Moving From St. Petersburg to Miami

Moving can truly be a blissful experience. There are many things to look forward to once you choose your new home. However, when moving from one city to another, what exactly can you expect? We are here to provide you with answers! In this article, we will discuss moving from St. Petersburg to Miami. Many people are choosing Miami nowadays, and considering how great the city is, why wouldn’t they? Still, we’re going to cover the details of this relocation with you, so you can get the whole picture. Also, if you need any additional help with the relocation, know that it’s always good to hire experienced professionals that you can find here at Best Movers Florida. So, without further ado, let’s see what awaits you after moving to the Magic City!

What to do before the move?

As with many other things in life, moving requires a firm structure and organization. There are a few essential things you need to look at before the move:

  • Set a location
  • Set your budget
  • Prepare your belongings for a move
  • Have a conversation with your loved ones about this process

And, in the end, we highly recommend you ask for moving services Florida to ensure that the whole moving process goes smoothly. Also, make sure to talk about everything you need to the moving company because they will tailor your relocation in the best way possible. Having your organization and movers’ rich moving experience is just what you need!

a young couple preparing their belongings for moving from st. petersbrg to miami
Moving will be easy with the right movers

Moving from St. Petersburg to Miami: what do you need to know?

Before the move itself, you need to ask yourself – what are some things that you should consider? Of course, the most important things for a person is real estate and housing, job opportunities, quality of life, and what the city has to offer overall.

St. Petersburg is a place in which almost 70% of the population are house owners. Additionally, the median home value is $397,507. What makes St. Petersburg special is that 37,7% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree which makes it a well-educated city. On the other hand, Miami possesses more renters than owners, 70,3%. An average household income is $523,492 while 21,84% of the population are bachelor’s degree holders. As you learn new things about your destination, you need to hire reliable best movers in St Petersburg who will reduce all of the stress and anxiety during the process of relocation.

Housing and real estate

We mentioned general statistics of housing in both St. Petersburg and Miami, but what can you expect when you relocate from one place to another? How does housing changes? Since St. Petersburg is generally occupied by houses more than apartments, you will need to accustom to living in a different space. Miami is known for having various apartment complexes. Therefore, you will be introduced to a different kind of neighborhood, different order of rooms, and so on. Moving from St. Petersburg to Miami will benefit young career beginners who just step in in the adult world.

In terms of the prices, it’s important to know that real estate is indeed more expensive in Miami. The median home price in this city is $550,000. St Petersburg isn’t cheap either, but it is still way less expensive than Miami in terms of housing, with the median home price of $410,000. The situation is very similar with rents, and Miami is around 30% more expensive. But, of course, if you want to reduce the price of rent, you can always find a housemate.

Finding prosperous jobs

Another very important thing that you should take into consideration when relocating is finding a suitable job. Be mindful of the employment market that the new place has to offer. In St. Petersburg, workers usually prefer working from home to in the office. Most of the population is involved in the fields of retail, scientific research, accommodation, and education.

man and woman handshaking after a conversation
Finding a job is one of the most important things when moving from St. Petersburg to Miami

On the other hand, the employment market in Miami is a little different. The most popular jobs in Miami are in the fields of healthcare, construction, administration, and retail. Since Miami is suitable for young people, starting a career in one of these fields would be good. In conclusion, we can say that St. Petersburg welcomes people who want to start a family or already have one. Miami is for freshly graduated students who prefer living on their own for starters.

Sites you need to visit

As you settle down and become a local, you need to meet all of the sites and landscapes a new place has to offer. This can be done easily when you have best movers Miami by your side who will instantly make you feel welcome in this beautiful coastal city. It is known that St. Petersburg is a place of beaches. Locals are in love with St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach. It is suitable for a family vacation because it might not be as vibrant and lively as the beaches in Miami are. Your kids can enjoy playing various different sports such as baseball, hockey, and football, or simply enjoy watching some of the games that are played. St. Pete’s beaches are also suitable for your pets!

a group of friends enjoying the beach after moving from St. Petersburg to Miami
It’s a good thing to relax on some of Miami’s beaches

With that being said, you will not miss the sand and clear water because Miami is home to the world-famous Miami Beach and South Beach. Partying, drinking cocktails, dancing, and hanging out with friends are a must here in Miami. It’s perfect for getting your mind off of tiresome everyday duties. If art is your hobby or occupation, Miami is the right place to let your imagination flow. Art Basel in Miami Beach will show you the world of contemporary art pieces and many of them will inspire you to create your own. The outstanding fashion scene of Miami will take your breath away. Miami Design District is the number one place to visit if you want to see famous fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Versace, and plenty more.

Get the best out of moving from St. Petersburg to Miami

We have taken a look at what St. Petersburg and Miami have to offer for their residents. Now, you have all the necessary info. Remember that it’s important to plan a move properly before you hit the road. To sum up, we can finally say that St. Petersburg is a place for young people with a plan of family expansion while Miami is tailored for aspiring artists that want to experience new stuff in different fields. If you’re still keen on moving from St. Petersburg to Miami then we’re sure it will be the right direction. Have a safe relocation!

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