Visit the best museums in Florida after the move

We hear you’re new to Florida? Welcome! You’ve packed, you’ve hired one of the best moving companies Hollywood FL, you’ve moved, you’ve settled in. And now you’re looking for ways to spend time in your new home. Luckily for you, there’s plenty of things to do in Florida! You can go swimming and sunbathing on one of the gorgeous beaches on the coast. Or you may prefer to explore nature in some of the national parks. But perhaps golfing is more your thing? Well, here’s our novel suggestion: visit the best museums in Florida after you move here! Regardless of what your interests and tastes are, you’ll definitely find some that you can enjoy.

Why visit the best museums in Florida after your relocation?

There are so many things to do after moving that it may not even occur to you to visit the best museums in Florida until much later. That’s alright – take your time unpacking moving boxes Florida and moving in, meeting your neighbors and exploring the nearest beaches. Museums are open year round with permanent exhibits so you can visit whenever it suits you!

Art museum.
Florida’s museums are many and varied.

The best thing about Florida’s museums is that they are so diverse. Whatever your interests may be, you can find one that caters to them. They are great places to see modern art, learn about science or history, watch the stars, learn how to perform at-home science experiments and so much more. We promise that they’re worth giving a shot even if you’re not normally a “museum person”.

Where should you go to visit the best museums in Florida?

You may think that museums are only in the largest cities like Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Or maybe you’d expect them all in the top student cities where young people go to learn like Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Ft. Myers. But the truth is that you would need to tour the entire state to visit all the best museums in Florida. Florida is brimming with museums scattered across its whole area with some hidden gems in places where you least expect them. So even if you moved to a small, family oriented town, you’ll probably have a museum nearby that you can start your tour with.

What are some of the best museums in Florida that you can visit?

We’ve divided the best museums in Florida into three major categories – art, science, and history to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re interested in. We would like to point out, though, that all of them are worth a visit even if they’re not specifically catering to your interests.

Art museums

Seeing art of all kinds has for years stirred emotions of the masses. And learning about the people behind that art can be incredibly inspiring. These are some of the best museums in Florida where you can experience just that!

Salvador Dali Museum, Saint Petersburg

A museum dedicated to one of the most famous painters of all time, the Salvador Dali Museum has an impressive collection of oil paintings, drawings, and portraits. Activities for children are also available daily.

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota

A combination of unique performances, special events, and art exhibitions make this museum dedicated to art and circus a one-of-a-kind. Classes and story time for children are also available.

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, Winter Park

It’s the huge collection of jewelry, pottery, paintings, and art glass from the 19th and 20th centuries which make this museum so impressive for design enthusiasts.

Science museums

Science museums can be a place of learning or great fun. In most cases, they’re both. Many children enjoy visiting science museums in particular, so if you want to spend time with your family this is the way to go!

Scientist filling vials.
Science museums are often interactive, so you can do your own experiments.

Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville

This museum aims to make learning about science and history fun. To that end, it uses not just variously themed exhibits, but also a planetarium! So we’d say that it definitely succeeds as enthusiasts, laymen, and children alike all enjoy it.

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, West Palm Beach

A hands-on approach is what makes this museum so interesting. You can build your own molecular models or pet and feed sealife in the aquarium. What’s not to like?

Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville

This is Florida’s official state natural history museum. And with everything from butterfly releases to shark skeletons, it certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Orlando Science Center, Orlando

Another hands-on museum, Orlando Science Center gives visitors of all ages the opportunity to learn about science and technology through interactive exhibits and displays.

History museums

History museums are a great way to learn about the area through its past. As someone who’s just recently moved to Florida and especially if you’ve moved from far away, you probably don’t really know much about the state. History museums are places where you can change that, hear about the stories that shaped the people and the place you live in now. So step into the past with these excellent museums!

Person holding old photographs.
Learning about the past helps you understand the present.

St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, St. Augustine

Learn all about pirates and their lives and see the world’s largest collection of authentic pirate artifacts in the oldest city in the US!

Ernest Hemingway Museum, Key West

This museum allows you to explore the place where the famous author spent the last years of his life. And you may even see the descendants of his cats who still live on the property!

Key West Shipwreck Museum, Key West

Step back into the 1800s and explore the dangerous life at sea from that period. Although the museum is intended for kids, their parents enjoy it too!

Who can visit the best museums in Florida?

You can visit the best museums in Florida alone, with friends or with family. There are no age restrictions on museums in Florida. All are open to children and some even cater specifically to them. So if you want to spend an afternoon with your kids, consider learning about pirates or checking out the science center for example. These museums are great ways to have some fun regardless of your age and even general interests – they’re just that good! So if you weren’t a fan of museums before, visiting the best ones in Florida will convert you for sure.

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