Guide to Packing Wardrobe

Moving is a quite difficult task. The most difficult part is packing. Most people will get annoyed once the packing starts. The biggest question is how are you supposed to be packing wardrobe properly. Well, Best Movers in Florida know this is a difficult question. This is why we have gathered information on this subject, so you do not have to waste time. If you waste time on such trivial things you will not have any time for the more important things, like friends and family.

Empty and Clean the Wardrobe Before You Pack It

The first thing you should do once you start packing your wardrobe is to empty it. Once you empty the wardrobe you should clean it. The wardrobes do not get cleaned as often as we would like. If you are planning to move this wardrobe with you, it is good for it to be clean for your new home. If it stays it is just very polite for the new owners of the home.

Clothes in closet
Empty your closet and clean it

Be sure it is empty, you do not want to forget something important inside. If you forget an important item you might have to pay for a replacement. This will only add to the costs of your relocation. It is very important to reduce the costs of relocation and to avoid any added stress. Rely on one of the finest moving companies Clermont FL and you will experience no unpleasant situations.

Categorize Your Clothes When You Pack Your Wardrobe

Once your wardrobe is empty and clean you need to organize your things. Well, there are many ways you can do this, but the most efficient one is to make two piles. It might not sound like the most organized way of doing things but it is. The first pile is the “keep pile” and the second one is the “don’t keep pile”. These two piles will help you with what items you do not need anymore.

The items you will keep

As we mentioned these two piles help you figure out what you need to keep. The first pile will be filled with items you want to move to your new home. These will be clothes you wear or items you use. Ask yourself if you use this item, or wear those clothes often. If the answer is no you should not keep the item. It sounds simple but it is not. You will need some time, be sure you do not hoard things you do not need. This is especially important if you are moving to a smaller home and you need to downsize. Remember to label everything clearly so that residential movers Florida know which boxes to load. Even if the home is bigger you will waste time and money on packing something useless to you.

The pile of things you will not keep

While you figure out what you will keep there will be a big pile of things you will not keep. These things should not be packed. Maybe it’s the clothes you can’t wear anymore, maybe they are torn or maybe you just do not like them anymore. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things you do not need anymore.

Mother and daughter sorting clohes
Decide which clothing items you are not going to keep

You can always sell them. This will reduce the costs of relocation. Old clothes can be useful for wrapping fragile items. This will ensure the safety of your breakable items. If you do not want to be that efficient and you want to be humane you can always donate the things to someone in need. If the thing is completely useless to recycle.

How to Pack Your Clothes for the Move

Once you sorted what clothes you need you will have to pack them. It is not an easy task, but do not worry. You need to figure out which clothes you are going to wear during the relocation. Afterward, be sure you pack a spare change of clothes in your essential box. Once you do that start to pack your wardrobe.

Pack full drawers

If you want to save space while you are packing wardrobe move the drawers as they are. This will save you a lot of time while packing. You will not need any extra boxes for this. This is amazing if you want to save packing supplies. You will just need some plastic wrap to seal them and you are good to go. This will also be useful if you want to save some time. You will just seal the drawer and you do not have to organize your clothes in different boxes since you know from what room the drawer was. It will remove the need for labels for your clothes.

Use wardrobe boxes when you are packing wardrobe

If you are packing your wardrobe you might think the regular boxes are good for transporting clothes. But this is far from true. You can use wardrobe boxes while you are packing your wardrobe. It is packing made easy. You simply hang your clothes and you are good to go. This will ensure your clothes do not get wrinkled. This might cost a bit more but you will not have to waste any time ironing the clothes once you arrive at your new home. This is especially helpful when moving long-distance since you will be tired from the trip. For long-distance relocation assistance hire long distance movers Florida who are the best in this area.

Get cardboard boxes and use them for clothes

Cardboard boxes are a very economical option for packing your wardrobe with great efficiency. To ensure that they are used effectively, place the clothes folded neatly inside the boxes. In case of delicate clothes, use tissue paper or a clean cloth to cover them. Don’t forget to mark the boxes with the type of clothing inside them, for example, “dresses” and “sweaters”, so you can unpack without any trouble after coming back.

Person packing wardrobe in a box
Feel free to use cardboard boxes when packing wardrobe

Remember to keep your cardboard boxes in good condition to reuse them after the move. When you reach your new destination, just unfold and lay them flat to conceal them until the next time that they are required. This low-waste strategy not only makes your move much easier but also reduces the waste in the long run. Of course, if this is not your cup of tea, packing services Florida are always an option.

Vacuum bags are a great solution for clothes

Packing clothes in vacuum bags is a very good idea because of the amount of space they save. These bags make it possible to compress your clothes, thus making it easy to eliminate air and decrease the packing volume. Such luggage or moving boxes are ideal for optimizing the storage space. Using vacuum bags will enable you to carry a lot of clothes very conveniently, especially for large items such as winter coats or bedding. In addition, these bags offer a lot of additional protection against dust and moisture and also odor during transit. Just vacuum up the air and your clothes are freshened while also keeping their pressed status.

Keep hangers on your clothes

A good strategy is to keep the clothes in hangers during packing. It is time-saving because you don’t need to fold and unfold all the items. Slip hangers with the clothing into garment bags or cover them using trash bags and seal the top of each hanger. This technique also prevents the formation of wrinkles and creases to allow you to unpack your clothes without ironing them.

Clothes on hangers
Let your clothes remain on hangers – this will simplify both packing and unpacking parts

Additionally, it simplifies unpacking because you can hang your clothes in your new closet without having to rearrange them. This method is particularly convenient when handling delicate or fancy outfits, making your wardrobe move easier and more accessible.

