Tips for handling robust belongings

From time to time, we encounter some problems in our lives. One of those problems can occur while relocating. Especially if you are moving big and robust items. You can easily damage them, or even injure yourself badly! Let us give you advice on handling robust belongings, so your relocation can go smoothly as silk!

Clear out everything before handling robust belongings

Before you even begin loading them up and moving them, empty them completely. When you empty them, they will be much lighter when you carry them around. Furthermore, if you do it, you lower the risk of tumbling inside them, thus making it impossible to damage them. They are quite heavy to carry around on your own, but in the end, if you can, empty them completely. Even the drawers must go out. It is easier to transport them one by one than as a whole. There is one more thing you can do if the item is built that way. You can always disassemble your items prior to the relocation.

Write down on a piece of paper how you did it if you do not posses printed instructions. Use smaller bags to collect and save small parts of the large item you are transporting.  This is the best way to load up and relocate your items without any risks of injuries or damages to your belongings. This is only in case you are moving them yourself. If you opted to let your moving company handle it, then you will be safe knowing nothing bad can happen. Moving companies Boca Raton offer are experienced movers and will relocate your items in no time at all!

Empty cabinet as one of the ways of handling robust belongings
Handling robust belongings requires clearing everything out of the them

Clean them up 

After you got the disassembled or after you removed any removable parts, you can do one other thing. Clean your big items up before packing them! This is a perfect opportunity for you to clean all those places you couldn’t reach before. This will keep your items in perfect condition when you transport them. And when you arrive at the desired place, you will unload them cleaned and already ready for the use. Cleaning your furniture before you relocate is important, especially if you plan a long distance move. During the time needed for transport, the dust can come off and cover other items as well. Make sure you went through all of the big items before you hand them over to your nationwide movers Florida and start your long distance relocation.

cleaning micro fiber cloth
Clean the dust out of your items

Take measures

After you cleaned up and disassembled what can be disassembled, take precise measures of your big items. By doing this, you are making sure they will fit perfectly in the packing boxes, moving the truck and in your new home. This crucial part is important because you can end up taking too much space. It doesn’t matter whether it is the back of the truck or space of your new home. Precise measures will let you plan your interior well and without any problems. Furthermore, you will know whether or not you can fit them through your door and hallway as you carry them. When it comes to heavy and big items, it can get really tricky. The trick in handling robust belongings is good preparation. Whatever you are carrying, there are steps you need to take to prepare yourself and the item. This is no different with kitchen appliances such as the fridge. Make sure you know how to move a refrigerator before you take that task. You could end up injuring yourself if you do not know how to do it properly.

a measuring tape
Take precise measures before you load and unload them to the truck

Clear the pathway

Next stop in handling robust belongings is clearing the path to the truck. After you finish with the previous steps, you need to make sure nothing gets in your way. While you are handling big items, you can easily trip on something you left behind. This can cause serious injuries and damages to both you and your items! On the other hand, if you hire professionals, you can help them a lot by clearing the pathway of any obstacles. It is much easier to carry something knowing nothing can get on your way. You must clear the driveway as well, not only the pathway in your home. Make sure the truck can approach your home as close as it can. It will only fasten the loading process and people won’t get tired by carrying big items around. This is especially the problem when you decide to pack your bedroom. Bedrooms are full of big types of furniture such as a king-sized bed, large wardrobes, and some tables. But, once you know the tricks behind bedroom packing you won’t have any trouble relocating it.

A foyer
Make sure you clear the path to the front door

Learn how to lift heavy objects

Now that all preparations are done, it is time to transport them. There are several techniques people use, but the foundations are all the same. You can use fiber ropes or rope slings to lift your items easily. They are highly durable and can withstand quite a load. But, your back can not! This is a crucial part of transportation. You need to do this right or you risk getting seriously injured. Remember to lift with your legs, not with your back! Keep your back in the straight position and do not bend forward. It helps if you have a friend who can help you with those items. While you both use rope slings, the weight of the item is transferred to both of you. On the other hand, you can opt to leave it all to the professionals. They already know how to do it, and they do have all the necessary equipment.

Man lifting boxes
Lift with your legs, not your back


Handling robust belongings is not a simple matter. There are many things that can go wrong, and even more injuries. That is why we provided you with a step by step guide on how to carry them. Follow this guide and you will surely avoid any injury and load your items easily. Do you know any other trick about big item transportation? Feel free to tell us about it in the comment section!

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