Moving your office to Boca Raton: How to do it

Moving is always exciting and can sometimes be exhausting. No matter if you are moving your office to Boca Raton or just moving to a new home. And starting a new life in a new town. You have to think about a lot of things. And prepare for the whole packing and relocation process. You can either do it on your own or hire commercial movers Boca Raton residence recommends. It is up to you, whether you have the time to do it by yourself, or your budget lets you hire professionals.

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff before moving your office to Boca Raton

Put everything on a piece of paper. You should make a list of all your belongings. After creating a list it is time to get rid of unnecessary things. On that list will probably be some files, documents, or any other paperwork that has been there for too long collecting dust. Now is the time to go through all those docs one by one and see what is important and should be kept. Or shredded to pieces. In case you have private items such as photos you can pack them with you. Or return them to your home. You might collect all important documents inside a plastic bag or cardboard box. Be sure to mark them. And you should keep them with you during the whole moving process. Just for safety reasons.

moving your office
Be sure you get rid of all the unnecessary items before you start packing your office inventory.

Paper clips, notes, and dried-up pens are all unnecessary items that you need to get rid of. Since you won’t be needing them in your new office. Make sure to check each drawer in your working desk and throw out all the junk that has been accumulated over time. You will need a lot of packing supplies if you want to pack your inventory on your own. In case you cannot deal with packing, most of the moving company’s offer professional packing services. You can also find them online, or ask for referrals from your friends and colleagues.

Here is a must when it comes to packing supplies:

  • cardboard boxes are a must for moving your office to Boca Raton
  • duct tape
  • bubble bags
  • the right tools in case you need to disassemble some furniture
  • moving blankets or sheets to pack and move office equipment
  • a dolly

Packing the electronic devices

After you finished sorting your documents it is time to take care of your office electronic equipment. And those are computers, printers, office phones, wireless routers. You have to protect your office items from damage during transportation. And that is why you have to keep all wires and cables properly separated and organized. To secure and prevent tangling during the move. You can also pack wires in their own boxes. Or pack them with the appropriate equipment, so you won’t lose them. 

electronic devices
Pack your electronic devices properly so you can reuse them in your new office.

Be cautious and use a lot of padding materials when packing office equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, phone systems. Those items require special care and make sure that they get it. 

All the wires should be disconnected when packing computers. You should pack each component carefully. Make sure to secure computer monitors, keyboards, mouses. In case you have the original box for the computer monitor use it. Otherwise, use a similar size box with padding and use blankets to additionally protect the screen. Once you pack office equipment and electronics, close the boxes and secure them with a few layers of durable packing tape. In case you don’t have the time to do this on your own best movers in Boca Raton can help you with that. The next step is that you start packing your furniture.

Prepare your office furniture for the move

This is an important part as well as electronic devices. Office furniture also deserves special treatment when it comes to packing. When it comes to your office desk, you should disassemble it. If it’s possible of course. Make sure to unscrew and remove all the drawers, racks, and other parts of the desk. Try to keep all the screws and bolts in a bag, so you won’t lose them. Wrap all the parts in protective blankets to protect them against any kind of damage and use packing tape to secure them. 

office desks
You can disassemble massive office furniture to pack them easier.

Make sure that the filing cabinets are locked before packing them. Protect all its shelves and cabinets with a few layers of strong bubble bag. To protect the drawers from damage it is best to wrap them with stretch wrap. Since you will have a lot of boxes and plastic bags it would be good to label them all. So you don’t mix them. You can sort them by department, employee, floor, or simply by content that is inside.  That way you will have a better overview of all equipment and furniture. Or your potential movers, it will make their life a bit easier on a moving day. When it comes to loading and unloading the boxes.

Find reliable movers when moving your office to Boca Raton

In case you are not able to organize the office move on your own, you should hire a reliable moving company. This is sometimes a challenging task. When comparing your movers, you should choose at least 5 companies. In that case, you will always have a backup plan. In case something goes wrong. Most of the good moving companies will give you a free estimate. Use this as an advantage that will give you a better overview of the whole situation. That way you will be able to compare prices. Make sure to read the reviews on the company’s web page.

The crucial thing when choosing your future reliable movers is that the company offers insurance. In case your items get damaged or stolen during the relocation. You can never be careful enough. Moving your office to Boca Raton can be challenging, but on the other hand, exciting as well. Preparation is key, no matter if you do it on your own, or hire the pros to do it for you.


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