The best Florida cities for renters

Florida attracts many people with its nice weather and so many sunny days. Besides, those moving to this paradise will enjoy its white sands and clear ocean waters. In addition, inland has many lovely places. Also, Sunny State has an excellent school system. And it also has one of the biggest university districts. The job market is thriving. And in case you want to start your own job in hospitality, this is an ideal place. However, you don’t need to make the final decision immediately. Before buying your own property, you may move to some of the best Florida cities for renters, with help of Best Movers Florida. That will give you time to check which city best suits your lifestyle.

Some of the most common reasons to move to Florida

People have various reasons for moving to Florida. However, some of those reasons are common to many people. So, among the most common reasons are:

  • Starting a private business in the hospitality sector
  • Due to an attractive job offer
  •  Wish to join their families or suppose
  • Attractive Florida’s tax regulations
  • Joining one of Florida’s colleges
  • Retiring in a nice place with mild winters


Aerial View of Houses Near A Beach Under Blue Sky - Florida cities for renters.
Renting will give you time to decide which city best suits your lifestyle.

Living in Florida has its pros and cons

Before you decide to use the excellent services of the best long-distance movers in Florida and head towards the Sunny State, check the pros and cons you can expect.


In general, Florida is not cheap for living in. Still, there are many affordable places where you can enjoy the famous Florida scenery. This means that you will be able to sunbathe at some of the nice beaches. And to go snorkeling in the clear ocean waters. Or, in case you better like living inland, you will easily find many hidden gems. So, you can enjoy many outdoor activities. And, as a renter, you can easily move to another place if you are not happy with your first choice.


Florida is also known for its high humidity. That is why air-conditioning in homes is a must. And when renting, this is one of the first things that you should check. As it is a norm in Florida, it shouldn’t influence the rental costs. Besides, living in Florida, you will have to get used to a huge number of snakes, insects, and alligators. However, in some places, you can expect more of them than in others. If you are afraid of those animals, choose places where their presence is less frequent.  And of course, talk to your neighbors who will teach you about precautionary measures.

Second of the disturbing things that you will face living in Florida are the tourists. Well, the problem is actually that they are just wandering around. And very often, you may lack your privacy. However, if you are considering a start-up in hospitality, a lot of tourists will be good news for you.


Brown wooden armchairs.
You can try living in several cities before finding the right one for you.

When looking for Florida cities for renters, you may also consider renting storage

In case you want to take your time and rent temporarily, it would be good to look for reliable and affordable storage solutions. The reason for this is simple. Maybe you haven’t decided yet about your final Florida destination. In that case, moving only with a few suitcases will be much easier. This way, you may rent the furnished apartment. And, living in the chosen city for some time, you will be able to fill its vibe.  So, once you like the city, you may decide to buy your own home. Or you may decide to stay longer. So, you will rent the empty place, and furnish it with your things from the storage.

As a renter, you should consider some city’s features

Not all Florida cities will be right for you. So, as a part of making the final decision, make the list of desirable features. This will greatly help you to narrow down the choice of cities that are interesting to you. For example, such a list may include items like:

  • availability of proper  apartments/house size
  • reasonable home rents
  • delivery and sit-down restaurants in the area
  • good walkability
  • reliable commuting possibilities
  • good schools in the area
  • nice parks in the vicinity
  • low crime rats
  • high general safety

Good schools and high general safety of the city are essential. And it is good to know it before hiring the long-distance movers in Miami, to move you there along with your family.

The best Florida cities for renters in 2022

Affordable renting prices, spacious homes, and the possibility to access outdoor recreational places could be important when you are choosing the right place. Besides, the city should have a decent job market, good schools, and entertainment possibilities. So, here are the cities that are offering excellent rental conditions in 2022. And hopefully, some of them will meet your expectations. If so, you will be able to find proper moving services. And to move to the city of your choice. So, here is our list:

  • Daytona Beach
  • Jacksonville
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Tallahassee
  • St. Petersburg
  • Tampa


Beach and ocean ariel view of Miami.
Miami is famous for its beautiful, white-sand beaches.

Living and renting in Daytona Beach

General information about Daytona Beach:

Residents: 70,617
Median household income: $52,005

Average rental prices:

Studio: $1,200
One-bedroom home: $900
Two-bedroom home: $700

Daytona Beach is a nice community, located in central Florida. It is one of the most beautiful vacation sites too. Besides the idyllic weather and beautiful coastline, it has many other things to offer. Many outdoor sports are available. Some of them are parasailing, golfing, and scuba diving. Also, you may enjoy dolphin watching. 

In general, it is a safe city, excellent for raising a family. And, the city has a booming job market. This is attracting many people to ask services of the best movers in Daytona Beach and move to this wonderful place. Luckily, there are many rental possibilities. So, you can easily rent a studio or a 4-bedroom apartment. Also, for those better liking to live in a house, they can rent them at affordable prices. Talking about rental prices, you have probably noticed the sharp decrease in apartment prices. From 2021 to 2022, the decline in rent was about 26%. So, the most expensive is renting a studio. 

Jacksonville could be a good place for you

General information about Jacksonville:

Population: 867,392
Median household income: $54,701

Average rental prices in Jacksonville:

Studio: $955
One-bedroom home: $1,081
Two-bedroom home: $1,287

Jacksonville, located on the northwest side of Florida, has one of the longest shorelines in the state. So, it is attracting a lot of watersports and nature enthusiasts. It is also one of the well-visited tourist destinations. Besides enjoying the beaches, they also love visiting the city’s parks and ecological preserves. So, once there, you will also be able to enjoy the city museums. And, for those who better like staying indoors and enjoying the various culinary specialties, Jacksonville is the right place. 

