Best Small Towns to Live in Florida

Exploring the best small towns to live in Florida reveals a delightful array of communities perfect for those seeking a quieter lifestyle away from the city bustle. These towns are not only rich in charm and history but also offer residents a close-knit community feel. From the Gulf Coast’s hidden gems to the cultural richness of historic towns on the Atlantic side, each town presents unique attractions and a slower-paced life. Whether you’re looking for seaside tranquility or a cultural hub with deep roots, Florida’s small towns cater to all preferences. Ideal for families, retirees, or anyone looking to step back from urban intensity, these towns are top choices for setting down roots in the Sunshine State. In case you need help finding the right moving company for relocating to any of these cities, Best Movers in Florida is at your service!

Why Should You Choose One of the Best Small Towns in Florida?

Despite its outstanding beauty, it doesn’t mean Florida is the best place to live. Florida has rapidly developed recently. Thus, most towns have become overcrowded. Not to mention the gradual loss of a sense of community. Be that as it may, we advise you to check the best small towns for life in Florida. Believe us, they do exist. Moreover, they’ve kept a sense of community. Also, the quality of life is much better in these towns compared to the whole state.

nature in Safety Harbor Florida, one of the best small towns to live in Florida
Whatever town you opt for, you won’t make a mistake.

Safety Harbor

Safety Harbor, with a population of about 19,000, offers a unique mix of small-town charm and convenient access to larger cities like Tampa and St. Petersburg. This proximity makes it an attractive spot for those who enjoy urban amenities while living in a quieter locale. The town’s cost of living is slightly above the national average by 3%, reflecting its quality of life and high-standard educational facilities that draw new residents. Housing here presents a significant investment, with the average home value standing at $525,376.

Safety Harbor is also known for its signature attraction, the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, which draws visitors from near and far. The town provides a wealth of recreational activities, including pristine beaches, top-notch restaurants, and lush parks. A notable spot is the Live Oak at Baranoff Park, a natural landmark that adds to the town’s scenic beauty. Whether you are seeking a place with a strong community feel, excellent amenities, or simply a peaceful spot to relax, Safety Harbor offers a compelling choice for setting down roots or just visiting.


Niceville, located along the Choctawhatchee Bay, is a haven with a welcoming atmosphere that reflects its name. With a population of about 16,000, this town is renowned for its friendly people and excellent education system. The community offers a peaceful living environment far removed from the hustle and bustle, yet it is rich with opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Activities like water sports and hiking are abundant here, making it a favorite for families and nature lovers alike.

Home values in Niceville average around $445,314, suggesting a stable and appealing housing market. For those seeking tranquility, Niceville’s less crowded beaches and prime fishing spots provide a serene escape. This town stands out in Florida for its quiet charm and the quality of life it offers residents. Parents moving to Niceville will find an impressive school system waiting for their children, ensuring a top-notch education. The combination of a supportive community, great schools, and abundant natural beauty makes Niceville a prime choice for anyone looking to relocate to a peaceful yet lively community in Florida.

a couple packing stuff into one of the things you need for a relocation
Prepare well for your relocation to Florida!


Venice, known as the “Shark Tooth Capital of the World,” is a paradise for fossil enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. This charming town is famed for its opportunities to find shark teeth along its sandy shores, making beachcombing here a unique adventure. The town’s historic downtown area showcases beautiful Northern Italian architecture and is dotted with lush parks that invite leisurely strolls and relaxation.

Recreational activities abound in Venice. Residents and visitors enjoy golfing, various water sports, and cycling, enhancing the town’s appeal as a vibrant place to live or visit. The average home value in Venice stands at $450,467. As of May 2024, the median rent in Venice is approximately $2,900.

Venice not only offers recreational and aesthetic appeal but also provides a welcoming community atmosphere that makes it ideal for families, retirees, and singles. Its historic charm, modern amenities, and natural beauty makes Venice a standout location in Florida’s Gulf Coast region. Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or a vacation getaway, Venice offers an enriching lifestyle with its scenic landscapes and active community life.


