How To Pack A Pool Table For Relocation?

Believe it or not, it’s not hard to pack a pool table for relocation. It is robust and massive, but you can pack it easily. The first you should do is declutter it, which demands specific knowledge, but you can quickly learn it. However, if you are not sure how to pack, pool table movers Florida will do it for a favorable price.

Pool table
There are tables that are hard for packing

Prepare everything before pack a pool table for relocation

It is for sure that you cannot just put the large pool table in your truck. It would help if you learned how to separate it on pieces to pack. Also, it would help if you protected it adequately from damage and other problems. When it comes to packing, you maybe will need a unique tool for it.

Rent a truck

It should be the first thing you will do when transporting a pool table. You must find an appropriately sized truck, with optional protection parts. The best place to rent the right truck is a moving company. They have high vehicles and works that could provide advice for any occasion. Florida movers is an address that you should go to.

Find appropriate packing supplies

Like you will do when packing a wardrobe, you should prepare proper packing supplies before packing starts. There are a few things that you should have when packing a pool table.

  • One of the things that packing services will recommend to have is cardboard – it is soft, but sturdy, protect adequately, and you can quickly wrap or fold it;
  • Prepare labels – although you will pack a large piece of furniture it is good to inform others that you take something that large and sensitive with you;
  • It is good to have the right tool with you if you want to pack a pool table for relocation – there are many screws and nails that you should remove.

Measure everything

Although the pool table is significant, people sometimes forget about doors, windows, and stairs. It is not good if you find out how large they are when lifting a heavy table and come out. If you do not have a place to keep the pool table, choose one storage service for a while.

Pool table and balls
You should not start to pack pool table without guide

Pack a pool table for relocation easily and safe

The pool table is large but for most people an essential part of the social life. There are no many people that will leave it when moving. You will need to learn how to pack it properly and organize moving. Who knows, maybe you will choose to buy a new one for your house. It is good to know how to pack and transport.

Find as many helpers as you can

Although you will separate the table on smaller pieces, it will still have cumbersome and large parts to take. Ask friends, neighbors, and workers to help you. After you have finished the job, you can play one game with them. The history of the pool table shows that people have loved this sport for centuries.


Finally, the most relevant job if you want to pack a pool table for relocation is to separate it in pieces. It will be best if you have a professional to ask. Otherwise, you can find excellent tutorials on the internet for advice.

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