Fastest-growing cities in Florida to settle in 2019

Florida, generally speaking, is a good place to live by all standards. It’s got everything. Job opportunities, great neighborhoods suitable for everyone, low crime rates. As a result of this, many people move into Florida on an annual basis. Some cities are, of course, experiencing a more rapid course of economic, social and urban development than others. And it is these cities that many people go to. Mostly because of the vast economic and social opportunities that they employ. The fastest-growing cities in Florida are becoming larger by the day, and not with a very good reason. Let us dispense with the formalities and take a look at what these cities are.

Fort Lauderdale has always been one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida

Fort Lauderdale is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida for several reasons. First, there’s the temperature. The average yearly temperature over there is 24.2 degrees Celsius (75.5 °F). As you can see, that s a very attractive climate. Especially during the summer days. For this reason, Fort Lauderdale has a reputation as a lively city, with a strong nightlife. It’s also a very popular tourist destination. It’s harbor, Port Everglades, offers not only a strong fishing industry but also a vast number of luxurious cruise ships – 46 in total. For these reasons, Fort Lauderdale attracts a vast amount of outside capital. This is where people come to spend their hard-earned money and, as a result, Fort Lauderdale has been one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida for over a decade now. This is why movers Fort Lauderdale never runs out of business and uphold a high professional standard.

Cruise ships such as this one often make port at fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale is known as a popular cruise ship destination.

Have you considered visiting Winter Haven?

Yes, Florida is a sunny state. Don’t get confused by the name. Winter Haven is a small place, but one that has experienced unprecedented growth since 2011. The town itself is not really large, with about 34,000 inhabitants. But, a decade ago, it was barely on the map. Today, it’s one of the main tourist attractions in Florida and it’s raking in obscene amounts of profit for the local businesses and the government. Why? Because not only is it a great tropical resort, it also houses Legoland. Granted, Disneyland is a bit more popular here and there. But if you like the small town charm combined with an opportunity to make a hefty number of friends from all across the globe, give this charming little town a chance. Legoland has indeed turned Winter Haven into one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida in the past few years.

Legoland with miniatures of LEGO people is one of the reasons why Winter Haven is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida.
If these do not awaken your inner five-year-old, nothing will.

If you like tropical paradises, consider West Palm Beach

The reason why this is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida is that of its dedication to tourism and hospitality. As such, West Palm Beach attracts a massive number of foreign tourists, mostly from other states. This place has something for everyone. If you wish to see Renaissance and Baroque architecture, you don’t actually have to visit Europe. It’s all right there on this side of the Atlantic, in Boca Raton. Should you wish to live in an affluent, high-class neighborhood, there’s Prospect Park. If you come for nightlife, sport, education – this small place has it all. Just contact your West Palm Beach Movers and you’ll be there in no time, enjoying all the benefits that Sunshine State has to offer.

Boynton Beach also shows quite a lot of promise

Another part of the Miami Metropolitan area, Boynton beach is one of the state’s fastest-developing areas. It’s enjoyable thanks to its massive swaths of agricultural land, close proximity to Miami and the West Coast, as well as a large number of both public and private schools. County taxes in Boynton Beach attract many business owners because they’re almost nonexistent. Starting a business anywhere in Florida is easy enough, but over there at Boynton Beach, it’s a piece of cake. This is why many business owners have been flocking over there since the early 19th century and why the city has experienced massive development. For this reason, relocating to Boynton beach is desirable if you wish to enjoy a good climate, gainful employment and good education opportunities at the same time.

Many urban centres in Florida, such as this one, help the city develop and grow economically.
Many of the fastest-growing cities in Florida are urban and industrial centers.

Have you checked Hollywood out yet?

We’re not talking about the one in California. Florida’s Hollywood has it’s own charm too. While you won’t get the chance of meeting Nicholas Cage or Katy Perry in the Sunshine State, you will enjoy the little tropical urban paradise that Hollywood FL is. If you’re a young person looking for a good nightlife, it’s just the place for you. If you’re married with two kids, it’s also great- it’s got over 60 parks, a huge number of golf course and beaches that stretch for miles on end. What’s not to like? So, if you’re a family person looking for a good retirement spot, Hollywood is just the place for you. Due to amazingly low county taxes, it’s super-popular and the crime rates are stooping down year through the year. If you want some peace and quiet, contact your Hollywood FL movers and you can enjoy your senior years in complete serenity.

Sunsets such as these are very common in Hollywood FL.
Hollywood FL is the ideal place to enjoy the stillness of the golden hour.

Keep in mind, these aren’t the only good spots in Florida. Economics is a game of numbers and these towns may not have the best numbers out there. But these are still some highly desirable places to live in, and they are all experiencing rapid development. This is what makes them optimal for anyone who wishes to experience the laid-back Florida lifestyle.

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