How to Pack Sentimental Items?

Safety is an uppermost priority for packing valuables for a move. Begin by gathering the right packing supplies: Strong boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape. Wrap every item carefully to ensure zero level of breakage during the relocation process. If possible, keep these boxes with you on the moving day so that they will remain secure and readily available. But if the conditions do not allow you to hold them conveniently, consider short-term storage. Nurturing and preserving the memories associated with these sentimental objects are very crucial during the whole moving process.

Use Old Shoe Boxes

Do not disregard the benefit of recycling used shoe boxes. These multi-purpose containers are great for sorting a broad spectrum of items. Place shoes in them and store pairs in the shoe towers, not allowing scuff marks to develop. They are also ideal for smaller items such as accessories, stationery, or craft supplies. Label the boxes for easy identification. The nature of their design makes them stackable. Furthermore, recycling shoe boxes contributes towards environmental conservation and helps you keep your space clean. Therefore, before tossing them out, give these shoe boxes a chance to make your move simpler.

Pack Items According to Seasons

One of the best ways to optimize space and remain clutter-free is by seasonally organizing your personal effects. First, go through your possessions and group them accordingly in terms of the seasons they can be used. Keep your current season’s clothes, accessories, and gear in an easy-to-reach way. When off-season items are in question, think about storing them. Storage Florida is certainly a safe place for them. During storage, keep clothes and bedding in airtight containers or vacuum bags to prevent them from contact with dust and moisture. Label each container or bag for easy identification. Storing items that are not in use also enables one to make more room inside your new home.

Packing Wardrobe as a Family Should Be Done Separately

When moving as a family, it is easier to have everyone’s items separate and avoid intermingling them. This method helps keep everyone’s belongings orderly and handy. Family members can always pack their essentials such as clothing, toiletries, and other favorite items in respective boxes or suitcases. Not only does this make unpacking easier but also gives an aura of familiarity and comfort in the new location. Feel free also to include your kids in the unpacking process. In addition, separating items reduces confusion and ensures that each member’s needs are addressed as soon as he or she enters the new home.

Choose the Folding Technique

There are several folding manners for clothes, and we will explain them in detail. Folding clothes is not just about neatness; it can help preserve space in boxes and bags, prevent wrinkles, and make your entire relocation more functional. Knowing different fold kinds will help you determine which ones fit your clothes and storage needs.

The flat-fold technique

Flat folding is a rather convenient technique for clothing folds. This method should be practiced by putting the garment down on a table and smoothing all wrinkles from it. First, fold it lengthwise with the edges or sleeves lined up. Next, fold it over another half or into thirds according to the size needed. This approach eliminates creases and is perfect for t-shirts, jeans, or casual clothes.

Woman holding folded clothes
This technique may work great for you – try it out

It saves lots of space and you can see all your clothes stacked neatly in the drawers or on shelves. This method of folding is very advantageous in that the clothes remain easily accessible, and organized and also helps retain their condition.

The military rolling method is also useful

One of the simplest ways to pack clothes is by using the rolling method used in the military. You should place the garment on a flat surface and remove wrinkles. Now, fold one side inward and roll it up tightly from the start to finish ending with a compact cylinder shape. This method is widely used because it not only reduces space but also relieves wrinkles on your clothes. It is easy to pack rolled garments into suitcases or bags, allowing you to fit more items that are neatly organized. It has stood the test of time and is widely used, even by some military services for its simplicity and efficiency which makes it a great choice.

Think about using the KonMari method

The Marie Kondo method, also known as the KonMari is a handy method of clothing organization. With this method, you should place the garment on a flat surface and work any wrinkles out of it. Fold one side inwards, and then fold the other to overlap slightly. Fold it again half to make a small strip. Lastly, place the folded item up right in your closet or storage so that all clothes are visible at a glance. This approach offers advantages such as the efficient use of box and bag space and wrinkle reduction. It also creates a feeling of being mindful and appreciating your clothes as you fold every piece separately.

How to Move Your Accessories Safely?

As for packing special moving accessories like belts, purses, or other fragile items in the move process, think about their safety. Loop all the belts together into a chain-like structure, then continue adding to it. This prevents them from tangling and keeps their shape. As for purses, use stuffing such as tissue paper or bubble wrap to keep the shape and preserve any delicate ornaments.

Belts and purses
Be careful when packing your belts and purses and they are not going to get damaged

Pack each handbag inside a dust bag or pillowcase to prevent dirt and scratches while moving the bags. Lastly, pack all these items in a solid box and make sure that they are tightly secured to prevent movement during the move. If you follow these steps, your accessories will reach your new home without any sign of damage.

Your Shoes Also Need Attention

When packing shoes during a move, certain precautions are necessary to ensure their impeccable condition. You should thoroughly clean your shoes of any dirt and moisture. Stuff them with old socks, or some newspaper to keep their shape and prevent other items from crushing them. The shoes should be protected from scratches using shoe bags while you cover each pair in clean paper or bubble wrap. If it is possible to put them back in their original boxes because of the size, then they should be faced together so that there are soles upward toward one another. Label the box clearly so that it can be easily recognized. Finally, do not load the box too heavily to avoid damaging either the shoes or their container. With these steps, your footwear will be at its best ready for new adventures.

Make Packing a Breeze!

Packing is a hard task. Especially when you start packing wardrobe. But do not worry it is not impossible. If you organize correctly you will be able to pack your wardrobe in no time. People who get scared of relocation just because of packing will lose a valuable opportunity that comes with relocation. We hope this article is useful to people who want to save time and effort in packing their wardrobe.

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