Best Small Towns to Live in Florida

The land of sunshine and beautiful beaches is open for everyone. Once you visit Florida you have no desire to go back to your old home. Still, there’s a big difference between living there and being a tourist. Bear in mind, the costs of living are quite high here. Thus, be careful when making decisions about life in Florida. With this in mind, we have decided to present the best small towns to live in Florida. Hence, you only need to contact a professional moving company. After thorough organization, you’ll be ready to start a new adventure in your life.

Why should you choose the best small towns to live in Florida?

As already mentioned, in spite of its outstanding beauty, it doesn’t mean Florida is the best place to live in. Florida has rapidly developed recently. Thus, most towns have become overcrowded. Not to mention the gradual loss of sense of community. Be that as it may,  we advise you to check the best small town for life in Florida. Believe us, they do exist. Best movers in Jupiter will move your belongings there with no trouble.  Moreover, they’ve kept a sense of community. Also, the quality of life is much better in these towns compared to the whole state. Furthermore, we’ve chosen several more things to look at.

  • costs of living
  • employment opportunities
  • education
  • entertainment
  • low-crime rates

As a result, we present to you our choice. Each town abounds in beauty, opportunities, and friendly neighborhoods. Indeed, wherever you go, you’ll be satisfied.

Safety Harbor

This beautiful town with a population of about 19,000 is located close to Tampa and St Petersburg. Thus, its closeness to larger cities facilitates life for its residents. Slightly lower costs of living and high-quality education attracts people. On the contrary, expect higher home prices. One of the main attractions is definitely Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. Here you can enjoy beaches, great restaurants, and parks. Also, you have the opportunity to see Live Oak at Baranoff Park. People say it’s around 300 to 500 years old.

nature in Safety Harbor Florida, one of the best small towns to live in Florida
Whatever town you opt for, you won’t make a mistake. Still, we warmly recommend Safety Harbor. Enjoy its beauties.


If you are more interested in a peaceful place, less crowded beaches, and fishing, opt for Niceville. Here you can relax completely.  Thus, contact the best movers in Coral Springs to transport your stuff to Oldsmar. The population of 16, 000 speaks for itself. Feel the peace. As a matter of fact, you can’t find peace like this in the rest of the country. In case you move with your children, be sure you’ll have an excellent education. An impressive schools system awaits.


Venice is a town located on the Gulf coast with a population of 23,000. Also, know to be the Shark Tooth Capital of the world. Enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, world-class golfing, and a variety of water and other types of sports. Moreover, you can search for fossils or shark teeth. As a matter of fact, Caspersen Beach is quite known for its fossils.


Its located on the southwest coast. One of the main attractions is the shells. No surprise you’ll see tourists looking for them. As for those who live here, extraordinary beaches and tasty seafood are the things you’ll enjoy most. Moreover, expect biking, birding, sailing, and a variety of water sports. In case you’re interested in employment opportunities, let’s say that tourism and travel are number one.

Palm Beach

Many famous individuals have lived in this extraordinary town with a population of around 9,000 people. As a matter of fact, the best movers in Palm Beach will successfully organize your relocation. Excellent education, a variety of parks, and beaches will satisfy your needs. Nevertheless, be aware, its costs of living are almost 96% higher than the national average. Therefore, save enough money if this is your desired destination.

A boy skating in Venice Florida
In one of the best small towns to live in Florida, you can enjoy skating. Thus, find activities suitable for all ages.

Crystal River

Those who are in love with nature will find peace here in Crystal River. The population of about 3,000 people will probably suit you. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy the best springs in Florida. Moreover, crystal clear water, sea cows, and snorkeling are one of the main pleasures offered by this town. Therefore, we think you’ll presently find a home and be situated here.

Anna Maria Island

With its population of about 1,700, it will be a perfect place to live in Florida. White sandy beaches and peaceful atmosphere are so pleasant to live in. Enjoy long walks along the Pier, built-in 1911. The entire community, both young and old, can enjoy a variety of activities. For instance, sports, arts, music, summer camps, after school camps. Thus, give a chance to this beautiful small town. Especially if you plan to retire in Florida. Expect a strong sense of community and recreation. Simply enjoy.

Vero Beach

Firstly, we must mention one important fact. In the past, this town was known as ‘The best small town in Florida’. Is at least the situation similar nowadays? Well, the population is around 17, 000. You’ll witness a mix of vegetation and gorgeous flora. Tourism is quite developed. Thus, restaurants are, in one word, awesome. Moreover, you can kayak and paddleboard. Also, let’s mention something rare. You’ll be surprised certainly. Here you can walk for miles along the coastline without seeing a soul. Guess what, this is extremely rare in Florida. Thus, be thankful. Organize your life according to your needs.

a beach and water
Take a long walk along the beach. Enjoy the lovely scenery. Meet friendly people at Vero Beach.

Florida abounds in beautiful towns and its beauties

Overall, it won’t be too difficult to find the best small towns to live in Florida. As already mentioned, they offer a diversity of beautiful beaches, employment, and education opportunities. Surely, you’ll find some things that suit your needs and desires. Thus, you need to search the internet. Have several alternatives. Opt for the best town. How to decide what is the best? Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Still, you won’t make a mistake by choosing any town. After all, they’re all worthy of your attention.


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