Delray Beach vs West Palm Beach

Choosing the right place for you to live can be really hard. Especially when you have narrowed down the search to two places that have so much to offer. This constant battle between choosing one of them can be really annoying. That is why you should grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen places. That way you will be able to determine who wins in the battle of Delray Beach vs West Palm Beach. And no matter which one of these two places you pick you can relax and leave the relocation to the professional Best Movers Florida has.

Delray Beach vs West Palm Beach – why is this a constant battle?

Both of these places have something great. And both of them have their benefits. But no place on earth is perfect. This also means that neither one of these places is perfect either. When you sit down, calculate the moving cost, and weigh the costs of living, you will be one step closer to deciding. There are also some kinds of activities and ways of life in each of these places. So, before you hire residential movers in Florida, you need to be aware of what is waiting for you in a certain place.

As we had said before, by writing down the pros and cons of a certain place, you will determine which one, Delray Beach or West Palm Beach is better for you and your family. But if you get stuck in writing, here is a simple guide on what you can expect and what to hope for in both these two places.

people on the beach thinking which place is better Delray Beach vs West Palm Beach
both of these two places have something to offer

Delray Beach – pros and cons

How your life will be in this place depends only on you. You are the one that will make the choices. You are the one that will be in your own home, working your job and spending your days here. And in order to determine whether this place will be the right for you, start by researching about pros and cons before hiring the best movers in Delray Beach

Pros of living in Delray Beach

There are 3 biggest pros of living here.

The first one is livability. The overall livability in Delray Beach is above average. According to statistics, there is a high quality of life compared to other cities and places. This means that education, costs of living, and residents’ happiness are at a high level. So if you are looking for a peaceful and happy place to live and maybe retire, Delray Beach might be perfect for you.

The second one is the costs of living. It is just a little higher than the national average. But to be able to compare it with West Palm Beach, we will give you exact numbers later on.

One of the maybe biggest benefits of living here with kids is that the education is on a high level. And this is the biggest pro of moving to Delray Beach. The public school graduation rate is really high. So if you are thinking about providing your kids with some exceptional education, think about relocating here.

Cons of Living in Delray Beach

There is maybe one biggest con when living here. And that is the crime level. It is a bit higher than in the other Urban areas. According to statistics, almost half of the residents think about their safety here. So if you think about moving here with kids, you might want to think about it again. Even though there are some of the best schools here, nothing can compare to the safety of our kids.

palm trees on the street
In this game, Delray Beach vs West Palm Beach wins the one that suits you more

West Palm Beach -pros and cons

With the help of the movers in West Palm Beach, you will be able to enjoy some of the greatest things in this place. For instance, the pro of living here is that there are so many activities you will be able to enjoy along with your friends and family. There are tons of festivals and outdoor activities on the Beach. And the kids will enjoy the nice weather whenever they can. 

The second pro is that this place can be a blast for sports fans. There is all kind of game and activities that include sports, that you will not want to enter your home until the sun goes down.

The biggest con of living here is that it is quite expensive. Of course, there are some areas where you can find a home for a reasonable price, but calculating all the costs of living in West Palm Beach is more expensive than in Delray Beach. 

Delray Beach vs West Palm Beach – costs of living

To compare these two places in the most intensive battle so far, we have decided to give you the costs of living in both places. Note to yourself that these are compared to the national average living cost index that is circled at 100.

Food and groceries – Delray Beach is here leading with a little higher costs than the average, at about 105.9. However, it is still lower than in West Palm Beach.

Hosing – When it comes to housing, Delray Beach has lower costs than the average, it is currently 98.1. While leaving in West Palm Beach you will face the costs of housing that are around 104.4. Little above average.

Overall – The costs of living are definitely cheaper in Delray Beach than in West Palm Beach. But that difference is very small. Overall costs of living in Delray Beach are 102.6. In West Palm Beach the overall costs of living are 108.1. So comparing these two places, you are here in a tie game.

woman having fun on water
There are tons of activities in West Palm Beach

To choose who wins in this battle Delray Beach vs West Palm Beach you will have to think about your needs and interests. But n matter which one of these two places you choose, we are sure that you will not regret it.  Trust your instincts and listen to what your gut tells you. That way you will make the right call.


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