Captiva stands out as one of the best small towns to live in Florida due to its stunning natural beauty and exclusive community atmosphere. This picturesque island town is famous for its pristine beaches, wildlife, and serene waters, making it a top choice for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle with a touch of luxury. The average home value in Captiva is around $1,488,117, reflecting its status as a highly desirable location. The median rent in Captiva is approximately $6,990, catering to a luxury market with high-end amenities and spectacular views.

Life in Captiva is centered around the water with activities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking forming a significant part of daily life. The town also offers unique shopping experiences and gourmet dining options that feature fresh local seafood. Captiva’s small population ensures that neighbors know each other, contributing to a strong sense of community and security. The island’s limited size and careful development preserve its secluded charm, making it an ideal spot for those looking to escape the busier pace of city life. Events like the annual Captiva Holiday Village festival bring the community together in celebration, enhancing the small-town feel.

living room interior
The town of Captiva has high real estate prices.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, offering residents a high-end lifestyle in one of the most prestigious places in the United States. If you’re moving here with best movers in Coral Springs, which is nearby, there are some more things to know. Known for its opulent estates and wealthy demographics, the average home value in Palm Beach stands impressively at $2,175,876. Renting in Palm Beach carries an average cost of $10,483. This town is not just about stunning real estate; it’s also about the quality of life and the array of amenities it offers.

The area offers some of the finest shops, high-end boutiques, and amazing places, making it a magnet for those who appreciate finer things. Palm Beach is also famous for its well-maintained beaches, lush landscapes, and the iconic Worth Avenue, a haven for luxury shopping and dining.

Cultural experiences abound with numerous art galleries, museums, and performance venues that host international art and cultural festivals annually. The town’s commitment to preserving its history and culture is evident in its beautifully preserved architecture and community events that celebrate its rich heritage. Palm Beach’s residents benefit from excellent services and security, making it one of the safest and most comfortable places to live.

With its scenic ocean views, manicured streets, and lively social scene, Palm Beach remains a top choice for those seeking a secure, luxurious lifestyle in a dynamic community. As a matter of fact, the best movers in Palm Beach will successfully organize your relocation.

palm trees near pool
Palm Beach is one of the most popular places in Florida.

Jupiter is also one of the best small towns to live in Florida

Jupiter, Florida, might just be the ideal place for those looking to enjoy coastal living with a touch of celebrity glamor. Located on the southeastern coast and overlooking the Loxahatchee River, Jupiter has a population of around 60,802 residents. The town is famously home to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, a historic beacon that continues to operate and is open for public tours. This landmark, along with residents such as Tiger Woods, adds a unique prestige to the area.

In addition to its famous lighthouse and celebrity residents, Jupiter is cherished for having some of the best beaches in Florida. The town’s infrastructure and the pleasant year-round temperatures further enhance its appeal. Living in Jupiter comes at a premium, with the cost of living being about 14% higher than the national average. However, the median household income of $105,413 helps residents enjoy the quality amenities that Jupiter offers.

The real estate market here is competitive, with the median home price standing at $1,955,008. Rental prices range from $1,550 to $3,489 monthly. Education is a priority in Jupiter, with top schools like Beacon Cove Intermediate, Jupiter Farms Elementary, and Limestone Creek Elementary. Safety is also commendable, with crime rates lower than the national average. For safety and community, the southern part of Jupiter is considered the best. Whether for the serene beaches, quality living, or the safe, community-oriented atmosphere, Jupiter presents a compelling case as a top place to live in Florida. Best movers in Jupiter are waiting for your call if you decide to move here!

family having fun in their new home
Consider moving to Jupiter!


Naples offers an unmatched quality of life, making it a coastal paradise with a population of about 20,600. Known for its wealth, Naples has a high concentration of millionaires, but it remains a welcoming place for everyone. It is also one of the top pet-friendly cities in Florida. The thriving tourism and hospitality industries provide ample job opportunities, particularly in Naples and the nearby Fort Myers area. Living in Naples means having easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast. You can visit world-class beaches like:

  • Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park
  • Clam Pass Beach Park
  • Naples Municipal Beach
  • Fishing Pier
  • Vanderbilt Beach
  • North Gulf Shore Boulevard Beach
  • Seagate Beach
  • Lowdermilk Beach Park

Education in Naples is managed by the District School Board of Collier County, with facilities including three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The average home value here is around $609,044, reflecting the city’s affluence yet accessibility. Whether you are looking for a lively community with excellent job prospects or a tranquil place to enjoy nature, Naples provides both, along with a dynamic social scene and high living standards. Best movers in Naples are the ones to hire if you’re moving here!

kids in a classroom
If you’re moving with children, think about Naples. It has amazing education system.


