Moving From Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie

Moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie can be a big step in someone’s life. That’s why it will be important to consider factors such as cost of living, quality of life, employment opportunities, and a lot more before you move with the help of Tallahassee moving companies. If you are thinking about moving to Port St. Lucie from Tallahassee, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know before the move.

An overview of Tallahassee and Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie is a coastal city. It’s located in St. Lucie County. It’s famous for its beautiful parks and beaches, making it popular among tourists. But that is not all. It’s also home to the training facility for New York Mets and the PGA Village. PGA Village is an excellent golf course attracting golfers from all around the world. Port St. Lucie’s economy is strong with job opportunities in education, technology, and healthcare fields. So if all of these sound good to you, be sure to hire residential movers in Tallahassee to ensure a smooth relocation.

A beach in Port St. Lucie, FL
Port Sc. Lucie is a beautiful coastal city with a strong economy and lots of recreational opportunities.

On the other hand, Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida. It’s home to a few universities and colleges including Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College. There is a strong sense of community and lots of recreational areas and natural parks in the city. So if you like spending time outdoors, you will love Tallahassee. Also, the culture and arts scenes are thriving, with many museums, art galleries, and theaters throughout the city.

So now that you know what both of these cities have to offer, here is everything you need to know before moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie with the help of commercial movers in Tallahassee.

Finding movers

Finding long distance movers Tallahassee is key to ensuring a stress-free and smooth relocation to Port St. Lucie. There are lots of moving companies available and some of these may not be legitimate. That’s why it will be important to do your research and find movers that are reliable and reputable. Look for movers that are insured and licensed with good reviews from their previous clients.

Finding a place to live

Another thing that will be very important to consider when moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie is finding your new home. According to Redfin, the median sale price for a home in Port St. Lucie is $379.000 while it’s $250.000 in Tallahassee. The rent is also more expensive in Port St. Lucie. It’s $1.750 in St. Lucie while it’s 1.100 in Tallahassee.

couple standing outside the house after moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie
Expect to pay a bit more for housing after moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie.

Job opportunities after moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie

IT will also be important to consider job opportunities before you move here with the help of movers in Port St. Lucie. As we mentioned before, Port St. Lucie’s economy is strong with a focus on education, technology, and healthcare. The largest employers in the city are St. Lucie Medical Center, St. Lucie County School District, and  Lawnwood Regional Medical Center. 

You should also think about your career goals and if there are job opportunities in your field in the city. If you are not certain, make sure to check with local employment agencies in Port St. Lucie or look for professionals in your field to discuss it. 

The cost of living between these two cities is fairly similar

When moving to a new location, it’s very important to consider the cost of living as well. However, the cost of living difference is not that big. Overall, Tallahassee is 11% cheaper than Port St. Lucie, and the only notable difference is with housing. If you intend to buy a home in Port St. Lucie, know that it would, on average, cost you around 30% more than in Tallahassee.

Port St. Lucie has great public transportation system

You should also consider transportation before moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie. There is a well-connected road network meaning it’s easy to get around with a vehicle. Also, there’s a public transportation system that offers buses and trolleys. And if you need to fly, Palm Beach International Airport is only an hour away. But if you plan on driving here, don’t forget that the city experiences heavy traffic in the rush hour.

cars on the street
There’s a well-connected road network in Port St. Lucie making commuting by car easy.

Good educational opportunities await you after relocating to Port St. Lucie from Tallahassee

If you have kids or plan to have them in the future, schools are probably an important factor for you. The city is served by the Lucie County School District which offers high-quality education. There are over 30 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and 8 high schools. There are also a couple of private schools in the city. These include St. Lucie Christian Academy and Morningside Academy. Tallahassee is, of course, home to some great schools and colleges as well, but the most important thing here is that your kids will have more than enough educational opportunities after making this move.

Things to do in Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie has lots of outdoor activities and beautiful beaches. There are a couple of parks and nature preserves, however, the best one is Savannas Preserve State Park. You can fish, bike, and hike here. Also, there are a couple of golf courses, including the PGA village. This is a golfer’s dream.

And if you want to learn about arts and culture, there are a few theaters and museums. These include A.E. Backus Museum and Gallery and Sunrise Theatre. Port St. Lucie also hosts a couple of festivals during the year including the Lucie County Fair and Port St. Lucie Arts and Crafts Expo. 

Enjoy your move

Moving from Tallahassee to Port St. Lucie can be a major change that will need a lot of planning and consideration. So if you are planning to move here, make sure to research the housing options, job opportunities, cost of living, transportation, schools, and things to do. With some planning and research, you can make an easy transition and enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer. Of course, if you want to make your move even smoother, take a look at the database of Best Movers Florida and find professionals who can relocate your possessions in a safe and timely manner.

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