Florida Weather Alerts You Need to Know for a Safe and Smooth Move

Weather is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to move. Especially if you live in areas where weather changes and natural disasters are frequent, like Florida. And, as you probably know, is home to catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and high temperatures. For this reason, you must be well informed about the weather forecast during the period of your move. And if you are moving to Florida, then you need to be well informed about the climate, because you will be living here. When it comes to moving, Best Movers in Florida can connect you with movers who can handle all weather challenges, but sometimes they are powerless against nature. So, today we will talk about Florida weather alerts, and warn you about important climate changes!

All you need to know about Florida weather

Florida is known as a sunny country that has the highest number of sunny days in a year. That is about 230 sunny days a year. So, what you can conclude is that warm weather awaits you here, which is suitable for moving. But, in general, what you need to know about the weather in Florida is that there are two seasons, summer and winter. Summers in Florida are characterized by warm days, but also frequent showers and thunderstorms. Summer in Florida lasts from May to October. Winter in Florida has colder temperatures, lower humidity, and less rainfall. And this season lasts from November to April.

Beach in Florida
Temperatures in Florida vary from location to location, but one thing is for sure, the highest temperatures are in the coastal areas.

Also, another important thing you should know is that the temperature in Florida depends on the location and the time of year. For example, the northern parts of Florida are colder than the southern part of this country. Summer temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees, while winter temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees. Depending on which part of the country it’s. Also, another thing that is related to the climate of Florida is the humidity of the air in this country. Given that FL is known for high temperatures if we add to that a high percentage of air humidity that sometimes exceeds 90% you may have a subjective feeling that Florida is much warmer.

For example, in Weston, the temperature ranges from 58°F to 90°F, but the winters are very windy. We will help you to find best movers in Weston, but if you are planning a move you need to be well-informed about the weather to stay safe.

What are the Florida weather alerts you need to know for a safe and smooth move?

Okay, we have established that the weather in Florida can depend on several factors and that Florida is one of the warmest states in the USA. But if you decide to move to Florida, there are a few more things that you need to pay attention to, and that may happen to you during your move. Also, consider cities in Florida people are moving to the most. But, before that, pay attention to the weather problems that may befall you. Try to avoid them and allow yourself a safe and smooth move.

Florida weather alerts are:

  • Hurricane season
  • Storms
  • Heat waves
  • Cold blows

As much as life at sea can have advantages and benefits, it can have disadvantages at the same time. Imagine what consequences hurricanes, storms, and floods leave for the residents of this country. And if your move is hit by one of the hurricanes, in that case, the best movers in Key West won’t be able to help you. Key West has a 16% chance of being hit by a hurricane, but the latest damage is $2,000,000. Also, hurricanes happen every 6 years in this city.

Hurricane season – One of the more significant Florida weather alerts

Florida’s hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 each year. Hurricanes bring strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding. Also, this is the Atlantic hurricane season. And in that period, tropical cyclones usually form in the Atlantic Ocean. What we can advise you if you are planning to move in this period is to be sufficiently informed, and to follow the instructions for emergency evacuation, as well as to have your clothes, raincoat, and winter clothes with you.

Hurricane in Key West, One of the greatest Florida weather alerts to pay attention.
Hurricanes are one of the biggest natural disasters that can hit Florida.


Thunderstorms are most common in central Florida. And that is mainly about 100 days a year followed by storms. The strongest storms occur in the period from the end of May to June. Such storms are accompanied by strong thunder, strong winds, as well as heavy rain. And they can lead to floods, lightning strikes, and other damages.

Heat waves

Florida is known as one of the excellent tourist destinations, but it’s very important to consider when is the best time to move to Florida. Let’s say, heat waves in Florida were followed by extremely high temperatures of over 100 degrees, and high humidity for two days. However, this state is under the influence of a tropical climate in all parts.

Cold blows

Did you know that temperatures in Florida can drop below zero? Yes, it’s possible, especially during the winter months. Cold fronts are also expected for 2023, which will cause the temperature to drop to the 60th degree, and at least to the 40th.

Couple planning a move to the Sunshine State by reading Florida weather alerts
When planning your move, be sure to stay informed about Florida weather alerts.

Carefully choose the period for your move to Florida!

Now that you are informed about the climate in Florida, we are sure that you understand that many sunny days await you, which you can spend enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches such as Delray Beach, Lummus Park Beach, Siesta Beach, and many others. But besides that, you are certainly aware of the consequences that can be brought by the weather disasters we talked about. So, when you decide to move, we advise you to carefully look at the weather forecast and pay attention to Florida weather alerts. Because in that way you will ensure yourself a safe and smooth move!

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