Should you buy packing supplies when moving?

So, if you’re moving, you’re packing first. It’s an integral and unavoidable part of moving. However, the dilemma remains if you should buy packing supplies before your move. It’s not exactly an age-old question, but it’s a difficult one. Allow us to help with the answer. The short answer is yes. The long answer has several main points…

You should buy packing supplies ’cause they’re inexpensive

Generally speaking, one could say that this is not an argument. But keep in mind that if you buy packing supplies, you will use them at some point, thus making your move much easier. We understand that you may not need all of them, but since they’re affordable, you should capitalize on every possible strategy to make your move a bit easier. The essential question here is not if you should buy packing supplies, but how much (or many) packing supplies you should actually buy. You’re going to need them, especially if you’re DIY moving.

What does the phrase “packing supplies” entail?

Lots of things and different people have different needs. There’s no unique set of packing supplies. One shoe doesn’t fit all. Let’s review some important parts of the moving supplies set, their potential uses and purposes:

Boxes are a thing that you can never have enough of

When you’re moving, you need to set all of your things in order. This especially applies if you’re moving an entire home. If you buy packing supplies such as boxes, you will need to buy piles upon piles of those. It’s a general rule that when you’re moving, you can never have enough boxes, bags, and containers in general. That’s an unwritten rule of moving. Doesn’t matter if they’re made of wood, plastic or cardboard, they’re always in short supply. That’s why if you decide to buy packing supplies, get as many boxes as you can – if you cannot, you can always ask for some boxes at your local supermarket! Moving boxes Florida are pretty easy to find.

Boxes marked
Boxes are the primary reason as to why you should buy packing supplies.

Behold His Excellence, the Plastic Wrap

The title of this segment looks like an over-exaggeration, but think again. When you buy packing supplies, go over there to the aisle with the plastic wrap and put a few of those in your cart. Plastic wrap is extremely useful for multiple purposes. If you, for example, have a load of small boxes, wrap them all up together. This way, they won’t get lost during the move. Does some porcelain need protection? Put used clothes around it and make a few spins with the plastic wrap around it. Voila, it’s safe, even against the insidious forces of gravity!

Styrofoam, on the other hand, is entirely situational

It’s certainly useful in some situations, in others, not so much. If you need to protect a piece of furniture, it’s definitely much better. Cut it out, place it on all sides of the chair and duct-tape it… or, even better, put plastic wrap around it. However, if you’re transporting something sensitive, such as a statue, it completely useful. It’s a great painting-saver, though. If you’re moving a painting, styrofoam is the key. Just place the painting between two styrofoam panels, fasten it with plastic wrap, and you’re good to go. The force of the plastic wrap will keep the wooden frame from shattering, while any other form of damage will be absorbed by the styrofoam.

Without plastic wrap, all these boxes stacked on top of each other will collapse.
Without plastic wrap, all these boxes stacked on top of each other will collapse.
For the extra protection, use bubble cushion

Bubble cushion is supremely useful for all sorts of things. It kind of like a multi-layered plastic wrap with a layer of air for extra bumps protections. That’s why you want to make sure that you have at least some of it ready to be used at the most opportune moment. This will help you protect your most sensitive valuables. Not only will you get the most protection, but it’s also fairly inexpensive. When you’re buying packing supplies, this isn’t really mandatory, but you should always consider it.

Of course, you may need some other stuff on the side

You will certainly need some things that don’t strictly relate to packing or moving but will help you by a long shot. Duct-tape, and lots of it. It’s self-explanatory. Then come, for example, wet wipes. You can use them to maintain personal hygiene, but you can also use them to clear surfaces and other items. If you need to relax after a hard day, you will also want some drinks on the side.

It all depends on how the moving is done

If you’re DIY-moving, you’ll need all of the above, and more. DIY moving is notoriously tough, on the people doing the moving, on the car, and on the family as a whole. You will want to have as many supplies ready because you want to streamline the whole packing process as much as humanly possible. If you’re DIY-moving, then you’ll want to get your hands on as many supplies as possible. If not, you can always hire the best packing services Florida has to offer. If that is the case, there is no need to buy packing supplies.

Boxes such as this vintage box, are great when packing sensitive stuff.
Any boxes, really, can be used – and are a good replacement for buying packing supplies.

Finally, it all depends on what kind of a mover you are

If you’re a person that likes to do everything systematically and methodically, a few months in advance, then you should buy packing supplies periodically, as suits your needs. If that is the case, you will also want to periodically find good solutions, such as boxes from the supermarket. If you’re the “rush-hour” type of packer that likes to storm everything a few days before the move, then buy packing supplies quickly, and in large quantities. Other than that, bear in mind that you don’t have to throw the leftovers away, as you can leave them in the basement once you’re done moving long distance and use them some other time.

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