Tips for handling mold in your home

Today, mold is one of the greatest causes of respiratory problem people have. And depending on the location and environment of their homes, hard to get rid of. Not only does mold cause health issues, but it can also severely damage your home! And one of the worst cases of mold is the infamous black mold! So, without further ado, we introduce you to our guide on handling mold in your home! Wait until you contact Delray Beach moving companies because there are more ideas for a solution, prior to relocation. Read our article to find the best solutions for mold issues!

What causes the mold to happen

Mold can grow in many different places. Some of them are floors, carpets, appliances, furniture, walls and leftover food. These places are great because they provide with the conditions needed for mold to grow. But, in every case, there is one major factor that allows mold to happen. The presence of moisture. It is not uncommon to see mold in basements, crawl spaces, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms. Basically, any place that contains water in it is perfect for growing mold.

Moldy lemon as a sign that handling mold in your home requires more work
Handling mold in your home means handling the moisture in your home

You need to remember this if you are living in Florida. The major cause of mold there is high humidity that is almost constant due to the climate. So if you are planning on moving somewhere else, especially in Delray Beach vicinity, you should clean up a bit before you search for moving companies in Delray Beach.

Building materials are a common breeding ground for mold

With the building materials as one of the common causes for mold, you have to know that handling mold in your home starts there. Building blocks can have mold spores, which leads to indoor growth. With frequent flooding, leakings, water vapor, etc, sooner or later you will have to deal with it. With the vapor going up the walls and ceiling, you can expect them to grow anytime soon. Especially during the heating season in the winter.

Brick wall with mold on it
Mold spores can get through walls

Although winter in Florida is not that cold, it is replaced with regular floodings, rain, humidity, etc. Before you think about moving to Florida, you need to figure out the ways on how to deal with all of this. It will be fairly simple, once you finish reading this article.

Health issues caused by mold

If you expose yourself to moldy or damp environments you may risk major health issues! It all falls down to how long are you exposed, and how well does your body fight it. There are some people who are not bothered by mold, and on the opposite side, there are people with major issues! Some of the health problems caused by mold can be dangerous with long term exposure, such as:

  • Throat irritation
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Coughing and eye irritation, as one of the common issues you can have if you know nothing about handling mold in your home
  • Eye irritations and infections alongside skin irritations.

It is important to know that people with allergies to mold may suffer the same issues on a bigger scale. With major respiratory issues like obstructive lung disease, they can severely suffer from it! It is important to know how to handle mold allergy attacks!

A cartoon girl using an inhaler
You can have severe breathing issues because of mold

Handling mold in your home – tips and tricks

One of the first things you can do when dealing with the mold in your household is to clean your place on a regular basis. At least once a week, dedicate one day to fully clean your home. Not just dusting or swiping floors, but full cleaning. This is especially important to do during the heating season, and when you have an artificial humidifier.

A woman with cleaning kit
Clean your home regularly to avoid issues with the mold

This should help prevent the mold from ever happening. As long as you keep your house clean and check out for the moisture parts you will be safe from mold and its negative effects. Remember, sometimes mold tends to happen if you have a lot of junk in your house! Because you can’t deal with it or reach some parts of your home because of it, mold tends to happen. Knowing how to deal with too much junk in your home is also a way to deal with the mold!

Cleaning tips

First things first, if you are allergic to mold, don’t do it alone and without any protection. There are several things you need to have when handling mold in your home. First, grab a garbage bag and put every moldy soft item in it. It could be clothes, food, pillows, etc. Next, fill a bucket with water, detergent and/or a special detergent meant for dealing with mold. Once you dipped a piece of cloth in the water, use it to wipe the mold!

Remember to do it carefully so you won’t damage the walls in the process. It doesn’t take too much to take the mold off so do not apply too much pressure. To properly finish the cleaning, use a dry cloth to completely dry the place of water. Once finished, throw away the clothes you used in the process. Or wash them in the washing machine.

handling mold in your home - clothes used to dry the wall after cleaning
Dry the wall after cleaning it

One of the most important keys to preventing mold from happening is to have a constant flow of fresh air! It prevents the concentration of humidity in the air which in returns provides you with the best protection against the mold. Use this principle when cleaning your garage, basement and even storage units. It is important to know how to deal with mold in storages if you want to protect your items!

It is never easy when it comes to handling mold in your home! Especially if you are allergic, or there is just too much mold. But with these proper steps, you will have your home mold-free for a long time! If you know any other way for fighting mold, feel free to tell us all about it in the comment section!

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