Best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers

New York City is definitely one of the greatest cities in The United State.  But, there comes a time when you get tired of your small apartment, the traffic jams, and cold winters. So, you look for a place to move to where you can enjoy your life to the fullest. There aren’t many places that fulfill that role better than Florida. It offers an amazing climate where you won’t even feel the winter, beautiful beaches, larger homes and so much more. But, where in Florida to move to? There are so many options to choose from. Well, here are some of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers. Each comes with its own flair and unique amenities.

Why are people moving from New York to Florida?

There are many reasons why people decide to leave the great city of New York, hire Best Movers Florida, and move to Florida. The state has long been regarded as the place to retire. But, it’s not just retirees that are choosing to leave the crowded streets of a big city in search of something more attractive. Young people are deciding that they would rather spend their days next to a beach.

hat on a beach in Florida
Florida is a place where you can relax and enjoy the warm climate on a beautiful beach

There are many reasons why Florida is one of the best places to live. The climate in this southern state is nothing short of amazing. With long summer and very mild winters, it’s a paradise for those looking to escape the cold winters of New York City. You get to enjoy year-round warm weather which makes you feel like you are on vacation all the time. To complement such a nice climate, Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You get to spend your afternoons with your feet in the sand, drinking colorful cocktails and enjoying a warm summer breeze. It’s very hard to beat that. But, it’s not just the weather that is driving people.

Some of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers have nothing to do with that. Florida also offers a great business climate as well. It’s rapidly becoming the east-cost capital of startups. And with its already developed industries such as trade, tourism, and IT, people are moving to advance their careers. To top it all off, there are a lot of places where you can buy affordable homes in Florida. This means that you can replace your small apartment with a big condo right next to the beach. Nothing beats that.

What are the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers?

It’s a difficult question with many easy answers. There are a lot of towns and cities that could be considered as the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers. Each with its own unique thing that drives people to it. But, with that said, some places do stand out. Either for their beauty, low prices, or the job that they offer. There are many cities that can be considered as the best place in Florida. The final decision is up to you, as every place you visit will have something different that will amaze you.

Tampa is home to a lot of ex-New Yorkers for a good reason

The second-largest metro area in Florida, Tampa is a welcoming city with a lot to offer. It keeps ranking among the top places to live in, not just in Florida, but in the whole country. The metro area has seen a lot of business activity over the years, so many young professionals are moving there in search of a job. It also has affordable housing and a lot of amenities to offer.  It’s definitely one of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers and will continue to be so for quite some time. So, it might be time to start looking for Tampa movers and schedule your relocation, as Tampa will continue to grow.

ex-New Yorkers sitting on a bench in Miami
Miami is one of the best places for people to move to after they retire

Miami is one of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers

Welcome to Miami! This legendary city needs no introduction and definitely sits at the top of our list for the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers. With its vibrant communities, beautiful beaches, and amazing nightlife, it’s hard to be bored in Miami. Neighborhoods like Little Havana and Little Haiti offer a Carribian lifestyle in the middle of Florida. The culture, diversity, and overall feel of the city are all amazing. Some of the major industries in Miami are trade, logistics, healthcare, and of course, tourism. With so many job opportunities, it’s no wonder that people from around to country flock to this beautiful city. Hiring Miami movers soon might be a good idea since the city is looking at rising home prices. With so many people choosing it as their new home, it will quickly become very difficult to find an affordable place to live.

Orlando offers a relaxing atmosphere mixed with amazing culture

Orlando is very well known for its theme parks. But, aside from that, the city itself has a lot to offer. And it’s firmly positioned as one of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers. It’s a leader in job growth, with employers such as Lockheed Martin, the University of Central Florida, Publix offering some really lucrative jobs. But, aside from the tourist attractions and vibrant job market, this city has a lot going for it. If you are looking for a laid-back lifestyle, you should definitely start searching for Orlando movers. You could be spending your days chatting with friends at a local coffee shop and enjoy the culture of the city. Just exploring all the neighborhoods will give you a daily dose of cultural diversity. 

man and woman in Florida
You can truly enjoy life in Florida

An endless list of some of the best places in Florida for ex-New Yorkers

Florida is truly amazing. It has so much to offer in many different regards. People who are retiring are moving there both in well-known cities as well as in one of many assisted living communities. But, a lot of people, both young and old, are looking to replace the concrete jungle of NYC with Florida beaches. The states offer more affordable housing, a vibrant job market, and diverse culture. There is also an amazing climate and some of the best attractions that you can enjoy. Moving from New York to Florida is a decision that you will be glad you made.

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