Guide to helping pets adjust to a new home

Throughout the relocation process, we encounter a lot of difficulties. Some of the problems can occur before, or on a moving day. But, the most important thing to do is to adapt well to your new home after you relocate. And adapting to Florida is not that simple, especially if you come from other places with a very different climate. This is especially the case with your pets. Here we will tell you all about how helping pets adjust to a new home is actually easy and fast. It may differ from pet to pet but in time, they will successfully adapt to your new home.

Keeping the same routing is good for helping pets adjust to a new home

With all the things happening right now with your move, the best thing you can do for your pet is to keep the same routine. The main priority of this is to maintain the same things you did with your pet before you moved out. This is especially good for dogs. So, if your k9 is waking up at a certain point in the morning, get him to the yard and give him breakfast. Furthermore, you must follow it with a walk. If you keep that pattern of behavior, your four-legged friends will adapt to your new home in no time at all.

If by any chance you simply must change the routine because your new job is demanding it, try to do it as little as possible. First few weeks are crucial in helping your pets adjust to a new home. After that, and after your pet settled in, any other different thing will just come naturally. This is a very stressful period for your pet. And you must avoid anything stressful at all costs! With that in mind, always ask your moving companies Hollywood FL how do they handle pets and their transportation. Half of the adjustment comes from a stress relocation!

Man walking his dog as one of the ways of helping pets adjust to a new home
Helping pets adjust to a new home is easy if you keep the same routine

Get them to know their new home

As with us, the pets encounter difficulties when they are in the new environment. The best thing you can do for your pet is to take them around your new home. Let them know each and every room of your new place and the outside as well. Remember to take it slowly! Let them explore by themselves and memories how it looks. Furthermore, to make a place feel like home you must put your pets items in the same place as with the old house. If the bowls were in the living room, then they should be there in the new house as well.

This is one of the ways of helping pets adjust to a new home.  Next step here is to spend some time with your pet in your new home. Do not leave them alone instantly. Take some time until they get fully acquainted. What will help your pet adjust is giving them treats whenever they do something good. Also, it is important to give them as much love as you can in that short period of time. Be advised to watch out for some signs of different behavior and react in time to correct it. Remember, it is important to stay consistent and act as the leader!

After the relocation is complete, and until all of your items arrive, spend your time with your pet. In the meantime, you can coordinate with the storage services Florida about storing some of the items you wouldn’t need instantly.

A cat sitting on a closet in new room
Let your pets explore your new home

Take them for casual walks

After a few days you spend in your new home, try to take them out for a walk in your neighborhood. Do not get them too far away, because it is important for them to adapt gradually. And to get to know their new home step by step. Once you circled the block with your furry friend, expand your route. Take them to some other further places and let them explore it. But remember, they can easily get scared, so make sure you let them go in some confined space where they can’t run away. This is one of the ways to get to know your new neighborhood. And simply enough, a good way of helping pets adjust to a new home.

People walking their dog
By walking your dog you both get to explore the neighborhood

Use old items and toys

This is probably the most crucial part of helping pets adjust to a new home! You can use old toys or their favorite items to make them feel like they are at home. They are, like us, creatures of habit. And one of the many habits they have is to play with their toys or just cuddle up with their items. Keep them, as they are very important in the first weeks after the relocation. And try to play with them as much as you can. Let them bring their items around the house. This is good because it keeps their sense of security! They will know everything is fine, and that there is no need for any anxiety and fears.  As you take a stroll around your new home, try to meet other pet owners as well. You will see the results will be amazing, and your pet will adapt in no time! There are many more tricks for pet relocation you can learn. This way you will move without any stress and later relocation anxieties with your pets.

Dog chewing on his toy
Old toys help them avoid any post moving anxieties



Often pets do not have any difficulties in adjusting to a new home. There are few exemptions thou, but if you did what we suggested, then helping pets adjust to a new home will be a breeze. One thing you have to remember when it comes to this is that patience yields focus! You will have to spend some time with your pet in order for them to completely adapt to your new home! If you have any experience with this, please feel free to add up!

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