Tips for preventing mold in storage units

We will all agree that protection of your belongings is always on the first place when you are thinking about storage units. Many Storage facilities are preventing mold in storage units in Deerfield Beach FL. However, there are always exceptions that can ruin your belongings with their negligence and irresponsible behavior. Indoor humidity in your storage unit must be between 30% and 50% and this level of humidity is also comfortable for people. However, it also works well to prevent mold and mildew from developing. Everything that crosses this limit of humidity will tend to occur the problems with mold and moisture. For instance, if moisture starts appearing in your storage unit, anything that you have inside will become susceptible to mold, mildew, corrosion, and rust. And we are about to help you to prevent damage from these factors.

Check for humidity level in your storage unit

This is the first step in preventing mold in storage units. It is really important to measure the humidity level inside your storage. Have in mind that indoor humidity should never exceed 50%. There are many ways to check humidity.

preventing mold in storage units - Water drops
The first tip for preventing mold in storage units is to check that your humidity level doesn’t cross 50%

One of them is to ask professionals about their methods. You can consult local movers Florida and they will be able to help you to protect your belongings and measure the humidity level in your storage unit. However, you can install a relative humidity gauge inside the storage unit and do measuring on your own. In both cases, you must pay a penny or two but it will cost less than damaged belongings. Since you are done measuring you’ll know what are the next steps that you need to take.

Inspect for leaks in your storage

People in Florida usually underestimate problems with mold, because they think that hot weather is more than enough to prevent mold and moister. They are wrong because mold and mildew prefer very hot temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or more. This is a big misconception about these problems and it can cost you a lot if you are not well-informed. If you are about to rent or purchase outdoor storage unit you need to inspect for potential cracks and holes.

Inspect your storage and be sure that there are no leaks through which moisture can reach to your belongings

A simple inspection can spare your precious belongings from unexpected damage. Small leaks can be a huge problem especially throughout Florida’s rainy season. The conclusion is that you must not be careless and lazy, you must double-check your new storage unit to avoid common storage mistakes.  Do your homework and you will start preventing mold in storage units.

Search for a climate-controlled storage facility

Many storage facilities have both air conditioning and dehumidifiers. Both of those climate systems will help you in preventing mold in storage units. Let be clear mold usually forms at around 60% of relative humidity, and forms faster as humidity increases. Similarly, mold and mildew prefer very high temperatures and in Deerfield Beach Florida there’s a lot of sun throughout the year.

Climate-controlling system are preventing mold in storage units
There are storage units that have climate-controlling systems

Therefore search for a climate-controlled storage facility to protect your belongings. There are many benefits of renting storage units but for extra protection of your belongings, climate-controlled storage units are outstanding. The safety of your valuable things is the most important.

Your items must be dry

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. In this case, this is the truth because one damp item can ruin all items in your storage unit. One wet item can increase humidity and leave open door accidentally and mold and mildew will grow on your belongings. With this on your mind be sure that your belongings are well-packed and dry.

Packing supplies
In order to protect your items from mold, you need to pack them properly

If you are not sure that you can handle packing alone search for moving companies Deerfield Beach FL. Professional movers will be sure that your belongings are all completely dry with no traces of moisture before packing. Pay special attention if you are storing surfboards, swimming gear or swimming pool equipment, etc. Those items can be wet and dangerous for your other items.

Use vapor barrier to start preventing mold in storage units

In order to prevent mold and to block outdoor moisture, you could install a vapor barrier. You can use polyethylene plastic or foil too. Place one of those materials on the warm side of the storage unite wall to block outdoor moisture. Moisture can also come from the floor of your storage. In order to prevent that use this flexible membrane and install it beneath the floor. This will be efficient if you want to stop moisture from the ground to seep inside. Although this looks like a weird method, is actually one of the best.

Protect your belongings properly

Your goal is preventing from the mold in the storage unit and keeping your belongings protected, right? Sadly, water and other types of moisture are not your only problem, the mold is something that you should have in mind. The first thing that you have to do is to keep your items off the ground, this way you will protect your valuables from mold and moisture. Be sure that your items are warped properly with the right packing supply and covered with a plastic sheet. Never put your items directly on the ground because that may lead to condensation. Instead, put your items on some dry surface like wooden pallets.

Many things have to be taken into consideration in order to protect your belongings. Our aim is to show some useful tips for preventing mold in the storage unit. Be persistent, or else you will face troublesome situations. And final advice is that you need to inform yourself before you take any action.

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