Trending job opportunities in Florida

If you’re not relocating for a job you already have, preparing for the job hunt should be one of the things you think about before moving. This can even affect where you’re moving as finding work is not equally easy everywhere. But if you’re interested in any of the trending job opportunities in Florida on this list, you should have no trouble finding something anywhere in the state. That’s great news for statisticians, construction workers, and physical therapists among others!

Why is it important to know about trending job opportunities in Florida?

Once you’ve sold your old house and properly moved into the new one, you’ll want to build a whole new life there. Moving and storage Florida is just a part of your relocation and that part is over with. A huge part of starting a new life somewhere is finding a steady job. And these trending job opportunities in Florida are exactly what you need! If you’re interested in any of these positions, not only will you have an easier time finding work but you can also expect to keep it as these professions are not going anywhere in the upcoming years.

Four men sitting at a desk.
Trending job opportunities indicate future growth.

Looking at these fast-growing industry openings can also give you an idea of where Florida is headed in the future. A lack of retail jobs on this list, for example, is a good omen for Florida’s economy. The high demand for construction workers is also positive – it indicates a housing rebound and expected population growth.

How did we decide on the most sought after trending job opportunities in Florida?

The Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics for each state compile projections for job growth by occupation every couple of years. The last time they did research was back in 2014. The projections they made at the time go all the way to 2024. In order to ensure the positions stay relevant in the future too, we looked at those trending job opportunities in Florida that forecast at least 1000 workers in 2024. The jobs with the most growth and biggest opportunity made the cut. So unless you are looking for a place to start your own business, these are the job openings you want to consider for steady work!

What are the trending job opportunities in Florida?

The two fastest-growing fields in Florida at the moment are construction and medicine. But even other professions in things like management, bookkeeping or automobile services are showing growth. This variety of job opportunities is a great sign for Florida’s future! Overall, it’s not a bad time for job-seekers to look for top moving companies Crestview FL and head on over to the Sunshine State.

Construction jobs

Although it is not often seen as particularly prestigious, construction work requires a lot of skill. This skill will be rewarded in the upcoming years in Florida. There’s a variety of positions that are in demand at the moment and for which you can expect to see listings in the upcoming years.

Construction site.
Construction jobs are in high demand.

The demand for bricklayers and cement masons, for example, har grown 6% and 5% respectively over the last few years. There have been hundreds of listings for these positions across all Florida counties and major cities. Carpenters and roofers are also in high demand with open positions in the thousands in some parts of the state.

And even not having any experience in working construction may not be an obstacle! Many skilled workers left the state during Florida’s housing crisis and hundreds more retire every year. Most young people, on the other hand, are not interested in finding work in construction. All of this has left a mark on the industry which is now desperate for new workers. This means many apprenticeships and learning positions are also open. And this demand for skilled workers has caused their salaries to steadily increase. So this might be the perfect time to consider a career in construction.

Medical jobs

Greater trust in the economy and a better understanding of the Affordable Care Act has caused an increase in new hires in medical professions. In some specializations, jobs are up three-fold in the last two years. Operating room and labor and delivery nurses, in particular, are in high demand. But registered nurses, in general, can also expect to find work in Florida with ease.

A group of doctors walking down a hallway.
Florida needs more nurses.

Other popular professions in the medical field are medical and clinical lab technicians, medical records and health technicians, and dental hygienists and assistants. For medical assistants alone, for example, there have been nearly 2,500 job openings in the past year. And physician assistants, physical therapy assistants, and occupational therapy assistants are also in high demand. So if you’re tempted by any of Florida’s top colleges, medicine is the way to go!

Other industries

And if you’re not much of a physical worker or a medical practitioner, don’t worry! There are other options available to you in Florida too. There has been a swell in demand for first-line supervisors in a wide variety of industries including construction, housekeeping, automotive and retail. Across all counties, there have been literal thousands of job openings for first-line supervisors in the last year.

There’s some variety in popularity of different jobs in different counties. Broward County, for example, is looking for more bookkeepers, accountants, and auditors. Miami-Dade, on the other hand, is in need of automotive service technicians and Palm Beach County needs more massage therapists. Finally, there is a lack of miners and statisticians across the board.

Employment in Florida

Although there is a lot of regional variation, Florida is overall a good place for job seekers. The unemployment rate as of June 2018 is 3.8% on average which is somewhat lower than the national average of 4%. The unemployment rates have also been more or less steadily declining since 2010 which is a good sign. While the pay is slightly lower than in most of the other states (with skilled work going for about $23/hr and entry-level positions paying around $14/hr), the lack of income taxes largely balances it all out. So what are you waiting for? Go and ace that job interview!

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