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Being a resident of Florida is something that many people dream about. Visiting the state once for holidays, many can’t resist its unique charm and allure. There is something about the Sunshine State that won’t leave anyone cold-hearted. But even though Florida is a relatively small state, the 22nd in size, it has 411 municipalities, with 267 cities, 123 towns, and 21 villages. All these places are potentially good places to move to, so how should you decide? If you have been living in Palm Bay for some time, you might feel like it’s time to move on with the help of some of the Best Movers Florida. In this guide, we will give you information and insightful tips for moving from Palm Bay to Brandon.

What should you know before moving from Palm Bay to Brandon?

No two places are the same, even though they might be close or even within the same state. The move you are about to undertake will be a local move, since it includes traveling a distance shorter than 1000 miles. But moving even down the street is still a move. When moving from Palm Bay to Brandon, you will cross 140 miles, from East Florida to West Florida. Luckily, movers in Palm Bay can get you just about anywhere in Florida. Even though both places have a little over 100,000 residents, they all enjoy a suburban feel. These two might seem similar at first, but there are quite a few differences between Palm Bay and one of the bigger suburbs of Tampa.

Picture of a car moving from Palm Bay to Brandon
Between these two places, there is a 140-mile distance

Housing prices are more expensive in Brandon

Florida is known as one of the more expensive states in the USA. Tourism had a big impact on housing prices, but surprisingly, both of these places didn’t follow the expensive housing prices trend. Both in Palm Bay and Brandon, you will be able to find homes that are significantly below the national average, putting the median home value in these places below the line as well. In Palm Bay, the average price of a home is $186,000, while in Brandon it is $225,000 – only $20,000 below the national average. This motivated 78% of the population in Palm Bay to buy a home, while only 54% own their homes in Brandon. If you plan to rent after moving with the help of movers in Brandon, then prepare to pay around $1,400 a month for rent.

What are some benefits of living in Brandon?

The population in Brandon is growing at a steady rate of 0.95% annually. All these people have good reasons to move to this suburb, taking into consideration all the pros that it offers. Some of the biggest benefits that you will enjoy if you make Brandon your home are:

  • Low costs of living
  • Variety of school choices
  • Good location
  • Ease in finding employment
  • The family-friendly amenities

Low costs of living

Even though we previously stated that Brandon is more expensive than Palm Bay, 7% more expensive to be exact, it is still more affordable than other bigger cities in Florida, including nearby Tampa. Housing prices are considerably lower, and even utilities are more affordable. Electricity, for example, is 10% cheaper in Brandon compared to the national average, resulting in an average monthly bill of $177.

Good schools

Brandon is a relatively small area, but it has 58 schools – some of which are public while others are private. There is a stunning number of 41 public primary schools, showing that primary education is very valued in the area. In case you are leaving for Brandon with the help of residential movers in Palm Bay, there is no need to worry about your kid’s elementary education, because Brandon offers the same, if not better, educational opportunities as Palm Bay.

Picture of a kid doing homework
A good educational system is important if you have kids

Brandon has a great location

Tampa is the business and entertainment hub in Hillsborough County, and it is only 19 minutes away from Brandon. This makes commuting to work every day easy, and if you want other entertainment options than that Brandon has to offer, Tampa also has options.

It is easy to find a job in Brandon, although its unemployment rate is higher than in Palm Bay

Even though Tampa is the place of choice for many people looking for a job, Brandon also has good employment opportunities. Healthcare, tourism, and the retail industry are the biggest employers in the area, and there are always vacant job positions for those in search of employment. To be fair, the unemployment rate in Brandon is 4.6% while in Palm Bay, it is 3.3%. Nevertheless, it’s really not that difficult to find a job in Brandon and this change could suit you really well.

Brandon is a family-friendly suburb

If you look at the demographic picture of Brandon, you will notice that a big part of its population is families and young people. A lot of entrepreneurs are also choosing this city. But, even though you might need to move there with commercial movers in Palm Bay, know that Brandon has a lot more to offer than just great business opportunities. This, atop the amazing family amenities that it has, makes Brandon a very family-friendly neighborhood. The Florida Aquarium and the Adventure Island are two local favorites, located conveniently close, to Tampa. Both are great for toddlers, preschoolers, school kids, and adults!

How can you prepare for moving from Palm Bay to Brandon?

Now that you know some basics about moving from Palm Bay to Brandon, it is time to go into the moving details themselves. No move is easy, no matter the distance, and nothing guarantees that it will pass without obstacles and problems. If you want to do everything in your power to have a stress-free move, then you need to:

  • Hire movers on time – movers are the single best thing that you can do for your move. For an affordable price, they will help you with as much of your move as you want. The experience they have in the industry will reflect during every step of the process, and you will be thankful that you hired them. Only keep in mind that reputable movers are fully booked during the peak season, which is usually summer, especially in Florida.
  • Dedicate enough time for everything – moving comes with a long to-do list. All these tasks will require time to complete, so you need to start working on the list ASAP. Some tasks should be dealt with as early as a few months in advance, like decluttering, and other tasks like packing an essential bag should be left for the last few days.
Picture of packed cardboard boxes
If you are moving from Palm Bay to Brandon, make sure to hire movers on time

Have fun in Brandon!

Moving from Palm Bay to Brandon, even though a local move, will seem overwhelming at some point. So don’t hesitate to ask for help, whether that be from professionals or best friends. Whatever you do, remember to do things at your pace, and don’t force yourself. Your well-being should always be a priority, and moving shouldn’t change that. Good luck!

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