Best food for moving labor

It’s only once you get into the process of moving that you realize how many things there are to think about! You have to research moving companies Palm Bay FL, pack everything you own, sort out your utilities and so much more. You probably haven’t really thought about your diet during the move. But you should definitely add that to your to-do list! With all the work and stress you’re putting your body through during the relocation, it’s important to watch what you eat and stay healthy. So what is the best food for moving labor? And what should you avoid eating during relocation? Here are a few tips!

Why is it important to eat right during a move?

Moving is complicated, time-consuming, physically demanding and mentally exhausting. Even with the help of reliable movers Florida, you will need a lot of energy to deal with everything. And where do we get energy from? Well, that’s easy! Food is the fuel for our bodies and minds. If you want yours to be working at their full capacity, you need to feed them right.

Breakfast spread.
Food is the fuel for your body.

Surely you’ve heard the saying before: we are what we eat. You may, however, be surprised by just how much what we eat affects us. Of course, a balanced, healthy diet will help you stay healthy during the move. But did you know that it may also diminish stress or help with your moods? Eating the right foods can, therefore, make moving easier for you in a variety of ways.

What is the best food for moving labor?

Even if you hire movers to do the packing and unpacking for you, there will still be a lot of physical work you need to do around the move. You will definitely need to prepare your possessions for packing, thoroughly clean your house and just generally be on the move all day. You want to eat something that gives you enough energy for that while also not making it unnecessarily difficult.

Best food for moving labor: breakfast

It’s always good to start the day right. Not only will you be physically ready to tackle the challenges of moving, but your state of mind will benefit from starting off on the right foot. So what are some good options for breakfast during relocation and on moving day? A quick and filling breakfast that isn’t too heavy is the perfect option! So when it comes to breakfast, opt for some oatmeal with or without fruit, bagels, eggs or breakfast burritos. If you still haven’t packed your blender, smoothies are also a great way to quickly get your morning protein intake.

Best food for moving labor: lunch

Lunch is usually a family meal where you sit down and enjoy your food in the company of your loved ones. But when you’re moving, that’s not always possible. More likely than not, you’ll be eating something quickly and on the go. That doesn’t, however, mean that you should just get some fast food take out and call it a day.

Salad is a great option for lunch.

Just like breakfast, your lunch should still include some foods that boost your energy the right way. So stay away from processed sugars and go for something you can prepare in advance. Vegetables or tofu with a hummus or tuna dip, sandwiches, salads, and cold pasta are all good choices. Opt for light meat like chicken or turkey but make sure you include some veggies and carbs to complete the meal.

Best food for moving labor: dinner

Depending on the day and the mood, dinner can be the meal where you go light so as not to make sleep difficult or the time to go all out and spoil yourself with something tasty even if it isn’t the healthiest. If you opt for the dietary version, think salads. If you’re gonna treat yourself, explore the delivery options in your new neighborhood and order some pizza!

Best food for moving labor: snacks

Snacks can be a great way to easily boost your energy throughout the day. Especially when you’re moving long distance and need to prepare for a long trip, you’re going to need something to tide you over between meals. Chips and chocolate bars may seem tempting. But try to stay away from them! Go for some granola bars, your favorite nut mix, dried and fresh fruit or peanut butter instead.

Best food for moving labor: drinks

Food is, of course, only one part of the puzzle. You’ll want to prepare something to drink as well. Water is an absolute must throughout the day, especially if you’re moving in the summer. Fruit juices without the extra sugar, ice tea and lemonade are also good choices. In winter, carry a thermos with some hot coffee or tea to keep yourself warm.

Glass of water.
Staying hydrated is just as important as a good meal.

What should you avoid eating on moving day?

Just like some foods are good for moving labor, some are bad. Avoid anything that’s overly processed (like fast food) and anything with too much sugar (like sodas) because it will only give you a short energy boost that isn’t worth the crash that comes after. Stay away from anything stodgy and heavy as it will make moving and physical work harder. And it should go without saying that this isn’t the time to experiment! So stay away from anything that may upset your stomach.

Tips for eating healthy during relocation

It’s not just about eating the best food for moving labor. How and when you eat it is important too! It’s all too easy to forget to eat in the chaos of the moving day but in the long run, you’ll regret it if you don’t set aside those 20 minutes for a meal. Be especially diligent about your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day – don’t skip it! It’s best to plan and schedule your meals in advance. If you can, prepare the food before the big day too. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day even if you have to set reminders on your phone for it. And most importantly, listen to your body! It knows what it needs.

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