Best FL cities for IT experts

It is not easy moving to Florida in search of a better job in IT sector. Especially if you do not know where to begin with your search. We thought about this issue and wrote an article covering this topic! After reading, you will have a good idea of what are the best FL cities for IT experts! Continue reading to find out more about these special places!

Wesley Chapel is one of the FL cities for IT Experts

What’s better than looking for a new place to start your new career? Knowing more about some seemingly unknown place and getting a pleasant surprise! Wesley Chapel is located just north of Tampa, and their growth far exceeds expectations! And simple information such as 370% rise of population in the period of 2008 – 2011 tells a lot. Meaning people recognizes a lot of potential in this city!  The employment rate is as high! Over 75% of the population that is able to work, works!

Group of cartoon people as par of the best FL cities for IT experts
With 370% population rise, Wesley Chapel is among the best FL cities for IT experts

Almost a quarter of people work in the education field, social assistance, and health care. 13% are in finance and insurance, renting, leasing and real estate! In the 21st century, we can’t emphasize enough how each and every one of these work fields requires IT, experts. So if you opt for moving to Wesley Chapel you won’t make a mistake! Just talk with your long distance movers Florida about it and be on your way to your new home!

Cooper City

As one of the North Miami suburbs, Cooper City has a stable population. A small growth of 0.7% in the 2008 – 2011 period. Although there isn’t such a huge growth as with Wesley Chapel, they also have a 75% high employment rate. It is good to mention that a median household income revolves around $92.000. One of the main work fields here is education, health care, social services, and others. Making Cooper City ideal for any newcomers who plan to work in the IT sector here! Mostly because Cooper City is in deficit when it comes to IT experts! Which is why he is on our list of best FL cities for IT experts!

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Median household income in Cooper City is $92.000

If you decide to move to Cooper City you need to prepare well for relocation! Especially when it comes to packing all of your electronics! Moving boxes are just one of the most important things you need to get! And it is a good thing to know where to find quality moving boxes Florida! This way you will know you are putting your appliances in good moving boxes!

Coral Springs

Just 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale you can find the city called Coral Springs. There is just a 3% decline in population, but they still remain high on employment rate! Just over 75% of people are currently employed. It is a good thing to mention the median household income! It goes around $71.000 per year! As with the rest of the cities, they also work in education, health care, and social services!  There are also a lot of scientific centers, management, and other administrative services!

man working on his laptop
IT experts are always needed in education

So moving to Coral Springs is not a bad idea after all! But it also takes time to prepare! You need to pack a lot of items, especially your working stations! Know how to pack laptop for the move before you relocate to Coral Springs any time soon!


As one of the best FL cities for IT experts, we couldn’t miss Wellington on our list! This particular Palm Beach County holds the employment rate of 70%. Median household income here is around $80.000. This only ensures that wellingtons are among the best FL cities for IT experts! As with the previously mentioned cities, the biggest employers are in education, health care, and social services. But, there are also other branches that may need IT, experts, as well. And those are scientific, professional, management and administrative services.

FL cities for IT experts - A chart
Wellington shows significant economic growth

What you may not know is that Wellington shows significant economic growth! This fact proves to the investors that the city of Wellington is more than welcoming to anyone willing to work here! It is also good to know about the cities with economic growth in Florida! Especially if you are looking for a Florida city to settle in!


There is a small growth in population in Weston city! Roughly about 3.7% in the period from 2008 – 2011. It also records the good and healthy employment rate of 70%. But what makes Weston one of the best FL cities for IT experts is high median household income! Roughly $95.000 comes per year! The services we mentioned such as education, social assistance, and health care are also very popular in Weston. But that doesn’t mean you, as an IT expert can’t find your place in Weston!

Education and health services as employers are on the rise!  Which is why a lot of people wants to live in Weston. And it is a good thing to know about popular jobs in Florida before you start searching for the city to live in. This will give you a good idea on where to focus your search as an IT expert!

The best FL cities for it experts aren’t hard to find! Mostly because every city today requires services from IT experts! The cities we cited on our list proved a lot of opportunities for IT experts! We hope our guide helped you enough and that now you have a clear idea about these places! If you want, you can leave feedback by commenting on our article!

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