The city is known for its good weather, stunning beaches, and great rental prices. Although a bigger city, it offers excellent conditions for families. And many of them are moving in with the help of Jacksonville’s best movers


Cityscape with residential buildings between lush trees and tall water tower - Florida cities for renters.
Fort Lauderdale is one of the best Florida cities for renters.

Fort Lauderdale is one of the best Florida cities for renters

General information about Fort Lauderdale:

Population: 181,818
Median household income: $64,025

Average rental prices in Fort Lauderdale:

Studio: $1,947
One-bedroom home: $1,933
Two-bedroom home: $2,586

Nicknamed “The Venice of Florida”, Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city that lies along Florida’s southeastern coast. It is well known for its extensive canal system, and waterways. The city is also known for its picturesque beaches. Also, it has fantastic food, and prized art and cultural scene.

Due to a booming economy and affordable housing, a lot of people are lately moving in. So, if you intend to join them, book the services of the best movers in Fort Lauderdale well in advance. Fort Lauderdale is a family-friendly city, with a highly ranked public school system.

Moving to Miami

General information about Miami:

Population: 442,577
Median household income: $66,769

Average rental prices in Miami:

Studio: $1,843
One-bedroom home: $2,208
Two-bedroom home: $2,691

Miami is one of Florida’s most popular cities. And that is not only for the excellent career opportunities. The city is located on the southeast coast. So, due to that fact, it has the warmest winters in the state. And, during the summertime, Miami is one of the hottest places in the country. Miami is also famous for its white, sandy beaches. And for the palm groves which are offering refreshing shadows. Besides, Miami is known for its world-famous nightlife. So, many young professionals are hiring the best movers in Miami to move to this dream city.

Although one of the most populous cities in Florida, Miami is a walkable and bike-friendly place. And, you can be sure that you will enjoy living there. Besides, Miami has good rental opportunities. So, you will easily find and rent a suitable place for yourself.


Orlando FL, Photo Of Castle During Daytime - The best Florida cities for renters.
One of the famous Orlando theme parks.

Renting and living in Orlando

General information about Orlando:

Population: 267,038
Median household income: $51,757

Average rental prices in Orlando:

Studio: $1,470
One-bedroom home: $1,388
Two-bedroom home: $1,689

Orlando is famous for its theme parks. But, this city has much more to offer to visitors and residents alike. Since it is located in Central Florida, its climate is moderate. So, the summers are not that hot. And the weather during the winters time is pleasant. The town is not so walkable, but it has a lot of biking tracks. Also, to reach the coastline, you will need about one hour drive from Orlando. 

Orlando is an excellent place for people looking for jobs in the entertainment industry. Also, in case you are looking to rent a home, you are at the right place. Orlando has a decent rental market. So, those two are the main reasons why people are hiring the Orlando best movers

Renting in Tallahassee

General information about Tallahassee:

Population: 194,503
Median household income: $45,734

Average rental prices in Tallahassee:

Studio: $1,270
One-bedroom home: $1,424
Two-bedroom home: $1,589

About 60% of the residents in Tallahassee are renting. So, it has a rich real estate market. And you will not have a problem finding the right place for yourself. Tallahassee is one of the best places for living. It offers an urban-suburban lifestyle. The place is very walkable, with numerous parks. The public schools are highly rated. So it is a good place for families with kids, who are often using the services of the best movers in Tallahassee to move in. The town is also attractive to young professionals.


View Of A Beach Near The City.
Florida is popular for its numerous white-sand beaches.

St. Petersburg, Florida

General information about St. Petersburg:

Population: 268,006
Median household income: $60,798

Average rental prices in St. Petersburg:

Studio: $1,542
One-bedroom home: $1,373
Two-bedroom home: $1,685

This medium-sized city has beautiful beaches, plenty of parks, and entertainment centers. So, no wonder that many tourists are visiting this fas-growing city. Besides the natural beauties, the city has a rich job market. And, it also has a steadily growing economy. Besides, St. Petersburg has a reach and affordable real estate market. So, the city attracts many people to move in. If you are one of them, you can count on the excellent services of the best movers in Tallahassee.

Tampa is yet another among the Florida Cities for Renters

General information about Tampa:

Population: 365,964
Median household income: $53,833

Average rental prices in Tampa:

Studio: $1,352
One-bedroom home: $1,367
Two-bedroom home: $1,702

Tampa is located in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. It is also close to Orlando, and its theme parks. So, all this is making it one of our top cities in Florida. It is known for the most stable weather in the country. 

Besides tourist attractions, Tampa has a well-developed industry. In case you are moving there for a job, you can count on the excellent services of the best movers in Tampa. Also, finding a rental apartment will be easy. And that is due to the rich real estate market in the city. 

Application criteria and procedures

Finding the best Florida cities for renters is one thing. However, before you decide to move, you should inform yourself about Florida rental application. And about the criteria and procedures that you will have to fulfill in order to qualify. In general, processing an application usually takes up to 2 business days. However, in some cases, the application process may take a longer time. Also, the applicant must be 18 years of age or older. So, prepare yourself before moving. That will spare you from possible inconveniences. And, you will have all the necessary documents with you. For sure, that will speed up your application process.



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