefits. Despite the city’s score of 104.1 on the cost of living index, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you are living in a large metropolis. In addition to that, the local economy has benefited from tourism. Orlando’s thriving restaurant scene and significant hospitality sector ensure that locals never struggle to find employment in this cosmopolitan city. Nevertheless, the employment market offers more jobs, such as electronic media, agriculture,  aviation and aerospace, and many more other jobs. So, if your vocation is somehow connected to these fields of business, moving to Orlando is a great idea.

Universal studio ticket
Orlando is famous for the Universal Studio

The decision is all yours

As you can see, there are a few great Florida cities to start your post-college life. It depends on your preferences and the job you want to do, but whichever city you choose, you won’t make a mistake. All that is left is to call some of the best interstate movers in Florida. They will help you prepare for your move and start your completely new life, full of opportunities.


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