Living in Aventura offers both suburban comfort and city convenience, making it one of the premier places to reside in the Miami-Dade County area. This small city, with around 37,000 residents, combines a tight-knit community feel with the luxurious lifestyle typical of South Florida. As a suburb of Miami, Aventura provides residents with quick access to the rich art and cultural experiences Miami is famous for, along with upscale shopping at Aventura Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the U.S.

Aventura is known for its well-planned neighborhoods and beautiful high-rise residential buildings, with an average home value of $514,800, reflecting its desirability and the upscale nature of the community. Despite Florida being generally more affordable, Aventura stands out with a higher cost of living, which is matched by its quality amenities and services. The city has numerous parks, recreational areas, and a scenic waterfront that enhances the quality of life for its inhabitants.

The city’s educational system is robust, with several highly rated public and private schools providing excellent educational opportunities. Aventura also benefits from a low crime rate and a highly regarded local police presence, making it a safe and secure place to live. The community is lively and diverse, with a range of dining and entertainment options that cater to all tastes and preferences. For those seeking a luxury and convenience near Miami, Aventura is an excellent choice. If you’re moving to this amazing town, best movers in Aventura are waiting for your call!

Anna Maria Island

With its population of about 1,700, it will be a perfect place to live in Florida. White sandy beaches and peaceful atmosphere are so pleasant to live in. Enjoy long walks along the Pier, built-in 1911. The entire community, both young and old, can enjoy a variety of activities. For instance, sports, arts, music, summer camps, after school camps. Thus, give a chance to this beautiful small town. Especially if you plan to retire in Florida. Expect a strong sense of community and recreation. Simply enjoy.


a beach and water
Take a long walk along the beach and enjoy the lovely scenery in one of the best small towns to live in Florida!

Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach also stands out as one of the best small towns to live in Florida due to its prime location and community life. Nestled between Hollywood to the north and Miami to the south, with easy access to both Fort Lauderdale and Downtown Miami, residents can enjoy free things to do in Miami and the best of South Florida’s attractions within a short drive. This town, with its picturesque Atlantic Ocean shoreline, offers an ideal setting for those who cherish an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Residents of Hallandale Beach are known for making the most of the sunny, warm climate, spending their days enjoying various beach activities. Whether it’s family outings, morning jogs, or leisurely walks at sunset, the beach is the central hub for community life here. Unlike its more bustling neighboring beaches, Hallandale Beach offers a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere, making it perfect for those seeking a quieter, yet engaging coastal experience.

With an average home value of $324,351, Hallandale Beach is more accessible compared to other South Florida areas, providing a cost-effective option without sacrificing the perks of a coastal lifestyle. The town also has excellent dining options, shopping venues, and entertainment facilities, enhancing its appeal as a place to live and visit. The town’s strategic location, combined with its less ostentatious yet equally charming beach, makes Hallandale Beach an attractive destination for both new families and retirees. It offers the tranquility of a small-town setting while keeping urban conveniences within easy reach, embodying a balanced lifestyle that’s hard to find elsewhere. If you think it’s perfect place for you, best movers in Hallandale Beach are at your service!

woman looking at her laptop
When thinking about the best small towns to live in Florida, you can’t skip Hallandale Beach!

Choose One of the Best Small Towns to Live in Florida and Enjoy!

Exploring the best small towns to live in Florida offers a glimpse into diverse lifestyles, each rich with unique attractions and a sense of community. These towns provide a perfect balance between tranquil living and access to Florida’s famed natural beauty and cultural richness. From the beachside serenity of Hallandale Beach to the historic charm of Micanopy, there is a perfect spot for everyone. These locations not only promise a high quality of life but also boast affordable living options, excellent schools, and low crime rates, making them ideal for families, retirees, and anyone looking to escape the hustle of city life. For those dreaming of a peaceful life with the benefits of Florida’s sunny climate, these towns are worth considering. Find the things you need for a relocation and enjoy what each town offers to new residents!


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