Room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals

Do you break out in cold sweat when you think about all the packing you need to do for your upcoming move? Nobody can blame you for that! Packing is definitely a very daunting task. Even if it weren’t stressful, time-consuming and physically demanding, it would be a difficult project due to its sheer size. After all, properly packing every single thing you own is not easy. That is why Best Movers Florida is landing you a hand! These room-by-room packing guidelines from professional movers will help you stay organized and pack like a pro in no time.

Organization is key

Like with any other big task, good organization is the key to success when it comes to packing. Without a plan, you will just end up running around like a headless chicken, constantly forgetting things. Not to mention, the unpacking will be hell too if you just put things in boxes without order.

Planner and laptop on desk.
The organization is the key to successful packing.

It is vital that you make at the very least a vague plan before you get started. Decide on the order in which you’ll pack the rooms. Will you start with the most difficult ones? Or the ones farthest from the door? Upstairs or downstairs? Try to stick to some sort of schedule. Pack one room per weekend, one floor per day or just set a date by which you need to be done. There are plenty of different ways to organize your packing, the important thing is that you do organize it.

Start on time

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is underestimating how long packing takes. As all professional movers Sunny Isles Beach FL can tell you: it’s never too early to start packing! You don’t want to end up frantically taping boxes when your movers arrive. Instead, start early and pace yourself.

Get enough supplies

Running out of supplies mid-packing can cost you time and nerves. So consider the types of materials you need before you start packing, then make sure you get more than enough of them. Dealing with the extras will be easier than having to find more!

Room-by-room packing guidelines to follow

If you’ve moved before and used professional packing services Florida, you may have noticed that movers do room-by-room packing. This is the most efficient way to pack all your belongings. If you’re doing the packing yourself, try to stick to the same method.

Room-by-room packing: kitchen and dining room

Between the appliances, the fragile glassware, and the oddly shapes items, the kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to pack. You will almost certainly underestimate how much time it takes to finish it up. Because of this, you want to make sure it is among the first rooms you pack.

Start by getting rid of the food, especially perishable items. Eat what you can, leave enough for the moving day and find your local food bank to donate the rest. Then move on to china and glassware. Line the boxes with towels or blankets for extra shock absorption. Wrap individual plates and glasses in newspapers or tissue paper to prevent damage. Crockery and cutlery are next on your list. Stack pots into each other by size and pack lids vertically to save space. Tie your cutlery together with rubber bands so it doesn’t get lost or jostle too much during transport.

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to pack.

Finally, pack the kitchen appliances. Unplug them, clean them thoroughly and take them apart where you can. Use original packaging if you still have it – it’s made specifically for this purpose! If you don’t have the original packaging, wrap the appliances in bubble wrap and carefully place them in appropriately sized boxes. Label the boxes as fragile.

Room-by-room packing: living room

By far the biggest concern with packing the living room are the electronics in it. Unplug your TV, stereo, speakers and other equipment. Roll the cables up and secure them with twist ties or rubber bands. Ideally, you want to use the original packaging for all the appliances and electronics. If that’s not possible, make sure the box you are using has enough protective packing material. Avoid material that conducts electricity as it can cause damage to your electronics. Don’t forget to label the boxes as fragile and mark which side is up.

If you’re moving any framed art, photographs and mirrors of large dimensions, tape a large X over the glass. In case something happens and the glass breaks, it won’t shatter everywhere and become a hazard.

Room-by-room packing: bedroom

You can get pretty creative when packing clothes and bedclothes! Since the vast majority of them don’t have to keep a particular shape, you can stuff them into any available space you have. Use suitcases, bags or the drums of washing and drying machines. You can even repurpose some of your clothes or linens. Sheets can be a great way to protect the mattress during a move, blankets can line boxes for fragile items and you can even put balled-up socks in your glasses so they don’t break.

Rack of clothes.
Luckily, clothes are usually not difficult to pack.

Room-by-room packing: home office

Home offices can be tricky to pack. Not only is there fragile computer equipment to worry about, but the weight of papers and books adds up quickly. Be very careful not to overstuff boxes! Just because you can fit an entire bookshelf in one box, doesn’t mean you should. A heavy box is harder to carry and can even be dangerous for your health. Any important documents like house deeds, employment contracts, medical records, and insurance policies should be kept separate and travel with you. You do not want to risk losing these!

Room-by-room packing: bathroom

You can pretty much always safely leave the bathroom for last. There isn’t much to pack and what there is, you will be using right up until moving day. Make sure the medication is securely sealed and bring it with you. Finally, pack an essentials toiletry bag for moving day – toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes and anything else you may need on the day of the move and immediately after. That way you won’t have to go digging through boxes for basic toiletries when you’re already exhausted after a long day. Your first evening in your new home should be a pleasant one!

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