Predictions for Florida Real Estate Market by 2022

It doesn’t matter where do you plan to relocate, there is one thing you need to be aware of. And that is the real estate, and how it is functioning in the state where you would like to go. There is no reason for you to relocate to a place where you will have to pay much more for your rent or the house in general. Now, Florida is becoming more and more popular. And among a big number of cities, people rather buy their own homes, instead of renting them. This immediately means that the real estate market is quite well in Florida, and it is functioning properly. If you were planning to move there, first check on the predictions for Florida Real Estate Market by 2022. There are other things to do as well, such as finding the best movers in Florida for this relocation, and so on.

Aerial view of a city in Florida by the beach.
If predictions for Florida Real Estate Market by 2022 are alright, prepare yourself for your new life.

Florida is one of the best places to move in, so will predictions for Florida Real Estate Market by 2022 ruin that?

If you make some researches from 2020 and what the predictions were for 2021, you will realize they were absolutely true. The real estate market expanded even more, and it kept growing. Because of this reason, many people, not only from the United States but from all around the world kept coming to Florida to live. And when we say to live, it means that they had to buy a home, right? Not only the real estate market was growing, but the economy too. Florida can be expensive, of course, but there are cities that are quite affordable. We are not only talking about the costs of living because that is not the only important thing. We are also talking about the housing options and prices.

Back in 2020, in Florida, the median single-family home price was $290,00, and in 2021 it is $355,000. The prices are getting higher, and this means that the business is still ongoing. Now, if you planned on moving, you will need to check the predictions for Florida Real Estate Market by 2022, because the year is ending very soon, and things are about to be different. Sometimes that difference is quite big, but sometimes it is not even noticeable. The sooner you finish with this research, you will be able to start looking for the interstate movers that will relocate you to any city in Florida.

What is the real estate market in Florida right now like?

In addition, to realize what are the predictions for the following year, you need to understand what is the current situation. Even though the year is almost coming to an end, it is necessary to know. It will help you to understand everything better. And this way you will be able to compare the statistics with your current state where you live. Now, we mentioned above the approximate price for a single-family home. But let’s check out now in more detail how much is for what.

The median sale price for a single-family home is $354,000. This means that it is up 18% from the past year. And the median price for condo-townhouse units is $252,000. It is up 16.1% since last year’s August. In Miami, the median home value is $317,700, but in Tampa, for instance, is $238,900. And in Orlando, it is $240,000. So, this means that in each city, it is a different price. Also, you can always ask your long-distance movers if they know some prices, and what the situation is like in each area. They moved a lot of families, and they probably know better than you do.

Hand showing statistic charts.
On statistics charts, you can see that the real estate market is increasing, which is good for the economy.

What are the predictions for Florida Real Estate Market by 2022?

Now, the moment you all have been waiting for. What will actually happen in 2022 and is Florida a proper place to choose to relocate there? For sure, we can tell you first the answer. Yes! And now, you wonder why, and what the predictions are saying. Well, first of all, it is believed that even more people are going to move to Florida. And this immediately means that more people will be interested in Florida real estate market. And another very good thing to know and find out is that the Federal Reserve confirmed they will keep interest rates low at least until 2023, due to the crisis and all the situations caused by the pandemic.

Also, it is believed that new home construction will gain popularity. Maybe you know this, or maybe not, but more and more homes are building each year. So if you are scared of not finding a proper new home, you don’t have to be, because it is impossible to happen. And, what is very important to understand, is that real estate prices and even rents are going to increase more and more. This is normal and completely expected when compared with the number of people coming to live in Florida. So, what are you waiting for? Get your commercial movers and come already.

What are you waiting for? Find your movers already!

When you finally understand that the predictions for the following year are positive and that Florida is a good choice, the only thing left to do is to relocate. And when it comes to this, don’t even think about doing it on your own. There are people for are professionals that will do it for you. Movers hired by moving companies have experience and they know the job for sure better than you do. You need to find a moving company that is reliable and licensed. Be aware of the scammers and make your choice as soon as possible.

House on the beach in Penascola, Florida.
If you choose Pensacola, your dream of living by the beach will realize.

Choose the best city

You are now one step away from buying your home, or even renting one, in Florida. You need to choose the city where you want to live. For sure, any city you choose is a good choice. You will have amazing weather all year round, and fun in Florida is everywhere. This will mostly depend on your job and your personal preference. Among many people, Sarasota, Tampa, Jacksonville, Naples, and Pensacola are the best ones. Discuss it with your family, and start looking for your new home.


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