Guide to packing wardrobe

Moving is a quite difficult task. The most difficult part is packing. Most people will get annoyed once the packing starts. The biggest question is how are you supposed to be packing wardrobe properly. Well, we know this is a difficult question. Which is why we have gathered information on this subject, so you do not have to waste time. If you waste time on such trivial things you will not have any time for the things that are more important, like friends and family.

Empty and clean the wardrobe before you pack it

First thing you should do once you get to packing wardrobe is top empty it. Once you empty the wardrobe you should clean it. The wardrobes do not get cleaned as often as we would like. If you are planning to move this wardrobe with you it is good for it to be clean for your new home. If it stays it is just very polite for the new owners of the home. Be sure it is completely empty, you do not want to forget something important inside. If you forget an important item you might have to pay for a replacement. This will only add the costs to your relocation. It is very important to reduce the costs of relocation, to avoid any added stress. Moving companies Clermont FL can help you if you want help with packing wardrobe.

A wardrobe in a bedroom
You need to be sure that your wardrobe is empty and clean when you are packing wardrobe

Make two piles of clothes when you pack your wardrobe

Once your wardrobe is empty and clean you need to organize your things. Well, there are many ways you can do this, but the most efficient one is to make two piles. It might not sound like the most organized way of doing things but it is. The first pile is the “keep pile” and the second one is the “don’t keep pile”. These two piles will help you what items you do not need anymore.

The items you keep

As we mentioned these two piles help you figure out what you need to keep. The first pile will be filled with items you want to move to your new home. These will be clothes you wear or items you use. Ask yourself if you use this item, or wear those clothes often. If the answer is no you should not keep the item.  It sounds simple but it is not. You will need some time, be sure you do not hoard things you do not need. This is especially important if you are moving to a smaller home and you need to downsize. Even if the home is bigger you will waste time and money on packing something that is useless to you.

A pile of clothes, it is important to seperate the clothes you need and the clothes you do not need when you are packing wardrobe
You need to make sure you pack only the things you need

The pile of things you will not keep

While you figure out what you will keep there will be a big pile of things you will not keep. These things should not be packed. Maybe it’s the clothes you can’t wear anymore, maybe they are torn or maybe you just do not like them anymore. If it is an appliance you do not need or it doesn’t work anymore, get rid of it. There are ways you can be efficient while you get rid of things you do not need anymore. You can always sell them. This will reduce the costs of relocation. Old clothes can be useful to wrap the fragile items. This will ensure the safety of your breakable items. If you do not want to be that efficient and you want to be humane you can always donate the things to someone in need. If the thing is completely useless to recycle.

A sale of old things
You can always sell or donate your old clothes, in worst case you can recycle them

How to pack your clothes for the move

Once you sorted what clothes you need you will have to actually pack them. It is not an easy task, but do not worry. You need to figure out which clothes you are going to wear during the relocation. Afterward be sure you pack a spare change of clothes in your essential box. Once you do that start to pack your wardrobe.


Move the drawers full

If you want to save space while you are packing wardrobe move the drawers as they are. This will save you a lot of time while packing. You will not need any extra boxes for this. This is amazing if you want to save packing supplies. You will just need some plastic wrap to seal them and you are good to go. This will also be useful if you want to save some time. You will just seal the drawer and you do not have to organize your clothes at different boxes since you know from what room the drawer was. It will remove the need of labels for your clothes.

Some drawers
If you pack your drawers full you will save space

Use wardrobe boxes when you are packing wardrobe

If you are packing your wardrobe you might think the regular boxes are good for transporting clothes. But this is far from true. You can use wardrobe boxes while you are packing your wardrobe. It is packing made easy. You simply hang your clothes and you are good to go. This will ensure your clothes do not get wrinkles. This might cost a bit more but you will not have o waste any time on ironing the clothes once you arrive at your new home. This is especially helpful when moving long distance since you will be tired from the trip. For long distance, relocation assistance hire long distance movers Florida.

Packing is a hard task. Especially when you start packing wardrobes. But do not worry it is not impossible. If you organize correctly you will be able to pack your wardrobe in no time. People that get scared from a relocation just because of packing will lose a valuable opportunity that comes with relocations. We wish this article is useful to people who want to save time and effort on packing wardrobe.

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