What packing supplies should you use

So you decided to move to a new place and just can’t figure out what to use for packing? It can get really confusing when it comes to what packing supplies should you use. Especially if you have to move to Tampa in short notice. Well, fear not, our dear reader. We will provide you with some information in this article, that you will find very useful. After reading this tips and tricks you will have no problem with packing supplies and relocation process!

What packing supplies should you use while preparing for the relocation

Depending on where you are moving to, and what you are moving, there are different packing supplies you must use. Whether or not you are moving locally in Tampa, or organizing a long distance move here, we can all agree that boxes play a crucial role. When choosing a right box, you must take into the consideration what you are moving. For example, every glass item should be packed in sturdier boxes so they are well protected during the transport. This especially comes in handy when you are moving to Tampa in short notice and on a lower income. Depending on the size of the items, you can easily find some of the boxes. For books, glasses, or any other smaller items, visit your local 7/11 and ask them for boxes they do not use anymore.

packing boxes
Good packing boxes are not hard to find

Most commonly used packing supplies

After boxes, the next most commonly used packing supplies are wrapping papers. Sometimes you can use only the two of these items to make a complete moving process. With wrapping paper, you can precisely wrap any item, therefore, protecting it completely. Now, sometimes you might need some special moving boxes as well. These customized boxes are used for unusual items like electronics, art sculptures etc. Any other valuables should be placed in these customized boxes. These basic packing supplies are almost always provided to you by your local movers Florida.  They have done every kind of transportation, so they are well aware of how to pack your items and to protect them well.


Scissors, duct tapes, markers, labels

If by any chance you are having a customized packaging and shipping, then this is always available for you. In any other case, you could be on your own. But do not let that frighten you! It is pretty simple to gather all these supplies. So the next time you ask yourself what packing supplies should you use, you will always have an answer ready. Most important items you should always have with you are duct tape and scissors. Use them to protect and secure boxes, as well as open edges. If you are not sure how much tape you need, try to buy a bit more. For best results, use heavy-duty packing duct tape. There are different kinds of tapes and some of them are:

  • Duct tape
  • Box tape
  • Foil Tape
  • Shipping tape
scissors with vivid colors
Scissors are always an answer on what packing supplies should you use

We must put an emphasis on how important labeling is. If you want to avoid guessing what is where then put labels with precise details of what is in the box. You can either use colored labels or just plain write on them. Writing down the inventory must be your top priority. This way you can save time unpacking and not get stressed about it.

Possessing basic tool kits

Packing is not an easy process at all! Especially when you have to dismantle some of the items before packing them. The basic toolkits contain hammers, screwdrivers, cutters, meters, drills, hooks, wires etc. All of these are used to better pack your items and protect them from any sort of damaged. These tools come in handy with tricky items such as large furniture, electronics and other items that need disassembling.  These are just basic tools you need, but if you need more, there are good reasons for buying packing supplies and tools. You will probably use them again in some other way.

Vacuum bags

Since they were invented, vacuum bags proved to be one of the most important packing supplies. Whenever you ask someone what packing supplies should you use, their first thought would be “vacuum bags”. These bags can save a lot of space not only in your wardrobe but during the transport as well. Use them to pack clothes and other bulky fabrics such as blankets, pillows, and sheets. You will find them very useful because not only do they save you space but freshness as well. Also, it is a good idea to have large trash bags. They can be used as an additional wrapping protection.

vacuum bags used as an answer to what packing supplies should you use
Vacuum bags are perfect for packing fabrics

Wrapping fabrics

You can find different fabrics in your household. Use old fabrics to additionally wrap and protect your items. You can use them when packing wooden furniture and other fragile items. Besides that, you can use them to fill any empty spaces as well. They are also good if you are using the rope to tighten items together. Since the rope can damage the items, use these old fabrics to protect them as well. Among old blankets, you can use old t-shirts as well. Do not waste your money on some protecting wrapping when all you need are some good old fabrics.

Not only is transportation a stressful process itself, but preparation as well. There are much more tasks you must do before you even begin packing. One of the things that shouldn’t bother you is what packing supplies should you use. We hope this article gave you all the answers you need to answer this simple question. If you have anything else to add to this, please feel free to leave a comment!

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