How to prepare plants for relocation

For those who do not have many plants in their home (or not at all), it seems incredible that people can even ask how to prepare plants for relocation. However, this is a very important segment for every owner of at least one (serious) plant. The thing is that flora migration should, in fact, be approached with great care. So let’s see how to do it safely – so your greenery still is in great condition once you move.

How long is the trip

First of all, it is very important to know how long the moving process is going to take. In this way, you can prepare the plants for relocation adequately. Quite logically, it’s much easier to pack them if you move to another area in the same city. And it’s a completely different story if you move to another city or even a country! Still, no matter where you will move, you have to secure your plants and place them in the moving vehicle in the best way possible. So let’s see how to prepare plants for relocation – the right way.

pots - prepare plants for relocation
Prepare your plants for relocation properly, so they can sustain the stress

Temperature changes

You have to keep in mind that most plants tolerate sudden changes in temperature very difficult. So, if you are moving to colder places, it would be great to bring plants from the vehicle while it’s still in the garage. The other option is to prepare an adequate temperature in the moving vehicle before you bring in the plants. Of course, professional moving companies know already what is the right procedure to move plants. If you are moving from or to a place where the temperature is completely different, movers can advise you on what is the best solution to prepare plants for relocation.

You also have to think about the humidity. Let’s say you’re moving from Crestview to Boynton Beach – that may seem a small temperature change for you, but your plants will definitely feel it. So it’s best to contact Boynton Beach moving companies that can help you make the best relocation move for your beloved plants.

Useful tips when you prepare plants for relocation

Besides temperature, most plants poorly tolerate moving in general. In order to minimize this stress, it is necessary to provide them with a comfortable microclimate when transporting. This is especially important with long journeys. So just think logically: the conditions that suit you will probably suit your greenery. The temperature in the vehicle should be pleasant, plants should not be exposed to direct sunlight, it should be adequately watered, etc. If you move plants to a completely different climate, wrap the plants in newspapers before loading them in the moving vehicle. Remember: just a few seconds of exposure to very low temperatures can hurt them.

living room
Watch out for temperature changes when you move your plants

Hiring movers

Even if you’re thinking should you hire a professional moving company, you should know a few things before you start moving your greenery on your own. The thing is that professionals already know most of the important details related to safe plants relocation. And movers probably know more about moving plants than you do – especially cause they moved many different types of plants. So movers who are truly professionally engaged in this business in Florida will probably provide information about the proper way of moving. And all this in order to preserve your plants in the best way possible!

City or interstate

If you are moving to another place in town, simply pack the plants into open boxes. Insert the scraped paper or some other material between the pots that will be used for amortization during the transport. Then, put the plants in a car or a moving vehicle and go to your new home. It’s simple as that. However, if you are moving to another city or state, you should probably get some professional help. Look into best interstate movers Florida offers and check your options. Your plants will thank you later.

How to prepare plants for relocation


Above other things, it is essential that the plants are well packed. First of all, this implies securing the pot. And this is especially important for high plants. Since they are most often transported in a lying position, it is crucial to wrap the pot with thick nylon. After this, you can secure the tree with the adhesive tape.

You have to take care not to glue the tape very hard in order to prevent damage to the plant itself. This way of packing will ensure that the ground remains in the nylon in lying position. Also, during unloading, it will be very easy to return the plant to the pot. Besides this, do not forget to take care of how the leaves of this plant are laid. If necessary, you can also place a thick blanket or sheet on the floor of the vehicle, so that the leaves would not be damaged.


As we said, the transportation of smaller plants is much easier, especially if you don’t move too far. In these situations, it is best that plants are sorted into plastic or cardboard boxes. Between them, you can put either newspapers or old clothes, so the pots do not bump into each other. It would be great that the height of the boxes corresponds to the height of the plants.

Of course, there are special plants that, with their dimensions and weight, belong to a special type of heavy burden. In this case, hire a moving company that has experience in relocating different flora, such as for example a botanical garden. For example, Hollywood movers in Florida have extensive experience in transporting large and heavy plants. And you need a company that has all the necessary equipment for safe loading, unloading, and transfer.

Moving in

If you were struggling with the problem of how to prepare plants for relocation, we hope that we helped you a bit. Still, we want to emphasize that it is just as important how you will take out the plants when you arrive at your destination. If you hire a professional moving company, you have nothing to worry about. Movers know exactly how to get the plant out of the vehicle without damaging it. Your only job is to place the plant in the new space and to give it enough time to recover.

In the end, remember that every plant, just like a human, reacts differently to changes, so it can happen that some will recover very quickly, and some may take their time. Care them with much attention and let them get used to the new environment!

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